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Monthly Archives: November 2008

the day started with a spiritual lift as I worshipped at the 9am Mass
at St. Pat’s in Mt. Dora. It was a requiem Mass for a lady named
Barbara who died at the age of 82. A long life indeed! And according to
the celebrant, she was devout in her faith! Yes, as we get older I
believe we do get devout! Especially if we start thinking that we won’t
be around much longer and are going to meet the Lord very soon! Surprised
Anyway, after Mass there was adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and I
led the Rosary with the few parishioners who stayed. It seemed like
there were fewer people this time who wanted to spend some precious
time with the Lord. I left at about 11am cause Marianne had a 12 noon
doctors appointment. On the way home I stopped at the CircleK store and
talked to the clerk about the application I had sent them online. I
gave them my phone number after the lady said she would give the info
to the store manager who was in another store at the moment. No one has
called as of yet.
We made it to the doctors on time and waited
about 20 minutes before being called. Here’s where the Down side comes
in. The doctor didn’t have any good news for my wife, saying that only
20% of her kidney was functioning and she was one step from Dialysis! I
really didn’t like the way the doctor tells Marianne these reports. She
does not seem to have any, how can I say it, doctor/patient compassion.
The doctor just blurts things out instead of saying "Well, you doing
good but you need to do this or that." No, she has to bluntly say:
"You’re one step from . . . " You know what I mean. My poor wife, who
hasn’t been feeling well lately, really got depressed after that and
you know, it affected me too! Confused
So we were really on the down side all afternoon. I didn’t even feel
like eating or doing anything. We were both wishing we were back in New
York, away from this area we live in. We miss New York and all the
hustle and bustle! And if you wanted to change doctors, well there were
many to choose from; here there’s only a few and they all seem to be in
the same office! 
So that’s our day so far, Up in the morning and
Down in the evening! A real roller coaster! Lets hope we all feel
better tomorrow!
Thanks for reading this & God Bless+

Today, I worked at the St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry for 3 hours. Over 30 families came for assistance. My job was to bag up the groceries that were given away so that there was always a supply at hand. We also helped carry the groceries to the peoples vehicle, if they had one. Sometimes people come on foot, especially those who have no place to live, and also some come on a bicycle, which of course makes it hard to carry too much stuff, especially can goods.
The people I worked with are real nice and we talked a lot about some of our life experiences. The Society has a monthly meeting, the 2nd Monday of the month at 9am at St. Mary of the Lakes parish. I missed the last meeting. At the next one in Dec., there will be a Christmas party at 11am instead of a meeting. I’ll try to make that one. Gift with a bow
It’s been rather cold here and I sorta froze last night even with a few blankets on. It does not feel as bad tonight although its 45 degrees right now.
I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Delicious!
Tomorrow Marianne has a doctors appointment at 12noon. Clock I’m going to the 9am Mass at St. Pat’s in Mt. Dora and then will stay for adoration for a little while. I should be home in time to take her.
So that’s it for today.
Thanks for reading this and God Bless+

Now that AOL has deleted their Blog Journals, I guess I will start using this Windows Live Blog site Wink
I like the way it’s set up and also with the extra’s like that smiley face. I haven’t seen that yet on any of the blogs I use. Lately Yahoo 360 has become very hard to post stuff. Most times after I entered text and pix, I go to preview and everything is gone except the Title bar. Very frustrating to say the least. So here I am. What kind of a day has it been. Well, it started off with an early rise (6am) and then after Morning Prayer, I went to the 8am Mass at St. Mary of the Lakes. There was a funeral scheduled for 9am so I didn’t stay long after Mass. Took Wife to Mall for her monthly haircut and then we went to the Olive Garden for lunch. I had Eggplant Parmigiana & Marianne had Lasagna! We ate the whole thing but was wondering why the portions were so small. Then the waitress said it was the lunch menu. I said "Oh, I didn’t order lunch, I wanted dinner, after all it was after 4pm. She said, "Well, at least it was cheaper." Ha! If I wanted a cheap lunch I would have gone to Wendy’s or McDonald’s for their dollar menu! I hate leaving the restaurant feeling half full. There’s only so many bread sticks a person can eat!
So we made it home and I made some coffee and here we are, back on the computer. Oh, while I was at the Mall, I asked about the Security Job but I would need one of those certificates they give after taking a forty hour class at the local college. I have to look into that. That’s it for now. If you are reading this, have a blessed evening+