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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Democrats to Warn Americans About Pro-Life GOP Election Wins

Expect Pro-Abortion Kagan Will be Confirmed for Supreme Court

George Tiller’s Late-Term Abortions Could Have Been Stopped Peacefully

Group Running Second Set of Billboards Focusing on Blacks, Abortions

Faces Revised Lawsuit For Forcing Michigan Woman to Have Abortion

Abortion Practitioner Has Infected 40 Women With Hepatitis C Virus

Abortion Advocates Challenge Fort Wayne Measure for Women’s Safety

Primary Election Sees Victories for Pro-Life Candidates Against Abortion

Personhood Amendment Backers Trying Again for Abortion Ballot Vote

South Carolina, England, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Planned Parenthood

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Democrats to Warn Americans About Pro-Life GOP Election Wins

DC ( — The pro-abortion leaders of the Democratic party,
sensing pro-life advocates who head up the Republican Party in the House
and Senate could find themselves in charge of the legislative agenda if
Americans give them big election victories in November, are preparing for

As they
head home for the Memorial Day recess, Democrats in Congress are asking
their rank and file to tell voters there will be disastrous consequences
if they elect a GOP majority in November.

Hill newspaper indicates Democratic leaders gave party members a Memorial
Day packet filled with instructions on what to say.

your public events, communications, and editorial board visits at home to
highlight what Republican control of Congress would mean, and your hard
work for the middle class on issues," the packet papers read. "Democrats
have a strong story to tell, and we hope you’ll highlight this contrast
with Republicans back home.

the pro-life movement, the only story House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate
Leader Harry Reid have told is one of promoting abortion.

shepherded the pro-abortion health care bill through Congress and to President
Barack Obama, who signed it into law and will force Americans to pay for
abortions unless the measure is overturned by the courts. Already, several
states have either signed bills to opt out of some abortion funding into
law or have passed them through the state legislature.
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Expect Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan Will be Confirmed for Supreme Court

DC ( — The latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows the percentage
of Americans who say they believe pro-abortion nominee Elena Kagan will
be confirmed by the Senate for the open Supreme Court spot has risen. The
numbers are going up despite strong opposition to her nomination.

Rasmussen survey found ratings for Kagan have fallen over the first three
surveys since Obama announced her nomination.

41% of U.S. voters now hold a favorable opinion of Kagan but 47% view her
unfavorably. Just 36 percent now favor Kagan s confirmation, down from
36 percent
in the last poll.

87 percent of voters now say the pro-abortion nominee is at least somewhat
likely to be confirmed, up four points from a week earlier and five points
from the week she was nominated.

figure is the same percentage as those who thought Obama’s first nominee,
pro-abortion Sonia Sotomayor, would be confirmed, and higher than the percents
of voters who believed Bush’s nominees Samuel Alito and John Roberts would
be confirmed.
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George Tiller’s
Late-Term Abortions Could Have Been Stopped Peacefully

KS ( — George Tiller, the late-term abortion practitioner,
was shot and killed by militia activist Scott Roeder one year ago today. But
one of the leading pro-life groups that monitored Tiller and tried to expose
his shoddy abortion practices says Tiller was about ready to retire and his
abortions could have ended without taking his life.

At a fundraising
dinner held on May 26, 2010, Tiller friend and fellow late-term abortion practitioner,
LeRoy Carhart of Nebraska, reportedly told people Tiller was set to retire.

Carhart confided that Tiller was slated to begin his retirement not long before
his death," a pro-abortion blogger wrote recently.

Rescue officials told today that they said publicly, as early as
February 2 of last year, that they believed Tiller may have been planning to
retire rather than face the disgrace of being disciplined for illegal late-term
abortions by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.

The state
agency had filed an 11-count petition against him that was pending at the time
of his death and was reportedly close to revoking Tiller’s medical license for
cases in which Tiller is alleged to have fudged the age of the unborn child
in some abortions to qualify them as legal late-term abortions under state law.

confirms that we were correct in concluding that Tiller was ready to retire,"
said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

had worked since 2002, through peaceful, legal avenues to expose the heinous
nature of Tiller’s late-term abortion business, bring him to justice, and close
his abortion clinic," Newman said. "The fact that Tiller was preparing
to quit proves that our efforts were successful."
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Group Running Second Set of Billboards Focusing on Blacks, Abortions

GA ( — A Georgia-based pro-life group is set to start the
second campaign of billboards exposing how abortion targets the black community.
The Radiance Foundation hoped to continue the exposure of the racist and eugenics
background of abortion as promoted by Planned Parenthood.

Ryan Bomberger,
the head of the organization, tells he also hopes to see strong
emphasis placed on adoption and foster care.

The goal
is to show how the
racial politics
of abortion
"impede this beautiful solution" from saving black
unborn children from abortion.

On the heels
of massive national and international media coverage of their Endangered
Species campaign, the Radiance Foundation is announcing its Black
& Unwanted public awareness initiative.

This billboard
and Internet campaign "continues to expose abortion s devastating
impact on the African-American community while highlighting the need for more
adoptions," Bomberger says.

In conjunction
with Georgia Right to Life nearly 60 billboards with the Black & Unwanted
theme will be featured across the state.

has personal experience with the issues as he was, as a child, adopted into
a multi-racial family of fifteen.

and children (born and unborn) deserve much better from our society. Although
adoption isn’t the only solution to unintended pregnancies, it is a beautiful
alternative to the destruction of abortion," he tells
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Faces Revised Lawsuit For Forcing Michigan Woman to Have Abortion

MI ( — A Michigan abortion practitioner faces a revised
civil lawsuit from a patient who says she was forced to have an abortion
even after she changed her mind on the operating table immediately before
the abortion was about to begin. Caitlin Bruce, 20, had the abortion at
the Feminine Health Care Clinic run by Albert Hodari.

filed a lawsuit previously, but her attorney submitted new paperwork last
week at the Genesee County Circuit Court, according to ConnectMidMichigan.

said, He was inserting the speculum, and I told him I’m nervous. I
just told him stop please. I’m really nervous and I don’t want to do this

reportedly had a nurse hold Bruce down so he could finish the abortion of
her child.

responded to the news service, saying When she said stop, it was too
late I told her I would stop, but when I take my instrument there
was blood and tissue on it from pregnancy, so I couldn’t stop.

obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Mona Hardas told the Michigan news outlet
that Hodari handled the situation poorly. She said Hodari could have taken
Bruce to a local hospital for a second opinion rather than forcing her to
have the abortion.

if someone has signed a consent form, if someone wants you to stop you have
to stop. I am shocked. I can’t believe this is still happening in this day
and age," she said.
story at

Abortion Practitioner Has Infected 40 Women With Hepatitis C Virus

Australia ( — An Australia abortion facility worker is
facing more accusations that he infected dozens of women with hepatitis
C during abortions. The heath chief of the Australian state of Victoria
released the accusations against the abortion practitioner in April.

then, the number of potential victims has jumped form 12 to 44 as the outbreak
at the Croydon Day Surgery abortion business appears worse than earlier
reports as the probe continues.

Herald Sun newspaper indicates the health department investigation into
the abortion operation where James Latham Peters was the anesthesiologist
will expand — potentially to as many as 3,600 women who had abortions at
his center since 2006.

newspaper indicates the Victorian Police and the Medical Practitioners Board
of Victoria has revealed the patients’ infections are an identical genetic
match to his own hepatitis C strain in 22 of the confirmed 44 cases.

is difficult to know exactly what went on in that clinic, but we are diligently
providing full support to Victoria Police, to the Medical Practitioners
Board, but most importantly to those women," Health Minister Daniel
Andrews said, according to the Herald. "This is not about system failure,
this is about the appalling, totally inappropriate behavior of one particular
story at

Abortion Advocates Challenge Fort Wayne Measure for Women’s Safety

Wayne, IN ( — Abortion advocates say they want safe abortions,
but they are challenging a new Fort Wayne, Indiana measure designed to keep
women’s health and safety in mind. In April, the county commissioners approved
an ordinance cracking down on botched abortions that injure women.

so many women suffer from botched abortions that require immediate follow-up
medical care, local officials approved what it said is a needed ordinance.

It requires any abortion practitioners coming to Fort Wayne from out of
town to inform a local hospital because they would not have proper admitting
privileges to admit women who are victimized by failed abortions and need
immediate medical care.

American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana and the New York-based Center
for Reproductive Rights, both pro-abortion legal groups, filed a lawsuit
against the Patient Safety Ordinance.

suit alleges the act creates an undue burden on women seeking abortions,
even though it only applies to out-of-state abortion practitioners. It requests
that a judge block the ordinance before it is slated to take effect on Tuesday.
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Primary Election Sees Victories for Pro-Life Candidates Against Abortion

by David

ID ( — Idaho’s primary election last week brought numerous
blessings to the pro-Life movement.

There was plenty of concern that grassroots conservatives would not participate
in the numbers we needed to overcome serious cross-over threats. In fact, as
the election day drew closer – that threat increased as Mayor Dave Beiter issued
a clarion call to Democrats to help elect his candidates to the Ada County Commission.

While Beiter’s
effort was partially successful – pro-life conservatives across Idaho participated
in strong numbers to nominate one of the most conservative legislatures in memory.

Idaho Chooses
Life lost a couple of our endorsed candidates, but those losses are mitigated
by the fact that the victors are also pro-life. We want to thank Sens. Lee Heinrich
and Mike Jorgenson for their consistent votes in defense of the innocent.

The clearest
set-back came in Canyon County, where Steve Kren lost to newcomer Christy Perry.
We don’t know where she stands on the abortion issue. Rep. Kren offered strong
opposition to the abortion lobby’s agenda.
Full story at

Personhood Amendment Backers Trying Again for Abortion Ballot Vote

MT ( — Supporters of a personhood amendment are trying a second
time to get a measure to define unborn children as people starting at conception
on the ballot in Montana. Should they obtain a November vote and Montana residents
support it, the measure would challenge legal abortions and head for an immediate
court battle.

Last year,
the attorney general’s office approved the ballot language for the amendment.

Constitutional Initiative 102 would define a human "person" under
the scientifically accurate notion of the beginning of human life taking place
at conception, or fertilization.

The measure,
meant for the 2010 elections, is the second effort to get a personhood proposition
on the ballot and it requires 48,000 signatures from state residents. The first
measure, in 2008, failed to get enough to qualify.

USA co-founder Keith Mason told WorldNetDaily today that his group is working
feverishly to collect the signatures but the effort faces strong opposition
from Planned Parenthood.

He said
the abortion business Planned Parenthood is calling every voter, "telling
them this is going to hurt voters and not give women access to healthcare. They
don’t want us to win."

Mason told
WND the group is mobilizing volunteers for the June 8 primary election to get
signatures from voters heading to the polls.

some pro-life groups are not on board because they say the measure would be
declared unconstitutional and that the focus should be on changing the Supreme
Court so Roe v. Wade can be overturned.
Full story at

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News: South Carolina, England, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Planned Parenthood

South Carolina Gubernatorial Candidates Oppose
Abortion, Differ on Exceptions
SC ( —

The candidates for governor in South Carolina all oppose abortion, but they
differ on some of the exceptions on when they believe abortions are justified.
The candidates are vying to replace pro-life but scandal-plagued Gov. Mark Sanford.

Pro-Life Group Doesn’t Want Sexual Education Plan Revived
England ( —

The new Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has launched a new
education bill, aimed at reforming the school system. One of the stated aims
of the bill is to give individual schools more control over the curriculum.

Wisconsin Right to Life Endorses Sean Duffy for 7th
District Congressional Race
WI ( —

The Wisconsin Right to Life Political Action Committee last week announced its
endorsement of Sean Duffy in the 7th Congressional District race.

Group Challenges Planned Parenthood’s Free Speech Intrusion in DC
DC ( —

Planned Parenthood in the nation’s capital has put up a fence around public
property and threatened to arrest members of the pro-life community who attempt
to pray and counsel on the public sidewalk and property.

May Have to Pay Attorney Fees After Losing Abortion Buffer Zone Case
PA ( —

The city of Pittsburgh may have to pay attorneys fees after it lost a case regarding
the buffer zone law that has been the subject of lawsuits by pro-life advocates.
The debate revolves around a 2005 bubble zone law that restricted access to
public areas surrounding abortion businesses.

Full story at

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Betania II Rises in Massachusetts

(NECN: Karen Swensen, Medway, Mass.) – Earlier this year, the Vatican put
a Venezuelan grandmother on the path to sainthood. Her name is Maria Esperanza
and it turns out she has a strong Massachusetts connection.

Posted by Ed Sousa, Sr.

Thanks Ed! I pray for Maria’s beatification daily! May she intercede for us!

This story reminded me when I worked as a Lieutenant in a private hospital in New York City, we had Mass in a small chapel on Sundays and Holy Days for the doctors, nurses and employees who had to work that day. I assisted the celebrating priest many times as deacon. What was also wonderful, there was a tabernacle in the chapel where Our Lord was always present and Communion could be brought to a dying patient as Viaticuum even in the night! What a blessing for the sick and dying! And this was a secular hospital too!

Deacon John


“Not just spend money on Catholic rituals”

Compromise reached, plan to end Masses at Santa Clara County’s public hospital cancelled – for now

Plans to eliminate Masses and visits from priests to minister to the ill and bless newborns at county owned and operated Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose have been scuttled after the parties involved were able to reach a compromise, the San Jose Mercury News reports. 

The county had threatened to eliminate the Masses, which have been offered at the hospital for more than 25 years, as a cost-cutting measure and to downplay Catholicism in favor of a more ecumenical viewpoint. The county had planned to terminate the Masses in February. 

“Valley Medical Center had intended to end the Mass and regular priestly visits for two reasons: to save the county an annual $30,000 it had contracted with the diocese, and to develop a program that better reflected the rainbow of religions in the county, and not just spend money on Catholic rituals,” the Mercury News reported May 26. “Thus far no other religious group has asked for regular services at the hospital, although clergy members from various faiths do visit when patients request them.” 

But, when 76-year-old Theresa Asquith learned in late February only one more Mass was planned at the hospital, “she phoned up high-powered players to uphold the religious tradition,” the newspaper reported. Asquith, said the Mercury News, is “the retired co-founder of Mother’s Milk Bank, who has attended Mass at the county hospital for more than 25 years.” 

Among the leaders who became involved was Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese, a parishioner at St. Francis of Assisi Church in San Jose, who contacted all the parties involved, according to the newspaper. “Over the past three months, this agreement has been hammered out by Cortese, the California Province of the Society of Jesus, the vicar general at the Diocese of San Jose, and Sylvia Gallegos, acting director of the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System,” said the Mercury News

The details of the compromise, said the San Jose newspaper, include: “The two Jesuit priests, the Revs. Gene Corbett and William Stout, who are both semiretired and in their 70s, will continue to lead Saturday and Sunday Mass in the meditation room, for free, as long as they are willing and able. They will also be available to visit hospital patients, where one in four are Catholic, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.” 

"But these are older gentlemen, and they won’t be taking the emergency night calls anymore,” Fr. Alfred Naucke, an assistant to the Jesuit Provincial in Los Gatos, told the Mercury News

“That responsibility will now fall to the diocese, which can send out priests for after-hour calls, which is what they do for all other non-Catholic hospitals,” said the newspaper. “There are no promises that once Corbett and Stout stop celebrating Mass and visiting the sick that replacements will step up.”

Article came from

Adore the Lord in Holy Attire – On Proper Dress for Mass

By: Msgr. Charles Pope

Last week we had a discussion on the women wearing veils in Church. One of the themes that emerged in the comments was that the discussions about what to wear in Church should be broader than just a veil. More specifically BOTH men and women should consider how they dress when going into God’s house. Hence I would like to explore some background issues and  enunciate some principles. You of course will be able to add to them.

1. Scripture – There is very little in Scripture that seems to spell out the proper way to dress for sacred worship. There is the general directive toAdore the Lord in holy attire (Psalm 96:9; Ps 29:2) But this seems more an allusion to holiness (God’s and ours) more than to clothing per se. There are directives for the Passover meal that one should have staff in hand, with loins girt and sandals on their feet (Ex 12:11). But this seems a specific rule for the Passover meal only and hardly something that would done in the synagogue or temple. To gird one’s loins meant to pull up the lower part of one’s outer garment and tighten the belt. This exposed the lower legs and allowed greater mobility for them. It was a sign of being flight or of being at work. It is the ancient equivalent of “roll up your sleeves.”  (more HERE). As a general rule Jewish people would not show their legs unless circumstances strongly required it. They would surely not come to the synagogue or the Temple in this manner. Scripture also speaks ofPhylacteries and Prayer Shawls. But these sorts of clothing and accessories seem to have come under some critique in the New Testament (Matt 23:5) and their use was not continued in the New Testament Church worship.

2. Church norms and rules – There are no official and specific Church norms or requirement for lay persons who attend Mass mentioned in Canon Law or the Sacramentary. Surely for priests and other clergy there are many rules and norms but I am unaware of any currently binding norms for the laity. Although the veils were once required for women, the 1917 Code of Canon Law was abrogated and the current code is silent on any requirement.

3. Hence it seems that Culture supplies most of the norms regarding what is considered appropriate attire for Church. And, alas our culture is currently quite unhelpful to us in this regard. Here in America we have become extremely casual about the way we dress for just about everything. It seems we almost never dress up anymore. This has changed somewhat dramatically in my own life time of just less than 50 years. “Sneakers” or “tennis shoes” as we called them were for sports or running around and playing in the neighborhood. But we would never even think of wearing them to school and certainly not to Church. I remember having a special set of shoes just for church. In the 1960s, it was also expected that I would go to Church in formal, pressed trousers, a button down shirt, and, except in the hottest months, a tie and even a suit jacket in winter. My sister and mother always wore a dress. Pants would not even have been considered for them. For the younger girls a skirt and a blouse might be OK but preferably a dress with a hat or veil.

But things changed dramatically around 1970. The photo above right was taken in 1969 at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Canton, Massachusetts. It was the end of an era. Within five years neckties were lost and jeans and a t-shirts came to be the norm. Most of the women as we discussed lost the veil, and dresses gave way to more casual pants suits and then also to other more casual things like jeans etc. Shorts for men and women, unthinkable in previous years also began to appear in church as did tank tops and other beach attire. Within ten years the culture of dressing up for Church was almost wholly abandoned. Now  wearing a tie to Church would seem stuffy and formal.

But this is where our culture has gone. It is not just Church. Years ago when my family went out to eat we almost always dressed up. Maybe it wasn’t a full neck tie but at least trousers and a button down shirt. Maybe not a formal dress for mom and sis, but at least a skirt and blouse. A restaurant was considered a semi-formal outing. School was also considered a place where things like jeans and informal t-shirts were out of place. Going down town to shop meant we changed out of shorts and put on something appropriate. Shorts were basically for running around the house, playing in the yard and such. But you just didn’t go out to more public settings wearing shorts and flip flops or even sneakers.

Pardon me for sounding like and old fud but I am not really that old. My point is that culture has changed,  and changed rather quickly. This has affected the Church as well. What were fighting is a strong cultural swing to the extremely informal. Most people don’t even think of dressing up for most things any more let alone Church.

4. Hence at the cost of seeming old and stuffy I might like to suggest a few norms and I hope you’ll supply your own as well:

  1. Men should wear formal shoes to Church. We used to call these hard shoes (because they were) but today many formal shoes are actually quite comfortable.
  2. Men should wear trousers (not jeans).
  3. Men should never wear shorts to Church.
  4. Men should wear a decent shirt, preferably a button down shirt. If it is a pullover shirt it should include a collar. Wearing a plain t-shirt without a collar is too informal.
  5. Men should consider wearing a tie to Church and in cooler weather, a suit coat. Some may consider this a bit too stuffy and formal but who knows, you might be a trend setter!
  6. Now as I talk about women I know I’ll get in some trouble!
  7. Women should wear decent shoes to Church. Flip flops, beach sandals etc. seem inappropriate.
  8. Women should not wear shorts to Church.
  9. Women, if they wear pants, should never wear jeans to Church. Some nice slacks that are not too tight can be fine.
  10. Women should consider wearing a dress or at least a skirt in preference to pants. It just looks a bit more formal than pants.
  11. Women should wear a nice blouse (if they are not wearing a full dress). The blouse or shirt they wear should not be too tight.
  12. Sleeveless garments are pushing it a bit but can be acceptable.
  13. Women should never wear tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or bare midriffs to Church.
  14. Well, you may have at this list. Add or subtract as you will.

A final thought: Clothes say something about what we think, what we value. They also influence how we behave and feel. That our culture has become so casual about everything says something about us. I cannot exactly articulate it but it seems to say, “nothing is really all that important.” But that is not true. Going to God’s house IS  important. Being ministered to by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is astounding. Casual attire in these circumstances is simply inappropriate if we really think about what we are doing, where we are going and who it is we will meet. It does not necessarily follow that we must wear tuxedos and formal gowns. But decent semi-formal attire seems wholly appropriate. Sunday is special, God’s House is special. Somethings really ARE important and our clothing and demeanor ought to reflect this truth.


  • Written by Operation Rescue

  • Posted May 31, 2010 at 9:37 am

Tiller’s planned retirement proves Operation Rescue’s work was successful. Roeder was wrong.

Wichita, KS – At a fundraising dinner held on May 26, 2010, abortionist LeRoy Carhart told attendees that his employer, George Tiller, was making plans to soon retire prior to his murder by Scott Roeder last year.

The information was reported on a feminist blog site by a woman who attended the event.

“Dr. Carhart confided that Tiller was slated to begin his retirement not long before his death,” the blogger wrote.

Operation Rescue stated publicly in a commentarypublished on Feb. 2, 2010, that we believed that Tiller may have been planning to retire rather than face the disgrace of being disciplined for illegal late-term abortions by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, which had filed an 11-count petition against him that was pending at the time of his death.

“Carhart confirms that we were correct in concluding that Tiller was ready to retire,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We had worked since 2002, through peaceful, legal avenues to expose the heinous nature of Tiller’s late-term abortion business, bring him to justice, and close his abortion clinic. The fact that Tiller was preparing to quit proves that our efforts were successful. Unfortunately, Tiller’s murder a year ago was a senseless and despicable act that wrongly took a life and denied the people justice under the law. If Roeder had not acted, Tiller would be retired today and his abortion clinic closed without violence. We were right. Roeder was as wrong as it gets.”

The following is an excerpt from OR’s February 2 commentary:

In March, 2009, Tiller was acquitted of the 19 criminal charges during a trial that took the jury less than 25 minutes to decide. But within minutes of that verdict, the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, newly under the direction of Jack Confer, issued a statement that the Board was proceedingwith eleven similar charges that could have led to the revocation of Tiller’s medical license. Confer assured the public that the KSBHA worked under a different burden of proof than the criminal courts and that the outcome of the criminal case would have no effect on the KSBHA’s case.

The timing and content of that release sent a strong message to the community that they could expect a different outcome from the KSBHA case. That message, along with indications that Tiller had taken steps to disband ProKanDo prior to his criminal trial and other intelligence gathered by Operation Rescue, led to the logical conclusion that either Tiller would soon have his license stripped by the KSBHA, or that he would retire in order to avoid the humiliation of revocation. We were cautiously optimistic that Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion mill would be closed within months – through peaceful, legal means.

About Operation Rescue® 


Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America. Operation Rescue is now headquartered in a former abortion clinic that it bought and closed in 2006.  From there, Operation Rescue launches its innovative new strategies across the nation, exposing and closing abortion clinics through peaceful, legal means. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre-born in obedience to biblical mandates.Click here to support Operation Rescue.  

Web site:



Mary Vitamin for May 31st
Topic: The Visitation (May 31st)

The Visitation (Camillo Procaccini)

St. Francis de Sales
Indeed, the whole house was overcome with joy; the infant leapt with joy, the father recovered his speech, the mother was filled with the Holy Sprit and received the gift of prophecy.
Sermon July 2, 1618
The Sermons of St. Francis de Sales on Our Lady, (Tan Books),58.
St. Francis de Sales, founder of the Order of the Visitation
St. Elizabeth was her relative, and that is why she went to seek her. But what can we do to become a relative of our amiable Sovereign? O God! There are a thousand ways of accomplishing this. Do you wish to be a relative of the Virgin? Communicate, for in receiving the Holy Sacrament, you receive the Flesh of her flesh and the Blood of her blood, since the precious Body of the Saviour, which is in the Divine Eucharist, was formed of her most pure blood by the operation of the Holy Spirit.”
Sermon July 2, 1621
The Sermons of St. Francis de Sales on Our Lady, (Tan Books),168-9.
Today, I will pause in front of my statue of Our Lady and I will ask that she come to visit me and my family bringing the grace of Her Son. I will trust in her great charity and eagerness to share the Lord with those who call upon her.  I will make a Spiritual Communion with Our Lady and be confident that I will receive
many graces.
Marian Vow:
St. Francis de Sales encourages the consecrated Religious who wear the habit of the order of Our Lady of the Visitation in the following excerpt. Do his words also speak to those consecrated to Our Lady with the Marian vow?

O my dear Sisters, you who claim this Virgin for your Mother, daughters of the Visitation of Our Lady and of St. Elizabeth, what zeal you should have in imitating her, especially her charity and humility, which were the chief virtues which urged her
to make this visitation. You should therefore be particularly distinguished in their practice which will move you to go with haste and joy to visit your sick sisters, cordially helping and serving one another in your infirmities, whether they be spiritual or corporal. And wherever there is an opportunity of practicing humility and charity you ought to do so with a special care and promptness; because, you see, to be a daughter of Our Lady it is not enough to rest content with living in a convent of the Visitation and wearing the religious veil. This would be wronging such a Mother; to be satisfied with this would be to degenerate. You must imitate her holiness and her virtues.
Sermon July 2, 1618
The Sermons of St. Francis de Sales on Our Lady, (Tan Books),59.
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.


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August 9, 1994

Cradled to Sleep by My Heart

Jesus speaks:        Trust Me My child as a child who crawls
                            into their mother’s arms. The child is not
                            afraid of being hurt. The baby is picked

                            up and then ceases to cry. Be as the baby
                            who is held and caressed by a loving
                            parent. The baby is totally at peace. They
                            know the touch of the parent. They totally

                            surrender into their arms.

                                There is no stiffening in their body, it
                            becomes a total release of self into the
                            arms of the loving mother.

                                Release child, total yielding into My
                            arms. I will tuck you forever in My
                            most Sacred Heart. My Heart is warm, My
                            Heart has the tender constant beat of

                            My love. This is your soothing balm, to
                            be cradled to sleep by the sound of
                            My beating Heart. You rest in Me in
                            total peace. Total surrender, total

                            letting go. Be as the baby at the breast.

                                I am the Good Shepherd, I know Mine
                            and they follow Me. I caress you so closely

                            in My Heart. My Mother places you so gently
                            in the very recesses of My Heart. Be at peace
                            My child.

                                This is peace, total surrender to God.

                            You constantly hear a soft beating of My Heart.
                            It is constantly lulling you to sleep. It never
                            stops, it is plugged into a source of undying

                            love. It never runs out, I am the almighty
                            God with a Heart on fire for love of you,
                            My precious one. Total surrender, total
                            yielding, total trust in the God who

                            died for you, Who gave His very life for love
                            of you.

                                I am the Good Shepherd, I fondle you in
                            My Heart. Total trust to Me. Be at such


                                I am He who ardently loves you, every
                            minute of the day. Come to Me My babies,
                            I call you to My loving Heart.

                                You need to have this total submission, a
                            total release of anything that holds you
                            back. Total trust in Me as a loving


                                Oh sweet one, surrender your all. Satan
                            constantly wants you to hold back. Release
                            yourselves into the recesses of My Heart. Be lost

                            in the fold of My love and be lulled to sleep
                            by the beats of My Heart.

                                I love you so much My sweet one. Never
                            hold back anything from Me.

The Holy Father’s Missionary Intention for June 2010: “That the Churches in Asia, which constitute a ‘little flock’ among non-Christian populations, may know how to communicate the Gospel and give joyful witness to their adherence to Christ.” Commentary.

Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) – The situation of Catholics in Asia is difficult. They are a minority living surrounded by millions of followers of other religions or people who claim not to profess any religion. From a human standpoint, it seems that there is nothing to be done to be able to evangelize the continent, given the disproportionate number of Catholics and the more than a billion people who do not know Christ in these lands. However, we must turn with hope to the Word of God. The Gospel tells of a small amount of yeast that leavens all the dough (cf. Mt 13, 33).

Since its birth, the Church has been in a situation of "minority," but has developed her evangelizing action relying on the "power from on high" (cf. Lk 24, 49), the Holy Spirit, confident in the words of Jesus: "I am with you always until the end of the world"(cf. Mt 20, 28).

In this regard, Pope Benedict XVI, speaking to the Central Asian Bishops on their Ad Limina Apostolorum visit, said: “You must not be discouraged, dear Brothers! Look at the first communities of the Lord’s disciples. Although they were small they did not withdraw into themselves but, impelled by Christ’s love, did not hesitate to shoulder the burdens of the poor and to meet the needs of the sick, joyfully proclaiming and witnessing to the Gospel to all. Today too, as then, it is the Holy Spirit who leads the Church onwards” (Audience, October 2, 2008). 

The witness of charity and joyful proclamation of the Gospel can change hearts. The Word of God is not chained (cf. 2 Tm 2, 9) and has the strength in itself to bring light to the hearts of many. The Church does not evangelize out of some sort of superiority complex towards other religions, nor does she proselytize. The work of evangelization is obedience to Christ’s command, “in the knowledge that every person has the right to hear the Good News of the God who reveals and gives himself in Christ” (Ecclesia in Asia, 20).

We must always seek to find the most appropriate means for presenting the Word of God in the most appropriate manner, to the culture and mentality of the people we address, respecting freedom of conscience and religious freedom.

Faith is always a gift of God, the work of God. Thus, someone who encounters a joyful, confident, and convincing preaching of the Gospel, can “open himself to the faith after mature and responsible reflection and must be able to achieve this intimate inspiration freely. This is not only for the individual’s benefit but indeed for that of the whole of society, for the faithful observance of the divine precepts is helpful in building a more just and supportive coexistence” (Benedict XVI, October 2, 2008). 

In this month, we address the Virgin Mary with the words of the Pope, asking that She give strength to all those who, in China and throughout Asia, “amid their daily trials, continue to believe, to hope, to love. May they never be afraid to speak of Jesus to the world, and of the world to Jesus” (Benedict XVI, Prayer to Our Lady of Sheshan, May 15, 2008). (Agenzia Fides 31/05/2010)

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VATICAN – “Father Ricci is a singular case of successful synthesis of the Gospel and dialogue with the culture of the people to whom it is preached.”


Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) – "Father Ricci is a singular case of successful synthesis of the Gospel and dialogue with the culture of the people to whom it is preached, an example of prudent balance between doctrinal clarity and prudent pastoral action," said the Holy Father Benedict XVI in addressing an audience, on May 29, of participants in the pilgrimage sponsored by the Diocese of Macerata-Tolentino-Recanati-Cingoli-Treia and the Diocese of Marche, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the death of Father Matteo Ricci. 

"The work of this missionary – said the Pope – has two sides that should not be separated: the inculturation of the Gospel and the Chinese presentation on China’s culture and Western science. Often, the scientific aspects have received more interest, but we must not forget the perspective from which Fr. Ricci entered into relationship with the Chinese world and culture … Fr. Ricci did not go to China to bring them science and Western culture, but to bring them the Gospel, to make God known … And it was precisely as he brought the Gospel, that Fr. Ricci finds in his listeners the question of a wider confrontation, so that the meeting motivated by faith becomes a dialogue between cultures, a disinterested dialogue, free from economic or political ambition for power, lived in friendship, which makes the work of Fr. Ricci and his disciples one of the greatest and most pleasant moments in the relationship between China and the West." 

The Holy Father recalled that "this great missionary” was a “true hero of proclaiming the Gospel in China in modern times after the first evangelization of Archbishop Giovanni da Montecorvino," and urged not to forget that the choices made by Father Matteo Ricci "did not depend on an abstract strategy of inculturation of the faith, but from the combined effort of the events, encounters, and experiences that he carried out, so what has been achieved was also thanks to the encounter with the Chinese. It was a meeting lived in many ways, but thoroughly through the relationship with friends and disciples, especially the four famous converts, ‘pillars of the nascent Chinese Church’. " 

Benedict XVI concluded his speech with these words: "May the memory of these men of God dedicated to the Gospel and the Church, their example of fidelity to Christ, their deep love for the Chinese people, the efforts of intelligence and study, their virtuous life, be an occasion for prayer for the Church in China and for the entire Chinese people, as we do every year, May 24, turning to Mary, venerated in the famous Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai. May they also serve as stimulus and encouragement to live with intensity the Christian faith in dialogue with different cultures, but in the certainty that Christ brings about true humanism that is open to God, rich in moral and spiritual values, and able to respond to the deepest desires of the human soul. Like Father Matteo Ricci, today I express my profound respect to the noble Chinese people and their ancient culture, convinced that their renewed encounter with Christianity will bring abundant fruits of good, just as it favored peaceful coexistence among peoples in the past." (SL) (Agenzia Fides 05/31/2010)

Complete text of the Holy Father’s address, in Italian

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EUROPE/POLAND – Jasna Gora Shrine celebrates 8th National Missionary Congress for Children


Czestochowa (Agenzia Fides) – "We Announce to the World: God is Love" was the theme of the 8th National Missionary Congress for Children held in Czestochowa, at the National Shrine of the Black Madonna in Jasna Gora, May 28 and 29. According to information received by Fides, the Congress was attended by the National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) of Poland, Father Jan Piotrowski, and National Director of the PMS in Lebanon, Father Paul Karam, in addition to priests, religious, catechists, missionary animators, all the leaders of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the country, and, of course, the children of the Holy Childhood Association. 

The first day of the Congress, participants met with the missionaries and attended the Marian prayer, “The Jasna Gora Appeal,” in the Chapel of Our Lady. On Saturday, May 29, Mass was celebrated at the Shrine of the Black Madonna, presided by Bishop Stanislaw Budzik, Secretary General of the Polish Bishops’ Conference. "Love is the soul of the mission,” the Bishop said in his homily. “Missionary activity comes from love and bears witness to love. Every person who loves Christ, who loves man, must support the missions and missionaries through prayer."

Missionary animation was led by several groups, including a group of "Missio" youth from the Archdiocese of Czestochowa. During the Congress, there was a National Competition "Mój szkolny Kolega Misja z – My Missionary Companion,” dedicated to the history of the Holy Childhood Association. The Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood Association has been present in Poland since 1858. (MF/SL) (Agenzia Fides 05/31/2010)87

Attacks On Catholic Priest

By frank
Created 05/29/2010 – 12:22am
Rockford Abortion Mill Continues Vicious Attacks On Catholic Priests
As number of abortions decline in Rockford, the abortion mill seems to be (rightly) blaming the spiritual power of Priests.
Rockford IL,  May 29, 2010  – In September of 2008 a group of Catholic Priests began praying every week at Rockford’s abortion mill special prayers of the Church that the abortion mill be cleansed from evil.  Immediately, the pro-life women who sidewalk counsel at this abortion facility noticed a dramatic decline in the numbers of mothers coming for abortions and a tangible rise in the numbers of mothers who choose life at the abortion mill driveway. 
An unofficial count of mothers entering the mill within a month of these devout Priests praying showed the abortion totals to be cut at least in half. This is also when signs started appearing in the mill windows attacking Catholic Priests. 
On Friday May 29th, the abortion mill sank to a new low even for them.  As a Priest was quietly praying the prayers of the Church accompanied by a seminarian, someone inside the building that houses the Northern Illinois Women’s Center put a sign that clearly stated, "F…. Your Perverted Priests."
 Catholic Priests have also had to endure personal insults from the abortion mill landlord and security guard.  The car of one Priest has been egged by an abortion supporter at this mill.  A Priest has also had a hand-written sign taped to his car while he was quietly praying on the sidewalk in front of the mill.  The sign read, "I Rape Children."
 One thing is certain.  This abortion facility and its supporters know one of the major reasons their numbers of dead babies have gone down is because the committed, faith-filled, and courageous Catholic Priests are praying consistently that the evil that surrounds and drives the abortion industry is replaced with the grace of Jesus Christ.  In Rockford these Priests and their prayers have saved countless lives and souls.  That’s why this mill hates and attacks them in this vicious manner.
As one Rockford area pro-lifer said, "This group of Priests has prayed at this mill no matter the weather, intimidation, and mocking threats they have faced.  In the spirit of Jesus Christ, they have responded to these attacks with prayer, humility, and love."
A Rockford man said of one of these Priests, "Last winter on a day with the wind chill well below zero, Father was in prayer on the sidewalk with his coat open.  Everyone told him he needed to cover up better, but Father knew that people entering the mill needed to know a Priest was there.
One young Hispanic woman looked at Father, saw his collar, and saw him praying for her.  She immediately left the mill and never returned."
It is the hope of the Rockford Christian community that Rockford city officials will look into the long and hate- filled history of the abortion mill and come to a decision that this kind of bigotry is not acceptable in our city.
As for these holy men who pray and work for life and for an end to the demonic inspired culture of death in Rockford,  we owe them our support, prayers, and grateful thanks for leading us in this battle against sin, Satan, and death.
In the person of Christ the Head . . .
1548 [1] In the ecclesial service of the ordained minister, it is Christ Himself who is present to His Church as Head of His Body, Shepherd of His flock, High Priest of the redemptive sacrifice, Teacher of Truth. This is what the Church means by saying that the priest, by virtue of the sacrament of Holy Orders, acts in persona Christi Capitis:
It is the same Priest, Christ Jesus, whose sacred person His minister truly represents. Now the minister, by reason of the sacerdotal consecration which he has received, is truly made like to the High Priest and possesses the authority to act in the power and place of the Person of Christ Himself (virtute ac persona ipsius Christi).
Christ is the Source of all priesthood: the priest of the old law was a figure of Christ, and the priest of the new law acts in the Person of Christ.
1549 [1] Through the ordained ministry, especially that of bishops and priests, the presence of Christ as Head of the Church is made visible in the midst of the community of believers. In the beautiful expression of St. Ignatius of Antioch, the bishop is typos tou Patros: he is like the living image of God the Father.

From Rockford Pro-Life