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July 16, 1994

Be Grateful My Child, for the
Blessings I Send You

Messenger: God is giving me
everything I need.

Jesus speaks: The very hairs of your head are
numbered, I allow all
that is happening to you. Do you look for that which you do not have?
Look for
that which I am giving you. Do you seek love and miss the love that is
Do you want things given the way you want, or are you accepting the
way they
are? This is willfulness. You think things should be this way, yet
they are
that way and you become frustrated. I give you all you need. It is in
acceptance of all things that you grow in your relationship with Me.
Do not be
willful and expect things the way you think they should be. You are
so much love in your life today from others, and you are looking for
love the
way you want it. I love you and I love you through others. Look at the
love I
am sending you. Accept all others the way they are. I give to you
according to
your needs. Do you love Me?

Sagrada Familia Detail II

Image by Mushroom boy via Flickr

    I give you so much love in your world and in all
those around you. Take the blinders off of your eyes and see the gifts
I am
pouring out to you this day. Pray to the Holy Spirit for vision. God
loves you
so. God is caring for your needs this day. In your willfulness you
want things
your way. Accept the love I pour out to you. Accept all others as they
Strive to give love as I give to you. I am your God and I love you
with an
undying love. You are Mine, child, I love you so.

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Mary Vitamin for March 31st
Topic: The Lance Wound to the Side of Christ
St. Alphonsus di Liguori
The injury of that stroke was inflicted on Jesus, but Mary suffered its pain.
St. Alphonsus di Liguori, The Glories of Mary, (Tan Books), 452.
"Christ," says the devout Lanspergius, "shared this wound with His Mother; He received the insult, His Mother endured its agony." The holy fathers maintain that this was literally the sword foretold to the Blessed Virgin by Saint Simeon: a sword, not a material one, but one of grief, which transpierced her blessed soul in the heart of Jesus, where it always dwelt. Thus, amongst others, Saint Bernard says: "The lance which opened His side passed through the soul of the Blessed Virgin, which could never leave her Son’s
St. Alphonsus di Liguori, The Glories of Mary, (Tan Books), 452.
When I pass the crucifix today, I will think of the wound in the side of Christ as in the shape of an “M” to remind me that  the pain was felt by Mary.
Marian Vow:
Fr. Stefano Manelli, FI
If, according to a tradition of spiritual theology, the other three vows of obedience, poverty and chastity in relation to the marks of Christ’s Passion are symbolized by the three nails making Jesus "Love crucified", the Marian vow may reasonably be said to be symbolized by the lance which
transfixed the Heart of Jesus (cf. Jn 19,34) and pierced the soul of our Lady according to the prophecy of Simeon (cf. Lk 2,35).
Father Stefano Manelli FI,  The Marian Vow Of Unlimited Consecration, (Academy of the Immaculate), 19.
I give this resolution  to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.


publicly scourged”

Fr. Joseph Fessio, a former student of Cardinal Ratzinger, speaks out
on ‘modern day passion narrative of the Vicar of Christ’

FRANCISCO, March 30 /Christian Newswire — As nearly one billion
Catholics enter Holy Week, their chief shepherd faces attacks in
newspapers, blogs, twitter posts, and television and radio news.
Unfortunately, the primary news sources repeatedly fail to report
accurate timelines and crucial details. The impression is left that Pope
Benedict XVI is part of the problem, rather than leading the way to
solving it. Consequently, concerned Catholics and others are agitated
and confused.

Pope Benedict’s former student speaks out in
support of the Pope and responds to the lack of responsible journalism
on this story. Benedict the XVI is only infallible as an authoritative
teacher of the Faith, not as an administrator,” says Jesuit Father
Joseph Fessio. “He certainly may have made some mistakes, even serious
ones, in the 33 years since he was first made a bishop. But there is no
evidence for the ones he’s being blamed for in the media; for those who
know the facts, the evidence leads to just the opposite conclusion. Like
the Master he serves, he’s also, after 33 years, being publicly
scourged, this time with words."

Comments from Pope Benedict’s media detractors have been severe. Fr.
Fessio says he admires how, in the midst of this very public suffering,
the Holy Father continues to underscore his firm commitment to address
the issue of clergy sexual abuse and the underlying problems that gave
rise to it. For example, last weekend, the Holy Father released a
pastoral letter to Catholics in Ireland regarding the developments there
and the Holy See press office has continued to update the media in this

Fr. Fessio is founder and editor of Ignatius Press, which is the
primary English-language publisher of Pope Benedict XVI’s writings. He
is also publisher of Catholic World Report magazine, the leading
Catholic news and commentary journal in the U.S. Father Fessio wrote his
doctoral dissertation under Pope Benedict (then Professor Joseph

During Ratzinger’s time as Prefect for the Congregation of the
Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican, Fr. Fessio maintained contact with
his former teacher, collaborating with him on several important
projects, and was a prominent defender of Ratzinger against his critics.
Fr. Fessio is a member of the Joseph Ratzinger "student circle," which
continues to meet annually with Pope Benedict.

of 31

pro-life leader praises majority of country’s states for adopting legal
protection for unborn, calls on rest of states to follow suit

City, Mexico, Mar 29, 2010 (CNA) — In a recent article for the
newspaper, El Grafico, Mexican pro-life expert Carolina
Beauregard applauded actions by 18 of the country’s 31 states to
establish legal protections for the unborn and encouraged the remaining
13 states to pass similar pro-life laws.

Beauregard, who advises several Mexican pro-life
groups, wrote that the constitutional reforms protecting life in 18
Mexican states advanced with the overwhelming majority of political
parties and strong support by the people. She added that support for the
right to life is on the rise, despite efforts by some groups in

“Lawmakers are seeking to protect the lives of the unborn and the
mother at the same time,” she explained, noting that in some states,
women who undergo an abortion are sentenced to community service instead
of a prison term.

Beauregard called on all organizations in Mexico to safeguard the
right to life, underscoring that “we should reflect on the kind of
society that we want — one in which life is valued and defended above
any circumstance.”


from St. Peter’s Square

release from H2onenews

Benedict XVI’s liturgical celebrations of this
year’s Holy Week and Easter will be broadcast live on the Internet,
brought about by Pope2You ( — a multimedia initiative
of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications that was launched in
May to bring the Holy Father’s message to young people — and H2onews
(, a Catholic multimedia news agency.

Through this combined effort, a result of the collaboration between
the Vatican Television Centre, the Holy See’s Internet service and
H2onews, users will have access to the videos of the live broadcasts
from St. Peter’s Square, pictures and other on-line news reports, and
can choose to listen to live audio commentaries in one of 5 languages:
English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Dear Fellow Catholic,
Urgently, we ask you TODAY to join Catholics nationwide in an Easter
Prayer Campaign for Pope Benedict. . . and
spread the word!
Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, is suffering "some of the
same unjust accusations, shouts of the mob, and scourging at the pillar as did Jesus"!
Those are the words of
Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, who on Palm Sunday urged prayers for Pope Benedict as he is viciously and unfairly attacked by the secular media
and sadly even many dissident Catholics.
Pope Benedict is being assaulted with “unrelenting insinuations,” said
Archbishop Dolan, “. . .as certain sources seem frenzied to implicate the man who, perhaps more than anyone else, has been the leader in
purification, reform and renewal that the Church so needs.”
When he was installed as Pope five years ago, the Holy Father
himself asked us to help him, saying:
“Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.
Let us pray for one
, that the Lord will
carry us and that we will learn to carry one another.”

Pope Benedict has never fled from the wolves, and he remains dedicated to renewing Christ’s Church built
on a foundation of strong Catholic identity.  It is by his example that The Cardinal Newman Society and so many others are struggling to renew
Catholic life in America.

are assembling an Eastertide
spiritual bouquet for the Holy Father and need your prayers for him today!
Please pledge to pray for the
Pope during the 50 days of Eastertide
by joining our spiritual bouquet.
Last year, thanks to your help, we collected more than 722,000 prayers for U.S. bishops, including 146,944 Rosaries and 28,862 days of fasting, as a
token of appreciation for their strong stand for Catholic identity at Notre Dame.
But now, “The father of our family, ‘il
papa,’ needs our love, support, and prayers,” as Archbishop Dolan has pleaded.
Catholics nationwide are praying for Pope
won’t you join us?
Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!  And may God bless you and your

Yours in

The Cardinal Newman

The Oratory is the center of the town of Ave M...

Ave Maria Oratory Image via Wikipedia


March 31

/Christian Newswire/ — Fr. Frank Pavone, National
Director of Priests for Life, will be the celebrant and
homilist tonight at the Annual National Mass for Terri’s
Day at the Ave Maria Oratory of Ave Maria University in
Naples, Florida.

"On March 31, five years ago, Terri Schiavo died a court
mandated and government enforced death," said Fr.
Pavone. "I saw for myself, as I held her hand and prayed
at her bedside that this death was not ‘peaceful’
and ‘beautiful’ as euthanasia advocates want us to think.
Moreover, as health care is placed more and more in the
hands of the government, we have to be more vigilant
than ever to protect the Terris of today and tomorrow."

"Terri’s Day" was established by Terri’s family and Priests
for Life to foster education, prayer, and activism to
counter discrimination against the disabled. We urge
Churches, schools, organizations, families, and
individuals to observe this day. Suggested prayers and
activities are at

The National Mass for Terri’s Day will be held tonight,
March 31, at 5:00 pm, at 5040 Ave Maria Boulevard,
Ave Maria, FL 34142. A light reception will follow.

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life
organization dedicated to ending abortion and
euthanasia. For more information, visit

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Divine Mercy Novena

Unlike other novenas, where people ask for something from God
through the intercession of His Holy Saints, Divine Mercy Novena is
intended to be prayed for graces and/or salvation to be given to other
people. Jesus asked that this novena be prayed prior to the Feast of
Divine Mercy (the Sunday after Easter), beginning on Good Friday. He
gave Sr. Faustina an intention to pray for on each day of the Novena,
saving for the last day the most difficult intention of all, the
lukewarm and indifferent of whom He said: "These souls cause Me more
suffering than any others; it was from such souls that My soul felt the
most revulsion in the Garden of Olives. It was on their account that I
said: ‘My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass Me by.’ The last
hope of salvation for them is to flee to My Mercy." In her diary,
Faustina wrote that Jesus told her: "On each day of the novena you will
bring to My heart a different group of souls and you will immerse them
in this ocean of My mercy … On each day you will beg My Father, on the
strength of My passion, for the graces for these souls."

The different souls prayed for on each day of the novena are:

mankind, especially sinners; The souls of priests and religious;
All devout and faithful souls; Those who do not believe in Jesus and
those who do not yet know Him; The souls of separated brethren; The
meek and humble souls and the souls of children; The souls who
especially venerate and glorify Jesus’ mercy; The souls who are
detained in purgatory; and The souls who have become lukewarm.

is prayed along with the
Divine Mercy Chaplet.

First Day – Today bring Me all mankind, especially all sinners.

Most Merciful Jesus, whose very nature it is to have compassion on us
and to forgive us, do not look upon our sins, but upon our trust which
we place in Your infinite goodness. Receive us all into the abode of
Your Most Compassionate Heart, and never let us escape from It. We beg
this of You by Your love which unites You to the Father and the Holy

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon all mankind and especially
upon poor sinners, all enfolded in the Most Compassionate Heart of
Jesus. For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion show us Your mercy, that we
may praise the omnipotence of Your mercy for ever and ever. Amen.

Second Day – Today Bring Me the Souls of Priests and Religious.

Most Merciful Jesus, from whom comes all that is good, increase Your
grace in us, that we may perform worthy works of mercy, and that all who
see us may glorify the Father of Mercy who is in heaven.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon the company [of chosen
souls] in Your vineyard – upon the souls of priests and religious; and
endow them with the strength of Your blessing. For the love of the Heart
of Your Son in which they are enfolded, impart to them Your power and
light, that they may be able to guide others in the way of salvation,
and with one voice sing praise to Your boundless mercy for ages without
end. Amen.

Third Day – Today Bring Me All Devout and Faithful Souls.

Most Merciful Jesus, from the treasury of Your mercy, You impart Your
graces in the great abundance to each and all. Receive us into the abode
of Your Most Compassionate Heart and never let us escape from It. We
beg this of You by that most wondrous love for the heavenly Father with
which Your Heart burns so fiercely.

Eternal Father, turn Your Merciful gaze upon faithful souls, as upon the
inheritance of Your Son. For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, grant
them Your blessing and surround them with Your constant protection. Thus
may they never fail in love or lost the treasure of the holy faith, but
rather , with all the hosts of Angels and Saints, may they glorify Your
boundless mercy for endless ages. Amen.

Fourth Day – Today Bring Me The Pagans and Those Who Do Not Know Me.

Most Compassionate Jesus, You are the Light of the whole world. Receive
into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart the souls of pagans who
as yet do not know You. Let the rays of Your grace enlighten them that
they, too, together with us, may extol Your wonderful mercy; and do not
let them escape from the abode which is Your Most Compassionate Heart.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon the souls of pagans and of
those who as yet do not know You, but who are enclosed in the Most
Compassionate Heart of Jesus. Draw them to the light of the Gospel.
These souls do not know what great happiness it is to love You. Grant
that they, too, may extol the generosity of Your mercy for endless ages.

Fifth Day – Today Bring to Me the Souls of Heretics and Schismatics.

Most Merciful Jesus, Goodness Itself, You do not refuse light to those
who seek it of You. Receive into the abode of Your Most Compassionate
Heart the souls of heretics and schismatics. Draw them by Your light
into the unity of the Church, and do not let them escape from the abode
of Your Most Compassionate Heart; but bring it about that they, too,
come to glorify the generosity of Your mercy.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon the souls of heretics, and
schismatics, who have squandered Your blessings and misused Your graces
obstinately persisting in their errors. Do not look upon their errors,
but upon the love of Your Own Son and upon His bitter Passion, which He
underwent for their sake, since they, too, are enclosed in the Most
Compassionate Heart of Jesus. Bring it about that they also may glorify
Your great mercy for endless ages. Amen.

Sixth Day – Today Bring Me The Meek and Humble Souls and the Souls of
Little Children.

Most Merciful Jesus, You Yourself have said, "Learn from Me for I am
meek and humble of heart." Receive into the abode of Your Most
Compassionate Heart all meek and humble souls and the souls of little
children. These souls send all heaven into ecstasy, and they are the
heavenly Father’s favorites. They are a sweet-smelling bouquet before
the throne of God; God Himself takes delight in their fragrance. These
souls have a permanent abode in Your Most Compassionate Heart, O Jesus,
and they unceasingly sing out a hymn of love and mercy.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon meek and humble souls, and
upon the souls of little children, who are enfolded in the abode of the
Most Compassionate Heart of Jesus. These souls bear the closest
resemblance to Your Son. Their fragrance rises from the earth and
reaches Your very throne. Father of mercy and of all goodness, I beg You
by the love You bear these souls and by the delight you take in them:
bless the whole world, that all souls together may sing out the praises
of Your mercy for endless ages. Amen.

Seventh Day – Today Bring Me The Souls Who Especially Venerate and
Glorify My Mercy.

Most Merciful Jesus, whose Heart is Love Itself, receive into the abode
of Your Most Compassionate Heart the souls of those who particularly
extol and venerate the greatness of Your Mercy. These souls are mighty
with the very power of God Himself. In the midst of all afflictions and
adversities they go forward, confident in Your Mercy. These souls are
united to Jesus and carry all mankind on their shoulders. These souls
will not be judged severely, but Your mercy will embrace them as they
depart from this life.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon the souls who glorify and
venerate Your greatest attribute, that of Your fathomless mercy, and who
are enclosed in the Most Compassionate Heart of Jesus. These souls are a
living Gospel; their hands are full of deeds of mercy and their spirit,
overflowing with joy, sings a canticle of mercy to You, O Most High! I
beg You O God: Show them Your mercy according to the hope and trust they
have placed in You. Let there be accomplished in them the promise of
Jesus, who said to them, "I Myself will defend as My own glory, during
their lifetime, and especially at the hour of their death, those souls
who will venerate My fathomless mercy."

Eighth Day – Today Bring Me The Souls Who Are In the Prison Of

Most Merciful Jesus, You Yourself have said that You desire mercy; so I
bring into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart the souls in
Purgatory, souls who are very dear to You, and yet who must make
retribution to Your justice. May the streams of Blood and Water which
gushed forth from Your Heart put out the flames of purifying fire, that
in that place, too, the power of Your mercy may be praised.

Eternal Father, turn Your most merciful gaze upon the souls suffering in
Purgatory, who are enfolded in the Most Compassionate Heart of Jesus. I
beg You, by the sorrowful Passion of Jesus Your Son, and by all the
bitterness with which His most sacred Soul was flooded, manifest Your
mercy to the souls who are under Your just scrutiny. Look upon them in
no other way than through the Wounds of Jesus, Your dearly beloved Son;
for we firmly believe that there is no limit to Your goodness and
compassion. Amen.

Ninth Day – Today Bring Me The Souls Who Have Become Lukewarm.

Most Compassionate Jesus, You are Compassion Itself. I bring lukewarm
souls into the abode of Your Most Compassionate Heart. In this fire of
Your pure love let these tepid souls, who, like corpses, filled You with
such deep loathing, be once again set aflame. O Most Compassionate
Jesus, exercise the omnipotence of Your mercy and draw them into the
very ardor of Your love; and bestow upon them the gift of holy love, for
nothing is beyond Your power.

Eternal Father, turn Your merciful gaze upon lukewarm souls who are
nonetheless enfolded in the Most Compassionate Heart of Jesus. Father of
Mercy, I beg You by the bitter Passion of Your Son and by His
three-hour agony on the Cross: let them, too, glorify the abyss of Your
mercy. Amen

Jesus, I trust in You.


Mark Mallett

—Spiritual Food For Thought—

The Seven Year
Trial – Part V

Christ in Gethsemane, by Michael D. O’Brien


The Israelites did
what displeases the Lord; the Lord gave them over for seven years into
the hands of Midian. (Judges 6:1)


THIS writing examines the transition between the
first and second half of the Seven Year Trial.

We have been following Jesus along His Passion, which is a pattern
for the Church’s present and coming Great Trial. Furthermore, this
series aligns His Passion to the Book of Revelation which is, on one of
its many levels of symbolism, a High Mass being offered in
Heaven: the representation of Christ’s Passion as both sacrifice and


Published in:

on March 30th, 2010

The Seven Year
Trial – Part IV



Seven years shall pass over you, until you
know that the Most High rules over the kingdom of men and gives it to
whom he will. (Dan 4:22)



During Mass this
past Passion Sunday, I sensed the Lord urging me to repost a portion of
Seven Year Trial where it essentially begins with the
Passion of the Church. Once again, these meditations are the fruit of
prayer in my own attempt to better understand the Church’s teaching that
the Body of Christ will follow its Head through its own passion or
"final trial," as the Catechism puts it
(CCC, 677). Since the
book of Revelation deals in part with this final trial, I have explored
here a possible interpretation of St. John’s Apocalypse along the
pattern of Christ’s Passion. The reader should keep in mind that these
are my own personal reflections and not a definitive interpretation of
Revelation, which is a book with several meanings and dimensions, not
the least, an eschatological one. Many a good soul has fallen on the
sharp cliffs of the Apocalypse. Nonetheless, I have felt the Lord
compelling me to walk them in faith through this series, drawing
together the Church’s teaching with mystical revelation and the
authoritative voice of the Holy Fathers. I encourage the reader to
exercise their own discernment, enlightened and guided, of course, by
the Magisterium.


The series is based
on the book of Daniel’s prophecy that there will be a "week" long trial
for God’s people. The Book of Revelation seems to echo this where an
antichrist appears for "three and a half years." Revelation is full of
numbers and symbols which most often are symbolic. Seven may indicate
perfection, whereas three and a half indicates a shortfall of
perfection. It also symbolizes a "short" period of time. So, in reading
this series, keep in mind that the numbers and figures used by St. John
may only be symbolic. 


Rather than send an
email to you when the remaining parts of this series are posted, I will
just re-post the remaining parts, one per day, for the rest of this
week. Simply return to this website each day this week, and watch and
pray with me. It seems appropriate that we meditate not only on the
Passion of Our Lord, but the coming Passion of His body, which appears
to be drawing nearer and nearer…




writing examines the rest of the first half of the Seven Year Trial,
which begins at the proximate time of the Illumination.





Jesus, you foretold that we would share in the persecutions that
brought you to a violent death. The Church formed at the cost of your
precious blood is even now conformed to your Passion; may it be
transformed, now and eternally, by the power of your resurrection.

—Psalm-prayer, Liturgy of the Hours, Vol III, p. 1213


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on March 29th, 2010 |

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Matt C. Abbott column
‘The Fourth Secret of Fatima’: Is Pope Benedict’s life in danger?

Matt C. Abbott
Matt C. Abbott
March 30, 2010

The following are excerpts from the book The Fourth Secret of Fatima, authored by Italian journalist Antonio Socci. Many thanks to RCS Libri (publisher of the Italian edition) and Doug Bersaw of Loreto Publications (publisher of the English edition) for granting me permission to reprint this material.


To His Holiness Benedict XVI.

To Yusriani (15 years old), Theresa (16 years old), and Alvita (19 years old), young Christians, throats slit and decapitated by the blows of a machete because of their faith in Jesus. (On October 29, 2005 in Indonesia these three Christian students were assaulted by a band of fundamentalist Muslims while going to school, a private Catholic school in Poso. The terrorists held them down, cut their throats, and then their heads. The head of one of them was then thrown in front of the Christian church of Kasiguncu.)

To Angela Pia, practically moral co-authoress of the book by her prayers.

It seems to me that this is the first time Heaven has warned the world of its partial destruction since Our Lord predicted at Jerusalem the chastisement that was threatening it. We are perfectly free to disregard this appeal, but if that should happen, then God have mercy on us all!"

    — Hamish Fraser

"The moment will come, the danger will be great, it will be thought that all is lost. Then I will be with you."

    — The Madonna to Saint Catherine Labouré Paris, 1830

"Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings you affirm your power against your enemies."

    — Psalm 8

Read this article here:

Table of Contents

Introduction ……………………………………………………………….. 1

Chapter 1: It Happened at Fatima and at Rome…
Chronicle of a unique event …………………………………………… 7
The shadows of 2000 …………………………………………………….. 15
A very strange encounter …………………………………………….. 23

Chapter 2: The Life of this Pope is in Danger
Wolves (more or less gray) …………………………………………… 33
Martyrdom: A program? ……………………………………………… 35
A prophecy already realized? ………………………………………. 38
Ratzinger leaves us free ………………………………………………. 48
Who is the Pope of the Secret? ………………………………………. 54

Chapter 3: Detective Story in the Vatican
Is there a "secret" not revealed? ……………………………………. 65
Those mysterious words of the Madonna ………………….. 70
Different opinions on the "disasters" …………………………. 74
Apocalypse now? ……………………………………………………….. 82
That interview of Cardinal Ratzinger… ………………………. 89
Thus spoke Sister Lucia ……………………………………………… 97
A worse patch for the hole ……………………………………… 105
Whispers and shouts ……………………………………………….. 122

Chapter 4: The Fourth Secret of Fatima
"Precisely so!" …………………………………………………………… 129
The Vatican mystery of the dates ……………………………………. 132
An explosive folio ……………………………………………………… 143
Satanic verses? ………………………………………………………….. 153

Chapter 5: The "Secret" Meaning of the Events
The "power" of the Pope …………………………………………….. 169
The power they have renounced ………………………………. 177
Mea culpa of a Pope ………………………………………………… 210
The overthrow of "power" …………………………………………. 216
Places and circumstances of this book …………………. 223
Appendix …………………………………………………………………… 229

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Matt C. Abbott is a Catholic columnist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Media and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Management from Triton College in River Grove, Ill. He has worked in the right-to-life movement and is a published writer focused on Catholic and social issues. He can be reached at