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Dear Friends,
Celebrate African Women's Day!

Celebrate African Women’s Day by making a gift to CMMB in honor of women and mothers who inspire us all!

Join us today in celebrating both the feast day of St. Ignatius Loyola and African Women’s Day.

They each have very special meaning for CMMB: St.Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), worked to promote social justice throughout his life. Jesuits throughout history have sought to care for those who were often neglected – through schools, missions, parishes, and refugee services. Fr. Jerome Nadal, an early Jesuit, puts it this way:

Why are there Jesuits? The Society has the care of those souls for whom either there is nobody to care or, if somebody ought to care, for whom the care is negligent. This is the reason for the founding of the Society. This is its strength. This is its dignity in the Church.

We couldn’t have asked for a better model to lead our organization! For many decades, Jesuit ideals, support and leadership guided CMMB and helped to inspire our outstanding efforts to help “those souls . . . for whom the care is negligent.”

This is so true in the case of the women of Africa. CMMB currently supports health programs in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, South Sudan and Zambia. And with our increased focus on the health of mothers and children, we are strengthening the family unit and the community: healthy women inspire healthy families and communities.

Today, we celebrate our Jesuit identity. We hope you’ll join us in prayer in honor of St. Ignatius and in tribute to the brave women of Africa. May they continue to inspire us.


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Bruce Wilkinson
President & CEO
Catholic Medical Mission Board

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A Father and a Priest: Pope Francis Energizes World Youth Day



July 2013 brought advice for an angry priest from Venerable Fulton Sheen, and brought Pope Francis to cast Lumen Fidei upon World Youth Day and Millennial Catholics.

If you follow weather reports from the Northeastern U.S., then you know that New England has spent much of July in the grip of a heat wave. The three H’s – hazy, hot, and humid – pose a big challenge in prison where “climate control” is an 8-inch fan pushing hot air around a stifling concrete prison cell. As I wrote recently, plugging in my typewriter means unplugging that little fan. On the day I begin typing this post, the heat index in Concord, NH is 106 F, and likely ten degrees hotter “inside.” On such days, these stone walls quickly close in on us, and claustrophobia adds to the obstacles I wrote of months ago in “When the Caged Bird Just Can’t Sing: The Limits of Prison Writing.”

I received a lot of snail mail from TSW readers in June and July. I’ve tried to use pen and paper to respond to some, but for the most part the letters piled up to await cooler days. I’m sorry for that. I read every letter – most more than once – and, though it’s likely no consolation, I’m using one of the sturdier ones right now as “fan mail” – literally!

Knowing that as a prisoner I have no on-line access, several TSW readers have enclosed in their snail mail some of the interesting things they come across in the Catholic on-line world. I want to write about three such items, all received on the same July day posing for me a challenge about faith, fidelity, and fatherhood.

The first was a July 8, 2013 article from the National Catholic Reporter entitled “I am an angry priest,” by Gerald Kleba, a priest serving the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri. Father Kleba began with an anecdote about arriving to anoint a dying parishioner surrounded by her adult children whom Father Kleba had known since their teens:

“I was wearing walking shorts and a sports shirt, so when the hospice nurse arrived at the house I had to introduce myself. ‘I’m Gerry Kleba, the family priest.’ I’m not much into clericalism, so I don’t use the title, ‘Father’ . . . “

Before I even got to the source and substance of Father Kleba’s anger, I found this part of his story to be terribly sad. I have often quoted a brief but brilliant article by my friend, the late Father Richard John Neuhaus entitled “Clerical Scandal and the Scandal of Clericalism.” In clear and compelling prose, Father Neuhaus laid out the harm that has been done to the Church and the faithful – both laity and priests – as a result of clericalism, especially in its priorities for preserving both a sense of entitlement and image.

The clericalist agenda for “keeping up appearances” was, for Father Neuhaus, a causative factor in the sexual abuse scandal that arose out of the cultural and sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. The fact that the full impact of The Scandal was not really seen and felt until 2002 was evidence of the will of clericalism to preserve image at all cost.

That cost was very great, and paying it is the source of why Gerry Kleba is an angry priest as he put forth in NCR. The sad part for me was that shedding clericalism does not mean shedding a priestly identity. It does not mean discarding clerical garb, and it certainly does not mean declining to be known and seen as “Father.” The very last thing our Church and culture need is another Father who doesn’t want to be one.

Shedding the title, “Father” does nothing to ward off clericalism, and in fact adds to it an equally destructive scandal. The diminishment of fatherhood is a catastrophe in Western Culture with far-reaching and costly effects that I wrote of in a Father’s Day post entitled, “In the Absence of Fathers: A Story of Elephants and Men.” I live in a world in which the absence of fathers has had devastating consequences that have destroyed many more young lives than any sex abuse scandal. Our Church and our culture are in denial about this. The vastly growing numbers of young men in prison – many of whom have never met their fathers – would interpret an effort by me to cast off “Father” as a massive disappointment at best, and, at worst, a cruel joke.

Titles are not used in prison, but many young prisoners call me Father every chance they get. When I asked one why, he shrugged and said, “I just wanted to hear myself say it to someone.” They know the story that sent me to prison. They don’t believe it. They say there is no one else here they can trust. Read “In the Year of the Priest, the Tale of a Prisoner,” and then remind me again why we priests should cast off “Father.”

Be to Me a Father and a Priest StravinskasFather Kleba went on in his article to describe how his anger over the sexual abuse crisis in the priesthood has so stifled his ability to express fatherly concern for the young people in his parish today, but I believe he is missing the most obvious of those opportunities. It takes great courage to Be to Me a Father and a Priest, the title of a book about his priestly vocation by Father Peter M.J. Stravinskas (Newman House Press). It takes great fatherly love and courage to respond to a vocation to priesthood in the current milieu. The young men I hear from who are preparing for priesthood are outstanding in their courage. None of them could fathom a future in which they deal with the dangers of clericalism by shedding a priestly identity or the title, “Father.” To do so, for them, would be to shed the very courage that brought them to respond to priesthood in the first place.

This is not a criticism of Father Kleba, but I could not help but wonder what he might have expected from the readers of the National Catholic Reporter. The comments posted on the article, many of which were sent to me, were for the most part vile and hostile. Those who did not attack Father Kleba himself attacked the very substance of what Father Kleba embraced at ordination. Similar comments at NCR and other “leftist” venues seem to call for the radical feminization of Catholic Christianity in a tone that does not imply a wish to broaden a feminine presence and perspective in the Church and priesthood, but rather to eradicate all semblance and evidence of a masculine one. For them “Father” is twisted into power, abuse, and entitlement, and not community, love, and personal sacrifice.


I paused for a half hour right here because Bishop Fulton Sheen just appeared on my little television screen, right on cue. In “Vatican II Turns Fifty: Catholic in an Age of Discontent” awhile back, I described the climate in which Bishop Sheen became a television star in the 1950s. I was just a small child then, but Father Gerry K1eba should remember him and that era quite well. As I watched and listened to Bishop Sheen just moments ago, I was struck by the power of his voice and screen presence. In a half hour, he laid bare the evil of Communism and its atheist state, the Soviet Union. As an orator, Stalin didn’t stand a chance against Fulton Sheen.

I was also struck by the difference in his TV venue – then and now. Today, you would see Bishop Sheen nowhere but EWTN, a Catholic network that must battle for space on the airwaves of secular broadcasting. In the 1950s, however, there was no “Catholic TV.” Bishop Fulton Sheen won the Emmy Award for “Most Outstanding Television Personality” on secular network television. Nothing evenly remotely similar could happen today, and I just can’t call that progress.

Just a day before the National Catholic Reporter published Gerry Kleba’s “I am an angry priest,” Msgr. Charles Pope published “Are We Down with the People or Up with the Cross?” on his Archdiocese of Washington blog. He began with some advice for priests by Venerable Fulton Sheen:

“We become real priests when we empty ourselves and no longer seek our [own] identity, and where we are lifted up to the cross, not going ‘down to people.’ Too many of us today feel we have to be loved . . . [thinking] the young will not love us unless we talk like them, eat like them, drink like them, clothe ourselves like them. No! They will not love us simply because we go down; they will love us when we lift them up. Else, the world will drag THEM down . . .”

(Bishop Fulton Sheen, “The Meaning of Being a Priest”).

I could not possibly add anything to that except perhaps a realization that I should be reading a great deal more of Bishop Fulton Sheen. In those few lines, he diagnosed clericalism and chartered a path out of it. Had priests listened to him then, the scandal that makes Father Kleba so angry could not have happened. I, for one, am listening now, and from these words of wisdom I must fill in something absent from my seminary training of the “me-first” 1970s: the power and necessity of fatherly sacrifice.

Two weeks ago, Catholic writer Ryan MacDonald published an article entitled “In Fr Gordon MacRae Case: Whack-a-Mole Justice Holds Court.” He raised a point I had not considered very well. My appeal effort – now beginning its next inevitable step, as Ryan revealed – is not just up against the case against me, but up against the entire cultural assault on both fatherhood and the priesthood.

I am an angry priest, too! I am angry that many other priests are angry about all the wrong things. I am angry about being scapegoated among too many U.S. priests; Most of all, I am angry about “Our Catholic Tabloid Frenzy About Fallen Priests,” the title of a recent TSW post that I had hoped other priests might read and disseminate with courage. A few did. Most didn’t. One TSW reader sent a link to it to all 12 board members of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests. Not one responded. Not one.

But all of this anger is just empty if we as priests do not empty ourselves, as Msgr. Charles Pope and Venerable Fulton Sheen suggest, and seek to be lifted up to the cross. I now know my true sin as a priest: that the greater loss in my painful injustice was not my freedom, but my name. I found too painful the fact that many spoke ill of me, that other priests abandoned me, that some in the Church want to silence me. If, as Bishop Fulton Sheen suggests, I can be lifted up to the Cross, then I can see what’s wrong with the preceding sentence. It just has too many occurrences of “me.”


Also on the same day Father Gerry Kleba published “I am an angry priest” in NCR, TSW reader, Kevin D. Sullivan posted the first of a two-part manifesto for Millennial Catholics and the future of faith. A student in the class of 2014 at Georgetown University, Kevin published “Francis, a Pope for all Catholics (especially Millennials)” at the Washington Post “On Faith” blog on July 8. Part two entitled, “Millennials are faithful, but not always religious,” was posted at the Washington Post on July 15.

The “Scandal of Clericalism” Father Richard John Neuhaus wrote about came into being in the Church because many Catholics – both priests and laity alike – came to see the proper role of laity in the Church as to be the recipients of faith and grace rather than participants in it. Kevin Sullivan presented us with the perfect solution to clericalism – the example of Pope Francis:

“At every turn, the new Holy Father has been courageous. Pope Francis has opted for a simpler life . . . and challenged Christians to fulfill Christ’s mission in a tone never heard before. We have been invited not to follow him, but to join him in our common spiritual journey.”

In the second part of his article on the faith of Millennials, Kevin Sullivan wrote of a sea-change among his peers at Georgetown in just the last two years. He wrote of how perhaps ten students attended a 10 PM Sunday Mass on campus two years ago, and now there is standing room only. Kevin interprets this as I do: “the missing piece to my generation’s unique struggle with faith was community.”

Throughout last week, Pope Francis brought the light of faith to over two million young people from around the world who converged upon Rio de Janiero, Brazil for World Youth Day 2013. It was a massive celebration of community led by a man the world calls “Father.” This 76-year old Pontiff, who so many in the secular media questioned at election because of his age, absolutely energized over two million young people at World Youth Day, and called upon the world to be lifted up to the Cross. That is our community, our destiny, our freedom. The thunderous cheers heard round the world echoed what Kevin Sullivan wrote in the Washington Post:

 ”As the Holy Father continues to show remarkable courage, there is only one more way we can fully stand in solidarity with him. By showing courage ourselves as American papists. Such an embrace is not simply about allowing Pope Francis to lead us, but also about helping him to lead. Humbling himself from the moment of his very first words as Pope, Francis has offered us an opportunity that Millennial Catholics can uniquely embrace. By praying with him and journeying with him as papists, it will be more than the Church that is renewed. It will be our entire culture as well.”

Pope Francis Rio Pro-Life News Report
Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Texas Planned Parenthood’s Fraud Was $4.3 Million, Three Times More Than Announced
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced on July 24 that his office had obtained a $1.4 million settlement against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for Medicaid fraud, with the settlement to be split between the state of Texas, the federal government, and the whistleblower (former PPGC employee Karen Reynolds).

It turns out the AG was apparently only announcing his state’s cut. The total settlement is actually $4.3 million – almost $3 million more than previously known.

Governor Shuts Down Pro-Abortion Protests With Chocolate Chip Cookies
A gathering of North Carolina pro-abortion activists are upset with North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory. They have been protesting outside the governor’s mansion in response to his signing a pro-life bill that could close down shoddy abortion clinics.

McCrory hasn’t been willing to meet with the rabid abortion activists, but he did stop by Tuesday afternoon with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. The gesture was so nice that the abortion activists were befuddled, made up a silly chant, and went home early.

Congresswoman’s Miracle Baby May be the First to Survive Potter’s Syndrome
Abigail Rose Beutler’s birth has been met with significantly less fanfare than that of the royal baby, Prince George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor, but it was every bit as miraculous: Despite being given a prenatal diagnosis generally considered a death sentence, Abigail was born weighing two pounds, 12 ounces at 28 weeks’ gestation and has survived two weeks.

Abigail, the daughter of Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA), was diagnosed with Potter’s Syndrome in utero.

Woman Didn’t Get Proper Anesthesia Before Abortion, Heard Girl Born Alive Cry
A woman named Julia Gallardo has posted video from 2011 with a shocking claim – that her friend had a late-term abortion, but was not properly anesthetized during the procedure and heard her baby girl, who had been born alive, cry.

She also tearfully states that her friend’s family later found out that the baby girl had survived and was placed for adoption.

MSNBC Host Thomas Roberts Calls Abortion Clinics “Choice Providers”
For years, MSNBC has made it clear where it stands on the issue of abortion in America: on the side of promoting abortion rights advocates against any restriction or regulation on the taking of unborn life. Unsurprisingly, one of MSNBC’s most fervent abortion activists is Thomas Roberts, who apart from using his daily MSNBC show to promote gay marriage, has taken it upon himself to rail against any abortion safety laws as limiting “choice.”

But on his July 30 program, Roberts took things a step further with Orwellian language designed to avoid the A-word.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closes Clinic in Schenectady New York
The Planned Parenthood abortion business is closing yet another center — this time in Schenectady, New York.

A press release from Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson (PPMH) says: “After careful evaluation, we have decided to close our Ticonderoga health center, located at 171 Lake George Avenue, on August 27.

“She Didn’t Do It!” Prayers Save Baby From Abortion at the Last Minute
“I will set him in the safety for which he longs”. The verse from Psalm 12:5 floated through my mind as hot tears rushed down my cheeks. “Set him in the safety?” I assumed it was God telling me the baby my friends and I we’re earnestly praying for was aborted and now safe in heaven. I had every reason to believe that must be the case.

Minutes prior a lady inside the abortion clinic texted me, saying her friend had left the waiting room to go behind the door.

The Abortion Agenda: Increase Abortions by Increasing Number of Abortionists
The headline to Steph Herold’s post at the pro-abortion site is, “What Contributes to a Positive Abortion Experience?”

Studies Show Higher Risk of Suicide for Women Following an Abortion
One of the main arguments given for legalizing abortion in Ireland is that troubled women would become suicidal if they were forced to carry their pregnancies to term. Ironically, this was originally how abortions were made available in many US states before Roe versus Wade.

Mennonite Company Fights HHS Mandate: We Won’t be Forced to Comply
A federal appeals court issued a ruling Friday forcing a Mennonite-owned company to comply with the HHS mandate, which compels companies to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions.

She Wanted to be a Big-Time Reporter and Politician, Then She Became Pro-Life
Today’s blog post is courtesy of Feminists for Life and our very own legislative director, Maria Gallagher. This month, Feminists for Life is publishing a series of pro-life conversion stories submitted by strong, pro-life women such as Maria..

Judge Blocks Law That Could Have Made North Dakota Abortion Free
The Red River Clinic, the sole public abortion business in North Dakota, reportedly performs an average of 1,200 abortions a yea.

Looking for a Pro-Life Speaker for 2013?
Looking for a pro-life speaker for your next banquet, conference or convention? editor Steven Ertelt is a low-cost speaker who can entertain and educate your audience as well as help you with a fundraising pitch if necessary. He can also speak on any pro-life topic. For more information, email

Abortion Activists Overstate Savings From Family Planning Programs
Abortion advocates and population planners eagerly promote the idea that preventing births saves money.

Abortion Access in America: How the Abortion Industry Demands Special Treatment
In a column Friday, the Guttmacher Institute writes lamenting of the great distances women have to travel to obtain an abortion, noting one-third of women have to travel more than 25 miles for this elective surgery.

Pro-Life Television Show “Facing Life Head-On” Wins Third Regional Emmy Award
The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has awarded the pro-life television show, Facing Life Head-On a Regional Emmy® Award for its program entitled Teens Making Healthy Choices.

New Yorker Magazine’s In-Kind Contribution to Planned Parenthood
My thanks go out to the New Yorker which this morning emailed me Jeffrey Toobin’s “Daughters of Texas.

British Appeals Court Upholds Law Against Euthanasia
A UK Court of Appeals has refused to impose legalized euthanasia on the country .

Human Cloning is Here Now, It’s Time to be Worried
One of my friends, who doesn‘t really follow the biotech scene, said to me one time, “When you tell me to worry about it, I will worry about it.” I replied, “Worry. Now.”.

Canadian Man Charged With Killing Man in Assisted Suicide
Several days ago, a man was charged with the crime of assisted suicide in Hamilton Ontario.


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The Childless Twenty-Somethings

Posted: 31 Jul 2013 12:17 PM PDT

New social circumstances in the West lead to more couples putting off families. What exactly are the repercussions of this social phenomena?

Sadness, not bitterness, over gay ‘marriage’

Posted: 31 Jul 2013 08:35 AM PDT

In the midst of the celebration about same-sex ­’marriage,’ some Minnesotans are quietly mourning.

Massive sex-trafficking bust lauded by Congressman

Posted: 31 Jul 2013 04:03 AM PDT

A major U.S. law enforcement operation, which saved over 100 minors from prostitution rings and arrested over 150, drew praise from a congressman known for toughening laws against sex trafficking.

UK court rules against euthanasia

Posted: 31 Jul 2013 03:51 AM PDT

A British appeals court upheld a law against euthanasia in rejecting appeals from two severely disabled men who argued that doctors should be allowed to legally kill them.

Judie Brown
Judie Brown
July 31, 2013

In our society, an entire group of people are dismissed and denied the most basic right – the right to life. And, day after day, laws are continually formed and twisted so that preborn babies are thought of as nothing and discarded as trash. A society cannot function when so many members are thrown away. A society cannot function when so many members are looked upon as burdens and as objects of disgust. Today’s commentary addresses this mentality and cautions us about its repercussions.

To read the article, click here:

Matt C. Abbott column

Papal sound bites: soothing the soul?

Matt C. Abbott

Matt C. Abbott
July 31, 2013

Pope Francis’ style of speaking in edifying and sometimes humorous sound bites is definitely music to journalists’ ears.

Given our media age of tweets, texts and tidbits, it’s understandable.

What’s frustrating to observe is the spin that often follows in the media. It’s as if the Catholic faith has been reduced to whatever the pope’s latest off-the-cuff remark happens to be.

But let’s face it: That’s just the way it is. It’s not going to change anytime soon, whether it’s Pope Francis or some future pope (assuming there’s going to be a future pope, of course).

The media aren’t particularly interested in quoting the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which does provide the authentic magisterial teachings. Yet even if they did, I wonder how many Catholics – or non-Catholics, for that matter – would give a darn? Probably a distinct minority.

Thus, when the dust settles from this latest papal encounter with the press, virtually everything will remain the same in the short run.

Anti-Catholic bigots will remain bigoted.

Catholic-friendly non-Catholics will remain non-Catholic, with many saying something to the effect of, “That Pope Francis sure seems like a nice and humble guy!”

Heterodox Catholics will continue to be heterodox.

Sedevacantists will continue to reject Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Mass, asserting that all post-Vatican II popes have been apostates and freemasons-in-disguise.

And orthodox Catholics will continue to hope and pray for the best, even throwing in a clean but corny joke or two (well, that’s what I like to do, at least).

In the long run, it’s hard to say what the effect of Pope Francis’ pontificate will be. Perhaps he’ll prove to be a holy genius who leads the Church into a new time of glory.

Then again, maybe not.

Maybe things will stay more or less the same.

Maybe things will get worse [shudder]. God only knows.

In the meantime, I’m very intrigued, even a bit perplexed, by the following allocution of Pope St. Pius X – one of the greatest popes in the history of the Church, no doubt – delivered in 1912, documented in the book The Pope, the Council, and the Mass, by James Likoudis and Kenneth D. Whitehead:
Food for thought.

Matt C. Abbott is a Catholic columnist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Media and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Management from Triton College in River Grove, Ill. He has worked in the right-to-life movement and is a published writer focused on Catholic and social issues. He can be reached at

© Copyright 2013 by Matt C. Abbott



Our Lady on Apparition Hill

   (c)Mary TV 2013

I am calling you…


July 31, 2013

St. Ignatius of Loyola

Consecration Day 19


Dear Family of Mary!


Today is the last day of the first week, the week we have spent seeking self-knowledge. We are given very beautiful scriptures to meditate on today. These words of Jesus speak to us of our call. We are called to be like a child, to live the commandments, and further, to give up everything, including home and family for the sake of Jesus. Every human being is called. God made us free so that we could learn to know Him and be called by Him into a life of total love for Him! We are called. But we may not have ever heard that call. Or we may have run away from the call. Or we may have tried to follow only to fall behind. But each of us is called, and the Lord will not stop calling us, because He loves us totally.


Here are our scriptures:


Luke 18:15-30

Jesus and the Children

Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them; and when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.


The Rich Aristocrat

And a ruler asked him, “Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone. You know the commandments: ‘Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honor your father and mother.'” And he said, “All these I have observed from my youth.” And when Jesus heard it, he said to him, “One thing you still lack. Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” But when he heard this he became sad, for he was very rich.


The Danger of Riches

Jesus looking at him said, “How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Those who heard it said, “Then who can be saved?” But he said, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”


The Reward of Renunciation

And Peter said, “Lo, we have left our homes and followed you.” And he said to them, “Truly, I say to you, there is no man who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive manifold more in this time, and in the age to come eternal life.”


Like St. Peter, we are responding to Jesus’ call in this consecration. We are asking Our Lady to take us into her Heart, and help us to answer the call of Jesus. St. Louis de Montfort tells us that this is the surest way to respond perfectly to God’s call. By putting our entire lives in Mary’s hands, we will most easily find ourselves living our call. We will be children of God, because we are her children!


Our Lady speaks to us of her call in these two messages:


October 02, 2012
“Dear children; I am calling you and am coming among you because I need you. I need apostles with a pure heart. I am praying, and you should also pray, that the Holy Spirit may enable and lead you, that He may illuminate you and fill you with love and humility. Pray that He may fill you with grace and mercy. Only then will you understand me, my children. Only then will you understand my pain because of those who have not come to know the love of God. Then you will be able to help me. You will be my light-bearers of God’s love. You will illuminate the way for those who have been given eyes but do not want to see. I desire for all of my children to see my Son. I desire for all of my children to experience His Kingdom. Again I call you and implore you to pray for those whom my Son has called. Thank you.”



June 02, 2012
“Dear children, I am continuously among you because, with my endless love, I desire to show you the door of Heaven. I desire to tell you how it is opened: through goodness, mercy, love and peace – through my Son. Therefore, my children, do not waste time on vanities. Only knowledge of the love of my Son can save you. Through that salvific love and the Holy Spirit He chose me and I, together with Him, am choosing you to be apostles of His love and will. My children, great is the responsibility upon you. I desire that by your example you help sinners regain their sight, enrich their poor souls and bring them back into my embrace. Therefore, pray, pray, fast and confess regularly. If receiving my Son in the Eucharist is the center of your life then do not be afraid, you can do everything. I am with you. Every day I pray for the shepherds and I expect the same of you. Because, my children, without their guidance and strengthening through their blessing, you cannot do it. Thank you.”



In these two messages Our Lady expresses her call to us, her need for our response, her desire that we help her in these days. Like Peter, we are needed and called. Through this consecration, may we respond to that call with all our hearts, and through our “yes” help to bring the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart!




Litany of the Holy Spirit
Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.


Father all-powerful, have mercy on us.  

Jesus, Eternal Son of the Father, Redeemer of the world, save us.  

Spirit of the Father and the Son, boundless life of both, sanctify us.  

Holy Trinity, hear us.


Holy Spirit, Who proceeds from the Father and the Son, enter our hearts.  

Holy Spirit, Who art equal to the Father and the Son, enter our hearts.

Promise of God the Father, have mercy on us.
Ray of heavenly light, have mercy on us.
Author of all good, [etc.]
Source of heavenly water Consuming fire
Ardent charity
Spiritual unction
Spirit of love and truth
Spirit of wisdom and understanding
Spirit of counsel and fortitude
Spirit of knowledge and piety
Spirit of the fear of the Lord
Spirit of grace and prayer
Spirit of peace and meekness
Spirit of modesty and innocence
Holy Spirit, the Comforter
Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier
Holy Spirit, Who governest the Church
Gift of God, the Most High
Spirit Who fillest the universe

Spirit of the adoption of the children of God

Holy Spirit, inspire us with horror of sin.
Holy Spirit, come and renew the face of the earth.
Holy Spirit, shed Thy light in our souls.
Holy Spirit, engrave Thy law in our hearts.
Holy Spirit, inflame us with the flame of Thy love.
Holy Spirit, open to us the treasures of Thy graces.
Holy Spirit, teach us to pray well.
Holy Spirit, enlighten us with Thy heavenly inspirations.
Holy Spirit, lead us in the way of salvation.
Holy Spirit, grant us the only necessary knowledge.
Holy Spirit, inspire in us the practice of good.
Holy Spirit, grant us the merits of all virtues.
Holy Spirit, make us persevere in justice.

Holy Spirit, be Thou our everlasting reward.


Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Send us Thy Holy Spirit.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
pour down into our souls the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,

grant us the Spirit of wisdom and piety.


V. Come, Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of Thy faithful,

R. And enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.


Let us pray. Grant, O merciful Father, that Thy Divine Spirit may enlighten, inflame and purify us, that He may penetrate us with His heavenly dew and make us fruitful in good works, through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who with Thee, in the unity of the same Spirit, liveth and reigneth, one God, forever and ever.

R. Amen.



Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Litany of Loreto)
Lord, have mercy on us,
Christ have mercy on us.

Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ hear us.

Christ, graciously hear us.


God the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God the Holy Ghost, have mercy on us.

Holy Trinity, One God, have mercy on us.


Holy Mary, pray for us.
Holy Mother of God, pray for us.
Holy Virgin of virgins, pray for us.
Mother of Christ, pray for us.
Mother of divine grace, pray for us.
Mother most pure, pray for us.
Mother most chaste, pray for us.
Mother inviolate, pray for us.
Mother undefiled, pray for us.
Mother most amiable, pray for us.
Mother most admirable, pray for us.
Mother of good counsel, pray for us.
Mother of our Creator, pray for us.
Mother of our Saviour, pray for us.
Mother of the Church, pray for us.
Virgin most prudent, pray for us.
Virgin most venerable, pray for us.
Virgin most renowned, pray for us.
Virgin most powerful, pray for us.
Virgin most merciful, pray for us.
Virgin most faithful, pray for us.
Preparation for Consecration, pray for us.
Mirror of justice, pray for us.
Seat of wisdom, pray for us.
Cause of our joy, pray for us.
Vessel of honor, pray for us.
Singular vessel of devotion, pray for us.
Mystical rose, pray for us.
Tower of David, pray for us.
Tower of ivory, pray for us.
House of gold, pray for us.
Ark of the covenant, pray for us.
Gate of Heaven, pray for us.
Morning star, pray for us.
Health of the sick, pray for us.
Refuge of sinners, pray for us.
Comforter of the afflicted, pray for us.
Help of Christians, pray for us.
Queen of angels, pray for us.
Queen of patriarchs, pray for us.
Queen of prophets, pray for us.
Queen of Apostles, pray for us.
Queen of martyrs, pray for us.
Queen of confessors, pray for us.
Queen of virgins, pray for us.
Queen of all saints, pray for us.
Queen conceived without Original Sin, pray for us.
Queen assumed into Heaven, pray for us.
Queen of the most holy Rosary, pray for us.

Queen of peace, pray for us.


Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, Graciously hear us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, Have mercy on us.

V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God,

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.


Let Us Pray. Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord God, unto us Thy servants, that we may rejoice in continual health of mind and body, and by the glorious intercession of Blessed Mary, ever virgin, may be delivered from present sadness, and enter into the joy of Thine eternal gladness. Through Christ Our Lord.

R. Amen

Ave Maris Stella

Hail, O Star of the ocean,
God’s own Mother blest,
ever sinless Virgin,

gate of heav’nly rest.


Taking that sweet Ave,
which from Gabriel came,
peace confirm within us,

changing Eve’s name.


Break the sinners’ fetters,
make our blindness day,
Chase all evils from us,

for all blessings pray.


Show thyself a Mother,
may the Word divine
born for us thine Infant

hear our prayers through thine.


Virgin all excelling,
mildest of the mild,
free from guilt preserve us

meek and undefiled.


Keep our life all spotless,
make our way secure
till we find in Jesus,

joy for evermore.


Praise to God the Father,
honor to the Son,
in the Holy Spirit,

be the glory one. Amen.



In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Cathy Nolan

Mary TV


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