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The Statue of Our Lady on Apparition Hill!
I took this picture for all of you!!

June 30, 2019

Dear Family of Mary!

When I mentioned the 5 Stones of Our Lady the other day, I got many responses from our shipmates, asking me to explain what the 5 Stones are!!  I was surprised!!  So I am transcribing Fr. Leon’s talk to pilgrims, in which he explains the 5 Stones!!  We will do one stone a day!  Here is the First Stone:

Fr. Leon Periera – English Speaking Chaplain in Medjugorje  (View his talk at   Fruit show 265)

Our Lady said years and years ago, I think back in 1987, “I give you your five stones against your Goliath.”  You remember King David, when he was still a shepherd and he went out to meet Goliath, he had to pick five pebbles from the stream, and with his slingshot, he defeated Goliath.  And Our Lady gave us five stones, she said, against our Goliath, whatever our Goliath is.

Here is my own take on the 5 Stones:
#1 – Pray with the heart!  They always say that here in Medjugorje, “Pray with the heart.”  What does that mean?  It means praying in your own words to God like He is your best friend. Praying with the heart means praying with out what the Americans call “B.S.”  It means praying without b—s—t.  Think about how you pray.  Lot’s of people say nice things to God.  They put it in nice language and then they have distractions.  They are distracted by all these things going on in Church or by all the things they have to do when they get home.  Praying with the heart is telling God exactly what is in your heart.  Oh God, don’t let me forget to take the laundry out of the machine, or did i leave the door open and the oven on?? Or why is this gentleman making such a noise? And these things are exactly what we need to tell God because they matter to us and so they matter to Him.  And this is what praying with the heart means.  If you have distractions it means that you are not telling God what is important to you.  You are hiding it from Him.  And what’s the point, He already sees it, He knows it.  But you need to tell Him.

And Our Lady says above all, pray the Rosary.  When we were children, our parents went out one night, and we took out the old photo albums, you know the black and white pictures.  And we were looking at it, my sister and me and my brother, and we were thinking how come we are not in some of these pictures.  You know, like my Grandparent’s wedding, my mother’s baptism…things like that.  And so, we took orange crayons and we drew ourselves in, like stick figures.  So, at my mother’s baptism there is this giant orange version of my sister peering at my mother being baptized.  And me at my parents’ wedding…And we got into a lot of trouble. 

But this idea of an orange crayon, drawing yourself into black and white pictures, that is what the Rosary is.  If you think about a Renaissance painting sponsored by the Italian gentry, you have the Birth of Our Lord – angels – shepherds – Our Lady – St. Joseph – and Don Giovanni and his wife, Isabella… Or the Crucifixion of Our Lord, and who is there, Thomas Aquinas, Mary Magdalene, St. Dominic, St. Catherine of Sienna, with her stigmata, and all sorts of things.  That is what the Rosary is. It is taking ourselves and inserting ourselves into the Mysteries of Christ.  Because the mysteries of Christ must come with power into my life, now and today.

So, is the Rosary difficult to pray?  No, it is a big orange crayon, and you are drawing yourself in.  So, you just imagine yourself in these scenes.  You don’t have to come away with some wonderful inspiration.  Just imagine yourself there as the Archangel Gabriel greeting Our Lady.  Say the words, “Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with you.”  And what that means.  Because Gabriel knows it also means that the Lord is with you when you die on the Cross and when your heart is torn in two with the sword piercing it, when you are standing at the foot of the Cross.  He knows that.  And yes, he says that because God told him to.

Or imagine yourself as a shepherd, or an angel or one of the Characters.  Put yourself in the scene.  That’s praying with the heart.

(View his talk at    Fruit show 265)

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2019

P.S.  I was able to climb Apparition Hill on Saturday with our group!  It was wonderful!  I prayed for all of you and your intentions.  There is peace on that Hill.  Deep peace that comes from Our Lady! 

“Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world.”
Saint John Paul II
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Saturday, June 29, 2019

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Supreme Court Won’t Revive Alabama Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear another abortion case Friday out of Alabama in a devastating defeat for pro-life advocates and the unborn babies they hope to protect. 

Justice Thomas: “Nothing in the Constitution Prohibits Passing Laws Prohibiting Dismemberment of a Living Child”

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas issued another powerful opinion Friday after the high court rejected a case about protecting unborn babies from brutal dismemberment abortions.

Kristin Gillibrand Backs Abortions Up to the Day of Birth: “That Decision Should Only be Made By a Woman”

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tried to stand out at the Democratic primary debate Thursday by touting her radical pro-abortion stance.

After the family of a French disabled man lost another battle to try to stop a hospital from removing his food and water, doctors have begun starving Vincent Lambert to death.

Appeals Court Upholds Kentucky Law Letting Women See Ultrasound of Their Baby Before Abortion

A federal appeals court has upheld a Kentucky law slowing women a chance to see an ultrasound of their unborn baby before having an abortion.

Judge Keeps Dismemberment Abortions Legal in Indiana, 27 Babies Died Having Their Limbs Torn Off

Federal judge Sarah Evans Barker, issued a preliminary injunction in the abortion industry’s favor, allowing dismemberment abortions in Indiana.


Last Missouri Abortion Center Gets to Continue Aborting Babies, Abortion Activists Celebrate

The last Abortion Center in the state of Missouri will get to continue aborting babies even though the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic has injured at least 74 women in botched abortions and has routinely failed State Health Department inspections.


Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Donates $1 Million to Planned Parenthood to “Fight” for Abortion

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg doesn’t even pretend to be neutral. She donated $1 million to Planned Parenthood’s abortion advocacy to aid ‘marginalized,’ ‘women of color.’


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Drawing close to Jesus!
  (c) Mary TV/ Anthony Zubac 2019

June 29, 2019
The Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Dear Family of Mary!

Today is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!  I just want to send you the great joy of the love of Jesus, so present here in Medjugorje!!  On this feast you can feel Jesus’ love just flowing upon us all.

During Hour of Mercy I discovered a beautiful prayer that St. Faustina wrote in her Diary to Jesus Sacred Heart.  Of all people, she understands the Sacred Heart!!!

Saint Faustina wrote:

O Jesus, eternal Truth, our Life, I call upon You and I beg Your mercy for poor sinners.

O sweetest Heart of my Lord, full of pity and unfathomable mercy, I plead withYou for poor sinners.

O Most Sacred Heart, Fount of Mercy from which gush forth rays of inconceivable graces upon the entire human race, I beg of You light for poor sinners.

O Jesus, be mindful of Your own bitter Passion and do not permit the loss of souls redeemed at so dear a price of Your most precious Blood.

O Jesus, when I considerthe great price of Your Blood, I rejoice at its immensity, for one drop alone would have been enough for the salvation of all sinners.

Although sin is an abyss of wickedness and ingratitude, the price paid for us can never be equaled.

Therefore, let every soul trust in the Passion of the Lord, and place its hope in His mercy.

God will not deny His mercy to anyone. Heaven and earth may change, but God’s mercy will never be exhausted.

Oh, what immense joy burns in my heart when I contemplate Your incomprehensible goodness, O Jesus!

I desire to bring all sinners to Your feet that they may glorify Your mercy throughout endless ages.  (Diary, 72)

This Heart of Love is beating here in Medjugorje!!  Draw close to Jesus today!!

Our Lady told us:

October 25, 1996 “Dear children! Today I invite you to open yourselves to God the Creator, so that He changes you. Little children, you are dear to me. I love you all and I call you to be closer to me and that your love towards my Immaculate Heart be more fervent. I wish to renew you and lead you with my Heart to the Heart of Jesus, which still today suffers for you and calls you to conversion and renewal. Through you, I wish to renew the world. Comprehend, little children, that you are today the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Little children, I invite you and I love you and in a special way implore: Convert!” Thank you for having responded to my call.”  

May we draw closer and closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary!!!  

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2019

“Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world.”
Saint John Paul II
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French Court Orders Death by Starvation for Disabled Patient
June 28, 2019
WASHINGTON, June 28, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ — France’s highest civil court today ruled that Vincent Lambert must die by starvation and dehydration. Vincent was nearly made dead last month, but at the eleventh hour, an appellate court ordered that his food and water be restored. Today’s order appears to be final, as Vincent’s parents have exhausted all of their legal remedies to keep their son alive.

As this goes to press, Vincent is being heavily sedated. Why? Because they know that death by starvation and dehydration is excruciating. Advocates for euthanizing Vincent say they want him to die with “dignity.” But there is nothing dignified about withholding food and water from a disabled person.

“In any other context, killing by starvation and dehydration is considered a crime against humanity,” said Life Legal Executive Director Alexandra Snyder. “Yet in France-as in the United States-we routinely impose this type of torturous death on individuals who are disabled. This has to stop. Disability should not be a death sentence.”

Life Legal regularly intervenes in cases where people are denied life-sustaining care, including the provision of food and water.

About Life Legal Defense Foundation
Life Legal Defense Foundation was established in 1989, and is a nonprofit organization composed of attorneys and other concerned citizens committed to giving helpless and innocent human beings of any age, and their advocates, a trained and committed voice in the courtrooms of our nation. For more information about the Life Legal Defense Foundation, visit

SOURCE Life Legal Defense Foundation
CONTACT: Alexandra Snyder, 202-717-7371
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Our Lady being processed before the Anniversary Mass!
  (c) Mary TV/ Anthony Zubac 2019

June 28, 2019

Dear Family of Mary!

“Dear children! I am thanking God for each of you. In a special way, little children, thank you for having responded to my call. I am preparing you for the new times that you may be firm in faith and persevering in prayer, so that the Holy Spirit may work through you and renew the face of the earth. I am praying with you for peace which is the most precious gift, even though Satan wants war and hatred. You, little children, be my extended hands and proudly go with God. Thank you for having responded to my call.” (June 25, 2019)

Our Lady has mentioned a new time several times over the years, always with a sense that she has come to get us ready for each new time.  Here are a few of those references.

January 25, 1993 “Dear children! Today I call you to accept and live my messages with seriousness. These days are the days when you need to decide for God, for peace and for the good. May every hatred and jealousy disappear from your life and your thoughts, and may there only dwell love for God and for your neighbor. Thus, and only thus shall you be able to discern the signs of the time. I am with you and I guide you into a new time, a time which God gives you as grace so that you may get to know him more. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Our Lady told us that the new time she was announcing in 1993 would be a time in which we could get to know God more.  Certainly her presence in Medjugorje has facilitated our getting to know God better and better.  She has taught us to pray with the heart, to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, to read the Sacred Scriptures and to attend daily Mass.  All of these practices draw us close to God and to His love.  We are so blessed to have experienced that new time of grace. 

December 25, 1995 “Dear Children! Today I also rejoice with you and I bring you little Jesus, so that He may bless you. I invite you, dear children, so that your life may be united with Him. Jesus is the King of Peace and only He can give you the peace that you seek. I am with you and I present you to Jesus in a special way, now in this new time in which one should decide for Him. This time is the time of grace. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Again in 1995 Our Lady announced a new time in which we should decide for God.  She brought us little Jesus, so that He could bless and lead us into a time of grace and joy.  She wanted us to let Jesus lead us into peace!

October 25, 2000 “Dear children! Today I desire to open my motherly heart to you and to call you all to pray for my intentions. I desire to renew prayer with you and to call you to fast which I desire to offer to my Son Jesus for the coming of a new time – a time of spring. In this Jubilee year many hearts have opened to me and the Church is being renewed in the Spirit. I rejoice with you and I thank God for this gift; and you, little children, I call to pray, pray, pray – until prayer becomes a joy for you… Thank you for having responded to my call.”

And in 2000, Our Lady invited us into the new time of spring, during the 2000th jubilee year, so that we could be renewed in the Holy Spirit and grow in prayer and joy!

Now in 2019 we are again invited to New Times, times that will be a challenge to us.  Times in which we will need firm faith and persevering prayer in order to be strong and cooperate with the Holy Spirit who is bringing about renewal of the entire earth.  What these days will be like we do not know.  But we have the tools we need now to face those days.  We have the 5 stones, and Our Lady’s prayer program to guide us as we move into these New Times.

It sounds difficult but triumphant.  Perhaps we are drawing closer to the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart!

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2019


PS.  I will continue reflections over the next few days, but maybe not every day.  I want to take some time to pray and experience Our Lady on the hills and Jesus in Adoration.  So don’t be worried if you don’t get a reflection every day!!  I am praying for all of you!!  Thank you for responding to Our Lady’s call!!! 

“Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world.”
Saint John Paul II
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Mary’s Shelter in the News
Thank you to our great friend and President of the March for Life, Jeanne Mancini, for the Mary’s Shelter shout out on Fox News last night.
 Through her work and heart for life, Jeanne is an inspiration. Also, in the video which aired last night, is one of our most beloved past residents, Keiana. Keiana has remained a close friend of Mary’s Shelter and an advocate for the pro life mission. She was also one of our past resident speakers at our Soiree. Thank you Jeanne and Keiana for all you do for the sake of the unborn.
If you would like to meet this years Soiree resident speaker, RSVP at to attend our Soiree on August 3rd at the Expo Center in Fredericksburg.
Mary’s Shelter | 1601 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401