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Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, and for all priests and bishops!



August 18, 2012


Dear Family of Mary!


Last night, the Zubac family was present at the Blue Cross for Ivan's apparition (around 10:00 pm August 17, 2012). They sent us a translation of what Ivan said after the apparition to those present there. It is a beautiful, but urgent request from Our Lady. Here is what the Zubac' sent:


Tonight Ivan had an apparition at the  Blue Cross. I recorded the audio in Croatian and Italian, but it was not translated into English  Here is the message translated by Franjo and Rosie and me (Josip). This is a direct translation of the message shared by Ivan:


This evening Our Lady came to us full of joy and happiness and at the beginning as always she greeted us with her motherly greeting: "Praise be Jesus, my dear children!" After this Our Lady for a while with extended hands, prayed here over all of us. She prayed especially over the sick who were present. After this she blessed all of us with her motherly blessing, and blessed everything that you brought here to be blessed.  


After this Our Lady said:


"Dear Children! Also today in a special way I call you to pray for my priests – my beloved ones, pray for bishops and for the Holy Father. Pray, dear children, for my shepherds. Pray more than ever before! Your Mother is praying together with you, and she is with you, therefore persevere (rise up) in prayer and pray together with me, for my intentions. Thank you, dear children, that today you have responded to my call."


And after this I recommended all of you and all your intentions, all of your families, and in a special way, all the sick. After this Our Lady continued for a while with extended hands to pray over all of you here present and generally for priests. After this in prayer she left in the sign of light and the cross, with the greeting:  "Go in peace, my dear children!"


I would like to once again emphasize that, this evening, Our Lady called all of us to especially pray for priests, bishops and the Holy Father. Thank you!


Ana Shawl also sent a report of this event, and she commented:


There were so many people there. More than I have seen for a long long time. There were people all up the hill, down and in the street. There were no taxi drivers because they couldn't get through because of the people.

The amazing thing too was that with so many people, there was not a sound during the apparition. I don't know how many thousands there were but it was really moving that so many people from all around the world were there to pray and to listen to Our Lady.


Our Lady gave a serious message, but she came in great joy. She may have been joyful because so many people are responding to her call these days.  It seems to me that she wants us to pray with that same joy, not in fear or anxiety, for our priests, bishops and the Holy Father. This is the time of the victory of the Church, and our prayers are needed for that victory. Let's not pray in fear, but with great anticipation of the Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. This is not the time to shrink back, but to pray with all our hearts!


In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

Mary TV