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Friday, August 31, 2012

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• Democratic Convention Speakers List Includes No Pro-Lifers
• Church Members Share Moving Story of Romney Helping Disabled Son

• American Pie Actor Targets Ann Romney in New Sexual Tweets

• Democratic Chair: Pro-Life Women at GOP Convention Just Shiny Packaging

More Pro-Life News
• Romney Opposes Pro-Abortion Health of the Mother Exception
• Liberal Catholic Group Misleading Pro-Life Voters on Abortion
• Romney Family Friend Brings GOP to Tears, He Prayed With Disabled Daughter
• Cardinal Dolan s Pro-Life Prayer at the Republican Convention
• Pro-Abortion Protestor Confronted Who Disrupted Romney Speech
• More Tax-Funding It Gets, More Abortions Planned Parenthood Does
• Lessons From the Akin Fiasco, Pro-Lifers Let s Get Our Facts Right
• Karl Rove Apologizes About Congressman Akin Being Murdered
• Asian Population Conference Ignores How Aborton Decimates People
• South Korea Pro-Life Doctors Want Abortion Ban Enforced
• Couple Fretting Over Last Frozen Embryo Highlights IVF Issues
• China: Husband Fired for Speaking Out About Forced Abortion Pressure

Democratic Convention Speakers List Includes No Pro-Lifers
Organizers of the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina released a partial list of the speakers that will headlining the convention to nominate pro-abortion President Barack Obama to another four year term.

The list is long on speakers who have spent their entire political careers advocating for abortion. Missing among the roster of notables speaking at the convention? Anyone who shares the pro-life view a majority of Americans hold on abortion.

Church Members Share Moving Story of Romney Helping Disabled Son
While most of the attention on Thursday night went to Mitt Romney s nomination acceptance speech or the speech by Marco Rubio, two members of Mitt Romney s church told a touching story about the candidate that will resonate with voters.

Ted and Pat Oparowski, who lived in Massachusetts in the 1970s and went to church with Romney, shared a story about how their 14 year-old son David was diagnosed with Hodgkin s disease in 1979. After the diagnosis, Romney visited David frequently.

American Pie Actor Targets Ann Romney in New Sexual Tweets
Fresh from his grossly sexual tweets attacking pro-life Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and his wife Janna, American Pie actor Jason Biggs is not targeting Ann Romney, wife of the presidential nominee.

On Wednesday, Biggs sent out two very crude sexually suggestive tweets late last night attacking pro-life vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan and his wife Janna. While Republicans are accused of a so-called War on Women because of their pro-life positions, liberal actors like Biggs actually engage in one.

Democratic Chair: Pro-Life Women at GOP Convention Just Shiny Packaging
In a slap in the face to pro-life women nationwide, the pro-abortion head of the Democratic party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, called the pro-life women who spoke at the Republican convention this week nothing more than shiny packaging.

I think we believe that women can see through that nice shiny packaging that the Republicans have been putting out there, through to what s inside, which is really a disaster for women s future, extreme policies, Wasserman Schultz said in a press conference with pro-abortion activist Sandra Fluke.

Romney Opposes Pro-Abortion Health of the Mother Exception
This past week, erroneous news reports surfaced making it appear Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney supports the pro-abortion health exception that pro-life groups understand allows for virtually unlimited abortions.

The reports came after a CBS News interview during which Romney misspoke and added the word health to his position on abortion when talking about the very rare exceptions to his pro-life view opposing 99 percent of the abortions done in the United States on an annual basis.

Liberal Catholic Group Misleading Pro-Life Voters on Abortion
The following is a section from the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good voter guide published on its web site. I have offered some interlinear commentary in BOLD the entire document is typical of the spin put on Catholic social teaching by groups that support pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

To begin with, this pro-life section follows, rather than precedes, a section on The Economy !

Romney Family Friend Brings GOP to Tears, He Prayed With Disabled Daughter
Pam Finlayson, a friend of the Romneys, shared a story at the GOP convention on Thursday night that brought the hall to tears. Republicans were crying listening to this story about how Mitt Romney supported her family through the long process of having an ill newborn.

As I sat with her in intensive care, consumed with a mother s worry and fear, dear Mitt came to visit and pray with me, Pam said. Her full remarks appear below. See the video here.

Cardinal Dolan s Pro-Life Prayer at the Republican Convention
The following is the pro-life prayer Timothy Cardinal Dolan prayed at the Republican convention last night, following the speech presidential nominee Mitt Romney gave. The prayer hit pro-life themes that are dear to the heart of the head of the Catholic bishops conference.

< /font>

Pro-Abortion Protestor Confronted Who Disrupted Romney Speech
One of the pro-abortion Code Pink protestors who disrupted presidential candidate Mitt Romney s speech last night was confronted afterwards by conservative activist Dana Loesch.

More Tax-Funding It Gets, More Abortions Planned Parenthood Does
A recent article, published by Faith Magazine in the UK and written by Keith Riler, offers further insight into the Planned Parenthood abortion machine.

Lessons From the Akin Fiasco, Pro-Lifers Let s Get Our Facts Right
Trust me. I had very much hoped to avoid this train wreck scenario surrounding the comments of Republican Senate nominee Todd Akin from Missouri.

Karl Rove Apologizes About Congressman Akin Being Murdered
According to an AP report: Republican strategist Karl Rove has apologized to Congressman Todd Akin after joking about the Missouri Senate candidate being murdered. Akin campaign adviser Rick Tyler told The Associated Press that Akin accepted Rove s apology during a phone call Friday. A Rove spokesman didn t return messages Friday from the AP. .

Asian Population Conference Ignores How Aborton Decimates People
op Asian demographers, population experts, and UN staff gathered in Bangkok this week to address the region s aging crisis. Despite the severity of the low fertility predicament, abortion, contraception, and reproductive and sexual health were the subject of one out of every four papers presented.

South Korea Pro-Life Doctors Want Abortion Ban Enforced
South Korea s highest court upheld that country s 59-year abortion ban last week, amidst a surge of pro-life activism led by former abortionists. On Wednesday the government reversed a decision that would have lifted the prescription requirement for emergency contraception.

Couple Fretting Over Last Frozen Embryo Highlights IVF Issues
Why not? He or she is just a ball of cells, a blastocyst. Why would you even care?.

China: Husband Fired for Speaking Out About Forced Abortion Pressure
The following is a collection of pro-life news from around the world.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

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A happy Labor Day holiday to our US and Canadian readers. Ah, a nice break before everything roars up to high level again with the end of summer school breaks and holidays.

On Monday LifeSiteNews will be moved to yet another new server. This has become a hobby for us, it seems. This time, we are thankfully not having to endure a big jump in monthly costs for a hugely more powerful system, but there are significant costs for technical preparations, transferring everything over to the new servers and lots of testing to make sure it works well. We ask for your patience if there are any initial glitches. Distressing site slowdowns this past month, because of yet again high traffic volume increases, made this latest move absolutely necessary. 

Kathleen Gilbert discovered today that news reports that Catholic churches in Washington State can’t collect donations to overturn the gay ‘marriage’ law, were, ah, merely manipulative wishful thinking by same-sex “marriage” supporters. Read the real story on LifeSiteNews.

Governor Romney ‘mispoke’ (this is getting to be a regularly used word this election) about supporting abortion for ‘health’ of the mother. That’s a relief. Many hope he will come to his senses and also finally drop the rape and incest exceptions that undermine his pro-life credibility.

There is an update to yesterday’s Pussy Riot story. As we hinted might be the case, it has been confirmed that the murder noted in the story was not actually directly related to the rioters. See the revised report.

Why I don’t care what George Carlin said about abortion – Jonathon van Maren

Appeals court: US can fund embryo research – as long as the embryos are destroyed elsewhere first  – Susan Michelle Tyrrell

Romney rejected Condi as VP over abortion, marriage: report

Ben Johnson Fri Aug 31 17:52 EST Abortion

Condoleeza Rice was vetted, but her position on social issues disqualified her for a place on the ticket, according to a source.

Chick-fil-A ‘Tastes Like Hate’ vandal won’t be charged: D.A.

John Jalsevac Fri Aug 31 16:36 EST Homosexuality

"[T]he record does not establish the suspect was motivated by religious hatred," said the D.A's office.

Romney pledges to protect ‘sanctity of life,’ marriage in GOP acceptance speech

John Jalsevac Fri Aug 31 11:12 EST Politics

“As president, I will protect the sanctity of life. I will honor the institution of marriage. And I will guarantee America’s first liberty: the freedom of religion,” Romney said.

Story claiming Wash. state ruled against Church marriage collections ‘misleading,’ official says

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Aug 31 18:01 EST Homosexuality

"The strange part was, we only read this in the press. The press contacted us and we said, 'What?'" she told

The allegation may have begun with Dan Savage's newspaper.

Team Romney forced ‘undemocratic rules’ to disenfranchise pro-life Republicans, Rush says

Ben Johnson Fri Aug 31 17:09 EST Abortion

Rush Limbaugh confirms the possibly rigged vote was to silence delegates who defend the unborn

Limbaugh revealed the behind-the-scenes moves of the GOP est

Christian organizations’ ‘Yardstick’ evaluates anti-bullying policies for pro-LGBT bias

Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Aug 31 15:30 EST Homosexuality

The Alliance Defending Freedom and Focus on the Family determine whether a school is anti-bully or anti-Christian.

Jeremy Tedesco of ADF.

Campaign says Romney misspoke, does not support abortion for ‘health’ of the mother: pro-life leader

Ben Johnson Fri Aug 31 14:48 EST Abortion

The head of the Susan B. Anthony List says she spoke to campaign officials, who clarified Romney's position.

Mitt Romney accepting the Republican presidential nomination

Political drama written for Catholics

Judie Brown Fri Aug 31 13:05 EST Opinion

The U.S. hierarchy's five-act charade leaves Catholics confused about which candidate better represents their values.

How the pro-life movement changed the abortion debate in South Korea

Susan Yoshihara Fri Aug 31 13:41 EST Abortion

"It was only after the formation of the group of doctors called Pro-life Doctors" that abortion came to prominence, and the high court upheld a legal ban.

Planned Parenthood: the pig at the trough of government funding

Rita Diller Fri Aug 31 12:57 EST Opinion

Planned Parenthood isn't happy with the hundreds of millions it receives in government funding every year. It wants more.

Planned Parenthood’s cancer screening initiative is a joke

Rita Diller Fri Aug 31 12:08 EST Opinion

Think about it: the $3 million Planned Parenthood says it will commit to the breast cancer initiative is less than one percent of its total annual income.

European court ruling creates ‘right to eugenics’

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Fri Aug 31 11:57 EST Bioethics

The European Court of Human Rights says parents have the right "to have a child free from the disease."

Atheists in the pulpit? The sad charade of The Clergy Project

Albert Mohler Fri Aug 31 11:54 EST Opinion

The greater danger to the church is not atheists like Richard Dawkins, but a reduction in doctrine that leaves atheism hard to distinguish from belief.

Rape victim writes Akin: describes ‘unimaginable joy’ of giving birth, raising child

Meg T. McDonnell Fri Aug 31 11:40 EST Opinion

Rape is always repulsive, but that doesn't have to be the end of the story.

U.S. politics and the Culture of Death

Elisa Sumanski Fri Aug 31 11:22 EST Opinion

We must always vote against the evils of the Culture of Death, and this year we must stand up for our own rights as well.

Under Obamacare 15-year-olds in Oregon can get tax-funded sterilization without parental consent

Thomas Peters Fri Aug 31 09:46 EST Opinion

I’ve been covering the pro-abortion movement for long enough to think I didn’t have it in me to still be shocked. Well, I was wrong.

U.S. Office, Inc.
4 Family Life Lane
Front Royal, VA 22630

Canada Office

104 Bond St, third floor

Toronto, Ontario M5B1X9



University upholds gay vs straight parenting findings

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 07:24 AM PDT

A Texas university has determined that “no formal investigation is warranted” against a professor who published a rigorous study this summer finding that children of heterosexual parents fare better in many respects than children of homosexual parents.

Aging baby boomers choosing to shack up rather than re-marry

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 07:04 AM PDT

It is now a viable 'alternative' to marriage, even to older adults," said Susan Brown, the study's lead author and co-director of the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

European Court of Human Rights Weakens Abortion Bans

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 06:57 AM PDT

LifeSiteNews reports that the European Court of Human Rights has found that an Italian law that prohibits genetic screening of in vitro embryos “…violates the right to respect for private and family life.”

Obama's pitch to women misses important issues

Posted: 30 Aug 2012 07:44 PM PDT

A law professor at George Mason University believes that in the upcoming election women will focus on more than abortion and contraception, and will consider issues that pertain to the family, the economy and the condition of the American culture when they vote.

Speaking The Truth With Love

What God Has Revealed Cannot Be Changed By Human Beings!

The Catholic

By:  Archbishop John Nienstedt

In two months, the people of the state of Minnesota will have an opportunity to exercise their right as citizens of this great state in voting for a constitutional amendment to protect marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

As you know, this issue has become a great source of controversy since the intended purpose for this amendment is so often misconstrued. Therefore, it is crucial for us to understand what sets marriage apart as a unique relationship and to appreciate the important difference that it makes for society.

Marriage is a universal social institution that serves as the cornerstone of society. It is a reality that unites a man and a woman and any children born from their union. As Catholics, we recognize this reality as God’s revelation to us, something we can see clearly in nature and throughout thousands of years of human history.

What God has revealed to us for all time cannot be changed unilaterally by human beings. This is the heart of the matter for us as Catholics. Our effort to support God’s unchanging plan for marriage is not a campaign against anyone, but rather a positive effort to promote the truth about marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Timeless truths

In the coming months, the discussion about marriage may become increasingly difficult. While there are differing points of view on this issue, I believe that we must act with integrity in order to find the courage to speak the truth in love.

As we grow closer to the day when we each will have a voice and vote on this matter, I offer the following perspective for the Catholic faithful. As archbishop, it is my solemn responsibility and duty to teach the truths of the faith. It is, as they say, my job. In fact, I cannot do anything other than pass on to the faithful these timeless truths — truths that have been revealed to us by Christ in Sacred Scripture, sacred tradition, and teachings of the Church for two millennia.

As hard as these truths may be for some to hear, as surely as they occasionally stand in opposition to the ebb and flow of public opinion, they must be taught. I must continue to do so, and I promise to teach with love for one and all. My sincere longing is for the salvation of souls, as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has exhorted us to seek for ourselves and for our entire human family.

So I urge all Catholic faithful to think, pray and reflect seriously on this most important issue. What we do and say in the coming months will matter greatly. I urge us all to stand up for the truth, always with love. I ask that you consider and pray about the following:

First, some ask, “Why is a constitutional amendment necessary?” Well, the fact of the matter is that politicians and activists are working right now in Minnesota to redefine the institution of marriage from one that bonds a man and a woman to any children born from their sexual union into another that licenses the romantic preferences of same-sex adults.

These same activists have promised to change the one understanding of marriage that applies to all Minnesotans at the earliest possible opportunity. In fact, a lawsuit is currently pending in Hennepin County, and legislators who have introduced legislation to redefine or eliminate marriage altogether have promised to do so again next year.

But the reality is that marriage is not ours to redefine, just as another human life is not ours to take. God is both the author of life and the author of marriage. It is this most fundamental understanding of the natural order that animates who we are as Catholics. It is why we fight so ardently to defend every human life, from conception to natural death. It is why we fight for the dignity of the human person and vigorously seek preferential options for the poor and disadvantaged. It is also why we fight to defend God’s plan for marriage, because his providence is as clear for what marriage is as it is for the dignity of each human life.

When society says that the unborn, the weak and poor don’t matter, we as Catholics stand up for the truth. We cannot do any different for God’s timeless plan for marriage.

Following God’s plan

Second, uniting men and women in stable relationships is an important social good, as documented by abundant social science research. As Catholics, we believe in the pursuit of the common good for all of humanity. This means we actively seek what benefits all according to what brings us closer to God’s plan for our lives.

The common good is truly achieved when defined by God’s laws and precepts, not by one’s personal desires. We know all too well that human desires, untethered from God’s moral law, often lead to great harm to ourselves and society, even if unintended. Many times, this harm is not clear in the moment and only comes into focus after the damage has been done. Catholics are called to love as Jesus loved, not by acquiescing to what public opinion proposes as permissible, but by living out the truth that God has written on the human heart for the common good.

Third, gender matters. Kids do need a mom and a dad. The well-being of children lies in the balance of a man-made social experiment. At the core of this latter concept is the belief that gender doesn’t really matter.

On the other hand, as Catholics, we support and defend God’s design for the complementarity of men and women. For each there is a beautiful and unique purpose. We know that men and women parent differently. We know that children benefit greatly from the unique gifts that mothers and fathers brings to their child. Gender does matter, and kids do need us as a society to do everything possible to unite them to both their mom and dad. When kids do better, the whole community does better. (See page 11 for the most recent research on this topic).

Fourth, the effort to respect God’s plan for marriage is about promoting true love, not preventing it. As God’s creatures, we are so much more than our sexual desires, and we should never let them define who we are. God is love, and Jesus Christ is love incarnate.

With the example of Christ, we are called to love deeply, to love unselfishly — it is our highest calling. But we do need to understand love and sexuality through God’s lens and his perfect plan for us. He asks us to temper our passions, not to temper our love and to find the true path to its selfless growth. As Catholics, we see that God’s plan for marriage is the holy family — the triune model of father, mother and child — a model that creates and fosters a love that goes beyond mere sexuality.

Defending dignity of all

Finally, and importantly, while no one has the right to redefine marriage for all of society, as Catholics we are committed to defending the dignity of all people, including those with same-sex attraction.

We know that some who are seeking to redefine marriage experience same-sex attractions. Our brothers and sisters living with same-sex attraction are beloved children of God who must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity.

Every sign of unjust discrimination in this regard must be avoided. People with same-sex attractions, like others in society, are productive citizens, community servants, good friends and our beloved family members.

At the same time, however, it is important to know that the effort to ensure that the definition of marriage remains as between one man and one woman does not take away anyone’s existing rights or legal protections. As Catholics, we believe that all people should be able to visit loved ones in the hospital, pass on their property to whomever they choose, and have access to employment, housing and the basic necessities of life.  Saying “yes” to God’s plan for marriage will not change any of this.

Since the marriage amendment was placed on the ballot, we have been working to educate Catholics about what marriage is, why it is important, and what the consequences of redefining marriage will be.

We are not alone in these efforts. Tens of thousands of Minnesotans of various backgrounds and faiths have come together to form Minnesota for Marriage ­(, which is the official campaign created to promote passage of the marriage amendment. It is encouraging to see so many people across Minnesota joining together to proclaim the truth and the beauty of marriage.

Help needed

Now, Minnesota for Marriage needs your help to get the message out. We must ensure that Minnesotans know what is at stake and have the correct information about why they should vote “Yes” for the marriage amendment. (Remember that if you leave the ballot box blank, the government votes “No” for you!).

I urge all Catholic faithful to stand up for the truth —always with love — especially when it may be difficult.  Let us pray that our actions are guided by both the virtues of courage and charity.

The Catholic bishops of Minnesota are united in their efforts to keep marriage defined as between one man and one woman, and we have been joined by many of our ecumenical brothers and sisters of other faiths. That is why I encourage you to join us in voting “YES” on Nov. 6 to keep our state strong in its defense of marriage.

Responding to concerns raised by The Cardinal Newman Society, Loyola Marymount University (LMU) has stopped describing a campus performance on September 7 as a fundraiser for the gay-rights organization that is challenging California’s ban on same-sex “marriage.”

But LMU appears to be pushing forward with the event, featuring a student and faculty reading of the play “8” which promotes gay “marriage.”

The two organizations that were to receive donations are the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) and Broadway Impact, which together have licensed readings of the play “8” at colleges and other venues nationwide.  AFER is fighting in federal court to overturn California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex “marriage,” and the case is now headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Broadway Impact is an organization of actors, directors and playwrights to promote same-sex “marriage.”

As of Monday, LMU’s online calendar and the website of its Office of LGBT Student Services promoted the event as a fundraiser for AFER and Broadway Impact.  The director of LGBT Student Services, Anthony Garrison-Engbrecht, was identified as the organizer.

The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) on Monday contacted LMU President David Burcham and the University’s public affairs office and notified Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez. CNS requested “clarification whether the University opposes Catholic teaching on marriage, given that this event is sponsored and promoted by substantial entities of the University, both faculty and administrative departments.”

President Burcham declined to respond, and his assistant referred CNS to the public affairs office.  Despite repeated calls and promises that LMU Vice President for Communications Kathleen Flanagan would call Thursday, CNS received no return call.  Calls to Garrison-Engbrecht also were not answered.

But LMU did change its website announcements (here and here) of the event on Thursday, deleting any reference to a fundraiser, removing the Office of LGBT Student Services as a co-sponsor, and deleting reference to Garrison-Engbrecht—even though it was already apparent that he had a key role in organizing the event.  The announcement on the LGBT Student Services website was removed.

Other co-sponsors are still listed, including the Department of Communication Studies, the Department of Theater Arts and Dance, and the LMU Faculty and Staff Gay-Straight Network, which is officially recognized by the University.

By distancing the event from LGBT Student Services, LMU may be trying to characterize it as a faculty-only activity protected under a broad definition of academic freedom, although the event is still promoted by the University and will reportedly involve student performers.  The play is not an academic exercise but a biased work that is licensed by gay-rights organizations for advocacy purposes.

The latest announcement states that “LMU students, faculty, staff and alumni from across disciplines, departments and units will be performing” in the pro-gay “marriage” play.

The play’s promoters describe it as follows:

Uncover the truth about marriage for gay and lesbian Americans. “8”—a new play by Academy-award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk, J. Edgar)—demystifies the debate around marriage equality by chronicling the landmark trial of Perry v. Schwarzenegger. Learn about the historical context of marriage from expert testimony. See the human cost of discrimination. Uncover the arguments used to justify bans on marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Using the actual court transcripts from the landmark federal trial of California’s Prop. 8 and first-hand interviews, “8” shows both sides of the debate in a moving 90-minute play.

Although the description promises “both sides of the debate,” the websites of AFER and Broadway Impact indicate that the play is designed to promote same-sex “marriage.” Playwright Dustin Lance Black is quoted, “The goal of ‘8’ is to show the world that marriage equality is a basic constitutional right and that those who would deny this basic freedom from loving, committed couples have only vitriol and baseless hyperbole to fall back on.”

It would seem that certain faculty and leaders of Loyola Marymount agree?



Pro-Life Today Header

Friday, August 31, 2012
Political Drama Written for Catholics
By Judie Brown

Today’s commentary explains some recent events involving the Church and politics and attempts to help us sort through them. With so many contradictory situations going on at this time, understanding what we can and should do is often difficult—-even confusing. Through Judie Brown’s insights, we find the lighted path. 

[ Click here to




More research shows link to multiple abortion and pre-term, underweight babies


Another study has found that women who have abortions have a greater chance of giving birth prematurely or having a child with low birth weight in subsequent pregnancies. According to research by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) women are at higher risk who have had three or more abortions in the past. The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, is one of the largest undertaken to determine the relationship between abortion and subsequent births.  

Women’s Health’ magazine promotes Planned Parenthood abortion biz

Life News

Women’s Health magazine has done a disservice to women’s health by promoting the Planned Parenthood abortion business. In a new article “Are Your Birth Control Rights Endangered?” the magazine lambastes the “fringy far-right extremists” who have supposedly “infiltrated the mainstream-in the form of Tea Party Republicans and GOP presidential candidates” to promote a position against abortion. It continues, with significant hyperbole and alarm.  

Bill extends abortion test program for non-doctors

The Sacramento Bee

A bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown would extend a pilot program allowing non-doctors to perform abortions in California. The Senate approved SB623 on a 22-16 vote Thursday. It extends until Jan. 1, 2014, a program that lets nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives and physician assistants provide aspiration abortions.

  • A Peruvian expert who has been studying the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico for 34 years, says the microscopic figures that appear in her eyes hold a powerful pro-life and pro-family message.

Jose Aste Tonsmann said the tiny images in the eyes include an entire Aztec family and are a sign from the Mother of God about the importance of life and the family at a time when both are under attack worldwide. 

During a conference at the Theatrical and Social Cultural Institute in Lima, Tonsmann said a total of 13 figures can be seen in the eyes of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

The six figures that can be seen in area of the cornea are of an Indian who seated, an elderly man believed to be Bishop Juan de Zumarraga, his translator, Juan Gonzalez, St. Juan Diego, a black woman who may have been the bishop’s housekeeper and who was granted her freedom before his death, and a bearded man of European descent.

Tonsmann said the other seven figures that appear right in the center of Mary’s gaze appear to be “an Indian family.”  

The young woman in center of the group looking down is the mother. At her side is the father who is wearing a hat and between them are their three children. 

The other two figures appear to be an elderly couple and may be the grandparents. They are standing behind the others, and the elderly man is the only figure that appears just in the right eye.

Tonsmann said the diverse group of people that appear in Our Lady of Guadalupe’s eyes convey ‘a message against racism, something that is increasingly worse in today’s world.’

It is not a coincidence, he added, that only today’s technology has allowed the tiny images to be detected and their hidden message ‘decoded.’  

“The development of technology has coincided with an age in which the family is denigrated all over the world. For this reason, we can say that the Our Lady wanted the family to be front and center in our times.”

The other message from Our Lady of Guadalupe for our age, he said, is that by appearing pregnant she is telling the men and women of today that unborn life should be respected.

“It is said but it is a fact that the abortion agenda began in the developed countries and came to our lands. There is no doubt that Our Lady of Guadalupe brings to today’s world a strong message for family and for the right to life of all Latinos, of all the children of the word,” Tonsmann said.




Hat-tip to

Former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, Jim Nicholson.

Tampa, Fla., Aug 31, 2012 / 01:54 am (CNA).- Jim Nicholson, former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, thinks that the Catholic vote remains an important force in modern politics and that more Catholics than in the past will vote for Romney and the Republican Party in the upcoming election.

“The Catholic vote is very relevant,” Nicholson told CNA on Aug. 29, “because there is a large number of Catholics” in the United States. The country currently has 55.6 million voting age Catholics and in swing states they make up 19 percent of the electorate, according to Georgetown’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate.

Nicholson, who has also served as U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Chairman of the Republican National Committee, explained that the U.S. has one of the largest Catholic populations in the world.

But, he qualified, the “Catholic vote is not a monolith.” And while “Catholics are traditionally Democrat,” Nicholson says that is changing.

He observed that Church leaders are strongly “imploring the people to look at the values espoused by the candidates for office and see how they align with Catholic values.”

“And in the case of the president, they don’t align at all,” he said. “There’s a mal-alignment.”

Nicholson predicted that there will be “a lot more Catholics voting for Governor Romney this election than you’ve seen vote Republican recently.”

In recent months, Church leaders in the U.S. have clashed sharply with the Obama administration over a federal mandate that requires employers to offer health insurance covering contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs, even if doing so violates their consciences.

Bishops from every diocese in the U.S. have spoken out against the mandate and the threat it poses to religious freedom. Dozens of colleges, hospitals and private businesses have brought lawsuits against the administration challenging the mandate.

Nicholson said that he was “heartened” by the political and religious diversity of those who have objected to the mandate and by “the intensity of the resistance of the Catholic bishops,” who have “really locked arms together in unanimity in their opposition to this.”

“And so have the leaders of many other religious institutions,” he added, pointing to Muslim, Jewish and Protestant groups and individuals who have joined with Catholics in protesting the mandate. This unity indicates the importance of the issue, he said.

“It’s all about the freedom of religion, the freedom of conscience, which is the first freedom in the Bill of Rights,” he noted.

Nicholson believes that the battle over the mandate “is far from over.”

“It’s a very egregious, unprecedented invasion of the freedom of the American people under our constitution,” he said.

“It’s not about birth control. It’s not about contraceptives,” he added. “It’s about freedom. It’s about a principle.”

No matter what the outcome of the election is, Nicholson believes that religious liberty will continue to be an important issue for the U.S. Church in the coming years.

Church leaders will be vigilant in watching for possible threats to religious freedom, realizing that this fundamental liberty cannot be taken for granted, he said.

“Some things you wouldn’t think imaginable a few years ago are now happening,” he explained, pointing to the recent Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC Supreme Court case, in which the Obama administration tried to impose upon a church’s right to determine its own ministers.

“And the Supreme Court knocked that down, 9-0, which was encouraging,” he said. “But now we have these mandates that have come right on the heels of that.”

Nicholson said that he was “proud” of the Republican Party’s recent decision to adopt a plank on religious liberty into its official 2012 platform. He explained that the move is an “affirmation of the importance of religious freedom.”

“That shouldn’t even be controversial, but that’s where we are,” he said. “And that’s why it’s so important that people dig in their heels and start taking this stuff seriously.”

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Let’s hope that every Christian votes for Romney/Ryan!!! Pro-Life News Report
Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Romney: “As President I will Protect the Sanctity of Human Life”
Mitt Romney made the pledge Thursday night during his GOP presidential nomination acceptance speech that pro-life Americans wanted to hear. Romney not only promised he would be a pro-life president but said he would affirm the freedom of religion that has been under attack by the Obama pro-abortion HHS mandate.

“As president, I will protect the sanctity of life. I will honor the institution of marriage. And I will guarantee America’s first liberty: the freedom of religion,” he said.

During the speech, Romney hit back at the false War on Women attack launched by Democrats and abortion activists. FULL SPEECH TEXT:

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Posted: 30 Aug 2012 03:59 PM PDT

The Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal sincerely apologizes for the comments made by Fr. Benedict Groeschel in an interview released yesterday by the National Catholic Register, online addition. In that interview, Fr. Benedict made comments that were inappropriate and untrue. A child is never responsible for abuse. Any abuser of a child is always responsible, especially a priest. Sexual abuse of a minor is a terrible crime and should always be treated as such. We are sorry for any pain his comments may have caused. Fr. Benedict has dedicated his life to helping others and these comments were completely out of character. He never intended to excuse abuse or implicate the victims. We hope that these unfortunate statements will not overshadow the great good Fr. Benedict has done in housing countless homeless people, feeding innumerable poor families, and bringing healing, peace and encouragement to so many.

Fr. Benedict helped found our community 25 years ago with the hope of bringing the healing peace of Jesus Christ to our wounded world. Our desire has always been to lift-up humanity and never to hurt. About seven years ago, Fr. Benedict was struck by a car and was in a coma for over a month. In recent months his health, memory and cognitive ability have been failing. He has been in and out of the hospital. Due to his declining health and inability to care for himself, Fr. Benedict had moved to a location where he could rest and be relieved of his responsibilities. Although these factors do not excuse his comments, they help us understand how such a compassionate man could have said something so wrong, so insensitive, and so out of character. Our prayers are with all those who have been hurt by his comments, especially victims of sexual abuse.

Personal Statement from Fr Benedict Groeschel:

I apologize for my comments. I did not intend to blame the victim. A priest (or anyone else) who abuses a minor is always wrong and is always responsible. My mind and my way of expressing myself are not as clear as they used to be. I have spent my life trying to help others the best that I could. I deeply regret any harm I have caused to anyone.

With questions please contact Fr. Glenn Sudano at 914-965-8143.