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Monthly Archives: December 2008

I love hearing about angels, don’t you? The Scripture story of the Annunciation is one of many stories about angels in the Bible. I have a personal
devotion to the angels, especially my Guardian Angel. Did you know that
there are nine choirs of angels?

1. Seraphim
2. Cheribim
3. Thrones
4. Dominions
5. Powers
6. Virtues
7. Principalities
8. Archangels
9. Angels
you know that each of us has an Angel assigned by God at conception, to
guard, guide and enlighten us throughout our life on earth and when we
die to be with us in heaven for all eternity? That’s one of the reasons
why I want to go to heaven, to see the angels and thank them personally
for taking care of me on earth. How about you?