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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Well, the last few days have been crazy regarding my computer problems. My Windows XP on my Dell Dimension went weird on me and it seemed that no matter what I did, things just got worse. It’s sorta like sin. You start out with some little sin like cursing, fibbing, or just being a meany and the next thing you know you’re in sin big time, like missing Mass or church on Sunday, cheating on your spouse, or stealing from your company!
The answer to sin, of course is forgiveness; and to be forgiven one needs to be sorry. So Catholics need to go to confession often and all others should get on their knees and pray in sorrow.
Unfortunately, fixing my computer was not so easy. It took hours on the phone with MicroSoft ( one tech was in India and another in the Philippines!), and they gave up and sent me a disk with a new copy of Windows XP Professional. Unfortunately again, my computer would not accept this disk and I could not repair my XP from it.
The answer was: Total re-install, which meant losing all my files on the hard-drive! And so, that’s what I did! But, after the re-install, I couldn’t get on the Internet! Why, you ask? Cause many of my original Drivers were wiped out along with my old files too! So I had to hunt for some Drivers for my ethenet card and sound card, etc, etc.
Guess what! I found some and here I am again! I just downloaded SP3 and all the Windows updates and even Explorer 7. Now comes the fun of downloading some of my favorite programs like Advanced Windows Care, Firefox, etc.
Oh, by the way, I also downloaded and installed the Security Programs (Anti-Virus & Fire Wall) from my Internet Provider Embarq. They are a free security suite and I’m glad to have them.
So, now I’ll get back to down-loading and will let you know what happens next in the life of John’s Dell Computer!!!
Blessings to all+