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St Augustine of Hippo

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Written by Anne, a lay apostle

St. Augustine 

Dear brothers and sisters, we in heaven remember being on earth. We remember having great wants and suffering from poverty. Some of God’s saints were wealthy on earth, of course, but many were not. The time in which you live is a time of great abundance for some. It would make God happy if this abundance were shared so that few experienced hunger that resulted in disease and death. There will always be poor people, it is true, but this fact does not excuse anyone from failing to assist them. If you are wealthy, you may say, "What can I do?" I will answer you today. Give. Give often and give more. Work for others with your power and influence. Spread holy principles of responsible use of material and financial wealth. Also, deprive yourself of something. Sacrifice. Perhaps you are in a situation where you were accustomed to a high standard of living and now you find that you have had to reduce your standard. Praise God for this. Rejoice because in this circumstance you will learn many things. You will learn to trust God. You will learn to have compassion for others. You will learn that not everything has to do with bodily comfort. 

In looking back at my time of service on earth, I am aware that the time of greatest growth for me was the time when I suffered. This is basic spirituality of course, in that it is hard to become holy if you never deny yourself. In order to become holy you must take up your cross. This cross can come in many forms and the best response to the cross is always to pick it up and walk with it. Move. Do not lament that the cross has been placed on your doorstep. Accept the cross as coming from heaven and, putting one foot in front of the other, climb the mountain toward Jesus. There are always those who suffer more than you and there will always be those who suffer less. Do not let poverty make you bitter. To do so would be to reject God’s generous offer of holiness. During this time, many are suffering from financial difficulties. Is heaven any less present? This is the same as in many periods of history. Be at peace in all circumstances around you and you will find that God gives you what you need to serve Him in each day. If you are hungry, offer this to God, even while asking Him to provide you with more food. God will make you a saint quickly in these circumstances and you will experience spiritual richness. If you have enough and you are not hungry, deny yourself food periodically. Simply do not eat for a day and offer your hunger to God so that He can take your little sacrifice and obtain graces with which to feed others. Heaven will help you to understand God’s will in either situation, either poverty or affluence.


In a world where many have rejected God, it is necessary for many to learn about trust. Reliance on God is something that liberates a person. God can teach this lesson by withdrawing financial security. If you have lost your financial security and you are fearful, talk to God. Tell Him your fears. Tell Him about your obligations, particularly those you find you cannot meet. God will help you. There is no shame in not having enough money. Jesus Himself seldom had money. Did people look down on Him? Yes, they did. Did people have to take care of Him? Yes, they did, and they are being eternally rewarded for doing so. If you find that others have to help you, accept this with grace. Perhaps this is painful for you. Perhaps you find it humiliating. I understand. I am with you in this humiliation. 

Humiliation brings humility, though, and while I know the humiliation part is difficult, the humility part is heavenly and makes you open to God’s love in a way that delights heaven. If others have to care for you, sharing their food, shelter, time or wealth with you, accept this in peace. You may not have anything with which to reward them but God has all of infinity to bless them for their kindness to you. Indeed, your situation may be the best opportunity these people have to obtain holiness. Here is a snare. Do not become angry at the ones who help you, even if they give with superiority. If your circumstances make them feel superior, then they are in greater trouble than you and they have their own lessons to learn. You must pray for them and concentrate on the lessons God is teaching you today. Accept the help of others as though it were directly from the hand of God. You are in financial trouble. You pray. God sends help. Be grateful to Him and rejoice. Do not criticize the manner in which God sends the help. That is like being on a road walking, certain that you cannot continue as you are too tired. You have miles to go. A car comes along and offers you transport. You get into the car and begin to criticize the color of the seats. Would you not shake your head at this foolishness? Would you laugh at the ridiculousness? Would you feel sad for the one who offered his help, only to be mocked and ridiculed by a mean-spirited one? Be loving. Look with favor on those whom God sends to assist you. 

Dear friends, we in heaven see your needs. We hear your prayers. Come to God with everything. Be at peace in everything. Be like trusting children who know that their father will provide for them when the time is right. You will not regret trusting God. Trusting the Father becomes a habit and it will serve you well in every area of your life. Perhaps you have enough money and you always have had enough money. You, even more than a poverty-stricken one, must learn trust because there is a temptation when you are wealthy to rely on your wealth to protect you. Such folly. Such perilous folly is this. Truly, this is living in a house with no foundation. All may be well when it is sunny but in life storms must be expected as they come with regularity. An abundance of material wealth makes it even more imperative that you learn to rely only on God. Ask me for help with this and I will teach you everything I know about trusting God. 

If you fear for the financial protection of your family, ask me to intercede for you. Jesus has the greatest tenderness for the poor because He Himself was poor. Jesus understands that you worry about providing for your children and taking care of each other. Jesus accepts that this desire to provide for your loved ones is a holy inspiration that comes from Him. He will reward this by giving you all possible assistance. Do not think that you are working outside of God’s will if you strive to protect your family financially. 

Also, do not be afraid that God will punish you if you are wealthy. God Himself has allowed you to be wealthy but God did not allow your wealth simply for your personal comfort. God allowed wealth for you so that you could steward this wealth in such a way that God could assist others through you. You will want to allow God to do this with freedom, which means you need to be praying for God’s direction at all times. 

Be at peace in all circumstances. God loves His children and you will not be abandoned. We, the saints in heaven, will assist you to find the right answers to all of your financial difficulties. There will come a day when you finish your life and all of these problems will cease. On that day, I, Augustine, will be waiting for you so that I can congratulate you on the holy way in which you faced your financial circumstances. 


Blessed Mother 

My dear child, I am with you. There is a holy way to conduct your self in your situation. If you pray, you will know which is the holy way that leads to my Son. I will protect you from choosing an unholy way that leads away from my Son. You see, my child, in everything you face there is opportunity for holiness. Heaven can use your day to move our goals forward if you are the poorest of the poor or the richest of the rich. All we need is your "yes" to Jesus. Say yes to my Son. Accept any crosses you have. We will help you to provide for your family. We will help you to have peace in any suffering. You will not be abandoned. I am a mother and I had many worries because of our lack of means. Many people assisted my little family. My gratitude for the generosity of others is still with me and God’s gratitude for their generosity is still with them. Do you see? If you help others you will be rewarded for eternity. If you accept the help of others with dignity, you will become holy and set an example of dignified suffering. Beloved ones, I promise you that you will have what you need to become holy. Do not think that heaven abandons you with financial problems. Heaven helps in these matters as much as heaven helps in spiritual matters because we understand that all that happens in your life shapes your spirituality. Walk each day with heaven and you will see our help. I am your mother and I will not abandon you to these troubles. I will give you peace in all of your troubles.


For further information regarding the Lay Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King, or to purchase Heaven Speaks booklets, please contact Direction for Our Times on the Web at, or mail inquiries to the following address: 9000 West 81st St., Justice, IL  60458, U.S.A.

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whom can we compare thee, O Mother of grace and beauty? Thou art the
paradise of God; from thee issued forth the fountain of living water
that irrigates the whole earth. O, how many benefits thou hast bestowed
on the world by meriting to be so salutary a channel!”


Carry Your Cross

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Suffer with Joy

God's Blue Book III Cover

June 16, 1994 After Communion 11:50a.m.

I ask you to suffer with joy, child. Take the cup of suffering. Accept it. My way is the way of the cross. Suffer with Me as I ask you to suffer. I love you. I never give you more than you can handle. Know that My Will for you is to suffer with joy.

A prophet is without honor in his own town. Stay steadfast in Me and accept what I give you. It comes with greatest love. Have nothing but peace in your heart. The world may hate you one minute and love you the next minute. Remain in Me. I am there. I am consistently in love with you. I am all that you are absolutely sure of. I will never abandon you. I will never give you more than you can handle. Surrender your hearts to Me and to My mother. Give yourself entirely to Me and I will sustain you. I love you so, My precious ones.

Mary Vitamin for January 29th
Topic: Preparing for the Presentation of the Lord (Feb 2)
"A Cross is a Crown Begun"
"A sword shall pierce your heart."
"This first dolor discloses to us one of the most universal supernatural principles, which characterize His dealings with His saints. Earthly sorrows are the roots of heavenly joys. A cross is a crown begun. Suffering is dearer to the Saints than happiness; for similitude of Christ has passed upon them."
Father Faber, The Foot of the Cross, (Tan Books)81.
"Yet we never had more than a touch of God’s little finger upon us, while both His Hands, heavier than a thousand words, held Mary down in the dust. Nevertheless, no duty saw her absent. No common thing missed at her hands the same degree of zeal and attentiveness which the greatest could require. She seemed busy everywhere, engrossed in everything, with a mind all free and at her own disposal. She went and drew water from the well. She cleaned the house, and prepared the food, and spun the flax.  Every thing was at its right time and in its proper place. But the sword was there, in the very quick of her heart."
Father Faber, The Foot of the Cross, (Tan Books)83.
Today, I will repeat "a cross is a crown begun." I will do my work the best that I can today, in imitation of Our Lady, who didn’t let the shadow of The Cross and Her sorrows lead her to self-pity. They led Her to God.
Marian Vow:
I will see Our Lady as the fulfillment of "a cross is a crown begun." I will think of her as the Immaculate and Sorrowful Mother with seven swords in Her heart and the triumphant Woman of Revelations:
"A great sign was seen in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars." Rev. 12:12
I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thanks be to God for graces received.
Father Faber wrote the words of the Eucharistic hymn
Jesus My Lord, My God (Sweet Sacrament) and translated St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary.


 Matt C. Abbott column
Tim Tebow, Gloria Allred, Scott Roeder, and a Catholic parish that caved to an abortionist

Matt C. Abbott
Matt C. Abbott
January 30, 2010

A potpourri of pro-life items today…

Matt C. Abbott is a Catholic columnist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Media and Theatre from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Management from Triton College in River Grove, Ill. He has worked in the right-to-life movement and is a published writer focused on Catholic and social issues. He can be reached at

A photo of Tim Tebow at the US Army All-Americ...

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Pro-life Groups and Leaders to Hold Prayer Vigil and Witness to Show Public Support For the CBS Decision to Air the Tim Tebow Pro-life Ad During the Super Bowl

NEW YORK, Jan. 29 /Christian Newswire/ — The Christian Defense Coalition, Expectant Mother Care and Generation Life to gather outside of the CBS headquarters in New York City on Tuesday, February 2, at 12:15 P.M. 

The location is 51 West 52nd Street (Corner of 6th Ave. and 52nd Street) in midtown Manhattan. 

These groups join with hundreds of thousands of Americans who have signed petitions and joined on line groups applauding the decision of CBS to air a pro-life ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother Pam. 

The pro-life organizations rip the National Organization for Women and other feminist groups who have shown disdain and open hostility toward women who choose to keep their children and refuse to have abortions. 

Their hysterical rants and anger over this ad of a women simply sharing her own personal story to embrace life, shows these groups have no regard for either women or the concept of choice. 

The pro-life organizations feel it is important to make a public show of support for CBS and personally thank them for not bowing to the pressure from fringe extremist groups that have little regard for women’s or human rights. 

For more information or interviews call: 

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney at 540.538.4741 202.547.1735 

Chris Slattery at 914.224.5773 718.884.9210

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  Spirit &
"The words I spoke to you are
spirit and life." (Jn 6:63)

Human Life International

Volume 05, Number 04 | Friday, January
29, 2010
The Annual HLI Pilgrimage to
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

miss a wonderful, faith-filled experience of grace and life on HLI’s
annual pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe! This year’s
trip will be held from Wednesday, April 14th to Sunday, April 18th

Registrations are to be done exclusively on the website
and, as usual, the requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served
basis. All necessary details will be available through this site and
direct contact with the pilgrimage organizer.

Can’t wait to see you
in April!


Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
President, Human Life

the Author
HLI on
SL Action

Copyright 2009 – Human Life
Permission granted for unlimited use. Credit

Human Life International
4 Family Life Lane — Front
Royal, VA 22630 U.S.A.
Phone: (540) 635-7884 Fax: (540)
E-mail: Website:

Dear Friends for Life,

A new type of Morning-After Pill is now available in Britain. It is Ulipristal and is reportedly "effective" up to five days after sexual intercourse. It is a chemical alteration of the older pills. The maker, HRA Pharma, admits that "alterations to the endometrium (lining of the womb) may also contribute to its efficiency". That is another way of saying that an already conceived child is prevented from implanting in the womb because the pill has hardened its lining and the embryonic baby dies at the end of its first week of life.

The Australian state of Victoria has voted in its Parliament to remove legal restrictions on abortion up to 24 weeks gestation. In practice, this degree of abortion has already been allowed even though abortion was still in the criminal code. This vote takes it out of the criminal code. Now doctors who conscientiously object to abortion may be subject to criminal penalties.

Some good news: The Congress of the Mexican state of Oaxaca has voted 31-6 to amend the state’s constitution. The wording is, "Every human being from the moment of fertilization enters under the protection of the law and is considered the same as one that has been born for all legal effects until his natural death." This is the sixteenth Mexican state to pass such an amendment in the past year. These have all happened since the Mexico DF (Mexico City) decriminalized abortion.

And: The Italian Health Ministry has reported that 70% of the Italian gynecologists now refuse to do abortions, and that the number continues to grow. In the region around Naples, 83% objected, in Sicily, 84%. Probably as a result of this, the total number of abortions over the last couple of years has dropped 3%.

God Bless
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(Quote) Disregard for the sacred character of life in the womb weakens the very fabric of civilization.  -Pope John Paul II


********** NEWSLETTER #459

January 31, 2010




1. Critic denounces Guttmacher teen pregnancy study as ‘terribly simplistic’

2. Cardinal Ouellet defends the family as a child’s first teacher of love and life

3. New Data: Teen Pregnancy on the Rise, Abortions Too

4. Two Keys to a Happy Marriage

5. Japan: Suicides top 30,000 for 12th year

6. Embryos destroyed for ‘minor’ disorders

7. 50 years of the Pill

8. What scientists don’t tell you about abortion

9. Evangelical Pro-Life Spot To Air In Super Bowl

10. Life: Patrick Henry Hughes – YouTube

11. Bioethics: California’s Proposition 71 Failure

12. New Study: Heavily Tattooed Students More Prone to Deviant Behavior



(FOCUS ON ASIA): "What Is Poverty, Really? The Case of India" – Countries struggle with measuring the number of people living in poverty. Deciding which figure represents "poverty" is often left up to the individual. India provides an excellent example of the controversial nature of statistical estimates. India also serves as a good example since changes in the country’s poverty definition can add hundreds of millions to the global poverty population.


ITEM #1. Critic denounces Guttmacher teen pregnancy study as ‘terribly simplistic’

The Guttmacher Institute released a study on Jan. 26 claiming that abstinence-only education programs are to blame for a rise in teen pregnancies and abortions in 2006. However, abstinence education proponent Valerie Huber is denouncing the researchers’ conclusions as "terribly simplistic" and "disingenuous."

View full article at CNA:


ITEM #2. Cardinal Ouellet defends the family as a child’s first teacher of love and life

The Archbishop of Quebec, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, said last week that the family is a child’s first educator in the values of love and life.  He noted that it is also primarily responsible for transmitting the faith to children, amidst today’s culture that often seeks to attack the basic unit of society.

View full article at CNA:


ITEM #3. New Data: Teen Pregnancy on the Rise, Abortions Too

Pregnancy rates among U.S. teenagers, which had been dropping since 1990, took an upturn in 2006, according to newly released data.

View full article at,8599,1956645,00.html?xid=rss-topstories&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+time%2Ftopstories+%28TIME%3A+Top+Stories%29


ITEM #4. Two Keys to a Happy Marriage

Almost every marriage starts out as a huge celebration. Together with their family and friends, each couple is full of hopes and dreams for their future life together. But the road to a happy marriage is far from easy. And as today’s divorce statistics demonstrate all too well, many couples opt not to complete the journey.

View full article at Family & Marriage & Relationships:


ITEM #5. Japan: Suicides top 30,000 for 12th year

Suicides increased again in 2009 amid the economic doldrums, staying above 30,000 for the 12th straight year, the National Police Agency said Tuesday in a preliminary report.

The total came to 32,753, the fifth most on record and up 504 from 2008, when the number fell by 844 from the year before. It has remained above 30,000 since 1998. Men accounted for 23,406 of the total and women 9,347.

View full article at The Japan Times:


ITEM #6. Embryos destroyed for ‘minor’ disorders

Fertility regulators have triggered a new row over designer babies by allowing doctors to destroy embryos affected by more than 100 genetic conditions, including many illnesses that are not life-threatening.

View full article at The Sunday Times:


ITEM #7. 50 years of the Pill

On May 9, 1960, the FDA took the momentous step of approving the contraceptive pill for birth control.

I will focus on the 50 year period from 1910 – the year of the birth of reproductive endocrinology as a scientific discipline-to 1960 – the year in which the first orally active hormonal contraceptive was first approved for sale to the general public in the US.

Article is located at CERC:


ITEM #8. What scientists don’t tell you about abortion

It would appear that at long last one of the leading breast-cancer researchers in the world, Louise Brinton, chief of the hormonal and reproductive epidemiology branch of the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI), has admitted a link between abortion and a higher risk of breast cancer among women.

Article can be found at Catholic Education Resource Center:


ITEM #9. Evangelical Pro-Life Spot To Air In Super Bowl

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother Pam will be featured in the 30-second ad with a "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life" message, according to the religious group. While on a mission in the Philippines in 1987, Pam Tebow developed a condition that doctors feared would lead to a stillbirth — and they advised her to have an abortion. She told her story to a Florida newspaper in 2007, saying faith gave her the will to continue.

View entire text at Media Daily News:


ITEM #10. Patrick Henry Hughes – YouTube

Without eyes or the ability to walk, Patrick Hughes has overcome.

View entire text at YouTube:


ITEM #11. California’s Proposition 71 Failure

Bioethics: Five years after a budget-busting $3 billion was allocated to embryonic stem cell research, there have been no cures, no therapies and little progress. So supporters are embracing research they once opposed.

View entire text at Investor’s Business Daily:


ITEM #12. New Study: Heavily Tattooed Students More Prone to Deviant Behavior

A new study titled "Body Art, Deviance, and American College Students" suggests that people who have multiple tattoos or body piercings are more likely to engage in risky and criminal behavior.

The research by Jerome R. Koch, a sociology professor at Texas Tech University, reveals that those who have four or more tattoos, seven or more body piercings, or one "intimate piercing," are far more prone to use illegal drugs, be arrested for criminal offenses, cheat on college work, binge drink, and have multiple sex partners.

View entire text at

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STATEN ISLAND, Ny., Jan. 29 /Christian Newswire/ — A bill pending in the Washington state Senate, SB 6452, seeks to protect the abortion industry and keep the truth about abortion’s risks from women said leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign today. 

"Senator Rodney Tom’s bill to regulate pregnancy resource centers is not about protecting women, it’s about protecting the abortion industry," said Janet Morana, co-founder of the SNMAC, the world’s largest network of individuals harmed by abortion. "It’s another thinly veiled attempt to keep women away from centers where they are actually given a choice other than abortion." 

"The legislation is just plain dangerous," added Georgette Forney, another co-founder of the SNMAC. "It would use the outdated opinions of abortion proponents to bar pregnancy centers from telling women about the scientifically documented link between abortion and breast cancer. It’s obvious that protecting the abortion industry is more important to Senator Tom than protecting women’s lives." 

"The science is there — more than two dozen studies from around the world show that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. The latest study came out only this month," stated Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and Pastoral Director of the SNMAC. "I implore legislators, don’t let the abortion industry hide the facts from women." 

Since the launching of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign in 2003, 3,423 women and men have shared their testimonies publicly at over 489 gatherings in 48 states and seven countries where more than 103,583 attendees have heard the truth about abortion’s negative aftereffects. More than 6,200 people are registered to be Silent No More. Raising awareness about the hurtful aftermath of abortion and the help that is available to cope with the pain are two of the Campaign’s goals. 

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is a joint project of Anglicans for Life and Priests for Life. For more information, please visit our website:

January 29, 2010


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on an attempt by feminist lawyer Gloria Allred to get CBS to drop the pro-life Super Bowl ad featuring TimTebow and his mother:


Gloria Allred is no stranger to the subject of abortion, so it is not surprising that she wants to kill this pro-life ad. Her letter to Les Moonves of CBS, available at, wants the ad pulled because it is allegedly guilty of “misleading advertising.”


Allred, who has not seen the ad, charges that when Tebow’s mother was being advised by doctors in the Philippines to consider an abortion (she was on antibiotics for a pregnancy illness), it was illegal there to have one. In a monumental stretch, Allred reasons that the ad should disclose this information, otherwise it is “misleading.”


What is really misleading is Allred’s duplicity. Several years ago, she represented Amber Frey in a case related to the death of Laci Peterson; Peterson’s  husband, Scott, was convicted of murdering both her and the baby she was carrying, a boy they named Connor. In an interview she gave toHannity and Colmes on the Fox News Channel on June 5, 2003, Allred found it useful to her case to emphasize the humanness of Peterson’s baby: “And the fact that there are two individuals who are dead there, Laci and Connor, that has to be the most important consideration of everything.” For once, she was right.


Allred’s confession in 2003 undercuts her credibility—to say nothing of her ethical standing—to make the case against this Super Bowl ad. She knows that Tim Tebow is alive today because his mother did not abort him. To top it off, she can’t even deal respectfully with this issue. Her snide remark, which is in the letter to Moonves, is classic. “As the story is reported,” she says, “Tim’s mother decides to take her pregnancy to term anyway and give birth to Tim. Apparently they have lived happily ever after since that time.” And apparently, this woman has no shame.


Let CBS know of your support for this ad. Contact Leslie