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Mississippi abortion clinic deceptively hides abortion abuses in court challenge

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 10:06 AM PDT

The Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO), the last abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi, filed a suit in Federal Court in an effort to block the July 1 implementation of a new law that would require all abortionists to have privileges at a local hospital. Operation Rescue has learned that the clinic’s court pleadings omit key information about their primary abortionist’s botched abortion history in a deceptive gambit to conceal the truth about his atrocious safety record.

For Obama, a Signature Issue That the Public Never Embraced Looms Large

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 09:00 AM PDT

Two years after Obama took the final step in turning the Affordable Care Act into law, Americans are no happier with ObamaCare.

Chinese officials linked to forced-abortion scandal punished

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 08:53 AM PDT

Several Chinese officials tied to a forced abortion that spurred national outrage will be punished, and one has already been dropped from his post, Chinese state media reported.

Archbishop Gomez rejects 'capitulation' to HHS mandate

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 08:30 AM PDT

With the nationwide Fortnight for Freedom event in full swing Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles said that any compromise that means Catholic institutions provide birth control insurance to employees is “capitulation” and “the temptation to serve the government instead of God.”

U.S. couple detained in Ghana while trying to adopt 4 children

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 08:24 AM PDT

Ghanaian authorities detained an American couple on suspicion of trying to adopt four children illegally in the African nation, U.S. officials said.

Mexican pro-life leader victorious following eight years of legal attacks by pro-abortion groups

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 08:00 AM PDT

Jorge Serrano Limón, the founder of Mexico’s largest pro-life organization, has been acquitted in a criminal case promoted by pro-abortion groups that has dogged him for almost eight years.

White House claims ObamaCare fine a 'penalty,' despite court calling it a 'tax'

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:30 AM PDT

First it was a penalty. Then it was a tax. Now it's a penalty again. 

Goddard’s riveting account of firing from Rogers Sportsnet and hateful responses to tweet

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

In his speech at the CLC pro-life Forum, Damian Goddard gave a riveting, very personal account of his firing from Rogers Sportsnet after having ‘tweeted’ in support of the true definition of marriage.

Lawmakers: Obama victory would mean death knell for conservative Supreme Court

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

If conservatives are worried about the Supreme Court now, they will have much more to worry about if Obama is re-elected, pro-life members of the House and Senate told national pro-life leaders Friday morning.

Planned Parenthood, NARAL overjoyed by Supreme Court ruling

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

While pro-life, pro-family activists lamented Thursday’s Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of the health care bill, the abortion industry welcomed the 5-4 ruling in favor of a bill that could lead to the federal funding of abortion.

Kagan’s participation in ObamaCare decision may have violated judicial ethics and federal statute

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

Elena Kagan’s decision to vote on Thursday’s health care ruling may have violated judicial ethics and federal statute, legal experts say. As Solicitor General, Kagan appointed the head of the legal team that formulated the president’s legal defense of the health care reform bill, signaling a possible conflict of interest. Her participation, according to liberals and conservative scholars alike, casts a pall over the outcome.

Some GOP-led states plan to resist health care law despite ruling

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

While the Supreme Court upheld the bulk of the Affordable Care Act, it did rein in the law's expansion of Medicaid by ruling that the federal government could not withhold Medicaid funds to those states that don't comply. The absence of any punitive measures means there is nothing to compel the governors or attorneys general to begin implementation of the law.

British Medical Association maintains opposition to euthanasia despite pressure

Posted: 30 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

A motion to push the British Medical Association to take a “natural” stance on euthanasia and assisted suicide was voted down at the doctors’ union annual meeting in Bournemouth on Wednesday. The motion was put forward by activists as part of a larger effort to loosen the assisted suicide law in Parliament.


( – In his deciding opinion in the cases challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare), Chief Justice John Roberts first says the mandate in the law requiring individuals to buy health insurance is not a tax.

Then he says it is a tax.

He upholds the individual mandate—as a tax, not a penalty—as the law of the land. But then says it would not be “unlawful” for Americans to violate the law’s mandate that they “shall” buy health insurance–as long as they are willing to pay the “penalty” for not obeying the law.

Continue reading this craziness here:…

Friday, June 29, 2012

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Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian readers. LifeSiteNews will return to is normal reporting on July 3rd.

The US supreme court decision on Obamacare has been an unexpected national shocker, leaving conservative or otherwise just plain honest and loyal Americans, of any or no party, reeling. Many are wondering what the heck happened to Chief Justice Roberts. Planned Parenthood and NARAL are overjoyed at the ruling.

When the decision was unexpectedly delayed last Thursday we knew something was up and it was not going to be nice. There was strong suspicion that the “Abortion President” was acting behind the scenes on his April warning to the court to not overturn Obamacare in what the president claimed would be an act of judicial activism.

And then there is the big question of how Elena Kagan could possibly have been legally permitted to vote on the decision.

However, the dreadful Obamacare decision seems to have given what is perhaps just the motivation injection needed for all those who believe this lying, corrupt president must be defeated in November and a majority of principled American Congressmen and Senators be elected to both houses.

It will likely be a brutally difficult, knock-down, drag-em-out task. This election will almost certainly involve more deception, manipulation and lawbreaking than has ever been seen in American electoral history. All hands on deck for life, family, faith and freedom.

We are delighted to report that our dear Mexican friend Jorge Serrano Limón has finally has been cleared of the trumped up criminal charges that dogged him for the past 8 years. When we were in Mexico last year we were amazed at Jorge’s incredible baby saving organization that has had more success than anything we have ever seen. That is why the pro-aborts have been after him.

Steve Jalsevac

Kagan’s participation in ObamaCare decision may have violated judicial ethics and federal statute

Ben Johnson Fri Jun 29 16:08 EST Abortion

“Elena Kagan should have recused herself,” a constitutional scholar tells

Lawmakers: Obama victory would mean death knell for conservative Supreme Court

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jun 29 15:22 EST Abortion

“In 2010, our goal was to stop President Obama’s anti-life agenda. And in 2012, our goal is to replace him,” said Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH

Conservatives stunned by Roberts’ health care ruling, ask ‘did he cave’ to Obama pressure?

Ben Johnson Fri Jun 29 10:50 EST Freedom

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, tells LifeSiteNews the Chief Justice “bent to that pressure” on recent rulings.


Former NARAL leader must pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraud

Ben Johnson Fri Jun 29 18:20 EST Abortion

The fraud included a $50,000 tab at retailers like Giorgio Armani, 120 non-deductible meals at a sushi restaurant near her home, and $17,000 to rent a home in the Hamptons for one month.


Planned Parenthood, NARAL overjoyed by Supreme Court ruling

Ben Johnson Fri Jun 29 17:44 EST Abortion

Two pillars of the abortion industry issue strikingly similar responses.


Mississippi abortion clinic deceptively hides abortion abuses in court challenge

Cheryl Sullenger Fri Jun 29 17:06 EST Abortion

Operation Rescue has learned that the clinic’s court pleadings omit key information about their primary abortionist’s botched abortion history.


Mifeprestone: a pill that kills

Denise J. Hunnell, MD Fri Jun 29 16:50 EST Abortion

Even the National Abortion Federation admits brutal side effects are the rule.


Catholic Health Association ‘pleased’ by Obamacare ruling

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jun 29 15:57 EST Contraception

Sr. Carol Keehan supports the bill, while America’s Catholic bishops say the law is “fundamentally flawed.”


80-year-old mom receives surprise ‘baby shower’

Peter Baklinski Fri Jun 29 15:34 EST Culture of Life

An estimated $1,000 dollars worth of baby items will be donated to a pregnancy support center in her honor.

Joan Silverberg-Barteau, 80.

Roberts’ ‘very conservatism’ led him to uphold Obamacare: pro-life attorney

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jun 29 11:07 EST Politics

John Jakubczyk, an attorney and National Right to Life representative, said he was “disappointed that [Roberts] went to such lengths to find a means of upholding the statute.”

Mexican pro-life leader victorious following eight years of legal attacks by pro-abortion groups

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Jun 29 17:23 EST Abortion

Jorge Serrano Limón, the founder of Mexico’s largest pro-life organization, had his sentence nullified Tuesday.


An Australian first: Working women are having fewer than two children

Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Jun 29 13:39 EST Contraception

Census data show, for the first time in history, the nation’s women have ended their fertile years with less than two children.

Dr. Genevieve Heard documented Australia's demographic decli

Gays disrupt hearings in Brazilian Congress on psychological treatment for homosexuality

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Jun 29 13:12 EST Homosexuality


Psychologist Marisa Lobo spoke out for patients' rights

Vienna priests will not be forced to renounce dissident anti-Catholic group

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Fri Jun 29 12:30 EST Faith

Christoph Schönborn has told a group of priests that they do not have to renounce their membership in a dissident organization opposed to Catholic teaching.


U.S. Office, Inc.
4 Family Life Lane
Front Royal, VA 22630

Canada Office

104 Bond St, third floor

Toronto, Ontario M5B1X9


U.S. Office, Inc.
4 Family Life Lane
Front Royal, VA 22630

Canada Office

104 Bond St, third floor

Toronto, Ontario M5B1X9



Gays disrupt hearings in Brazilian Congress on psychological treatment for homosexuality

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 01:30 PM PDT

Homosexual activists disrupted a hearing on Thursday in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies on proposed legislation to permit psychologists to treat homosexuals who wish to change their orientation, an activity currently prohibited by the country’s Federal Council of Psychology (CFP).

How will gay "marriage" hurt us? Here’s how.

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 12:37 PM PDT

Eric Mataxas weighs in on how gay "marriage" is a threat to religious freedom and freedom of speech.

Did Roberts flip? Clues suggest court initially had the votes to strike down ObamaCare

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 12:36 PM PDT

While Republicans gasped as Chief Justice John Roberts joined the Supreme Court's liberal wing in upholding the federal health care overhaul, clues in the dissent suggest the conservative jurist may have originally sided against the law.

Dr. Alex Moens: ‘Being pro-life is an old Canadian value that needs to be rediscovered’

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 11:41 AM PDT

Alexander Moens is a professor of Political Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver and a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute in the Centre for Canadian-American Relations.

Cancer mom refuses abortion, nominated Walmart’s ‘Mom of the Year’

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 11:36 AM PDT

The story of a Canadian mother who declined to abort her baby girl while battling cancer is receiving attention after she was nominated by her young daughter for Walmart’s 2012 ‘Mom of the Year’ award.

Ruling helps Romney haul in $3 million in one day

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 10:00 AM PDT

Conservatives upset by the Supreme Court's decision to uphold most of the 2010 health care law are furiously cutting checks to Mitt Romney's campaign.

Debate on ObamaCare to intensify in the wake of landmark Supreme Court ruling

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 06:13 AM PDT

The court's Thursday ruling upholding most of President Obama's health care law sparked a frenzy of reaction from political figures, business leaders, medical professionals and ordinary Americans.

Denmark quietly debates euthanasia

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 06:12 AM PDT

The Danish Parliament’s advisory panel on ethics, the Etisk Råd, seems to be slowing warming to the idea, according to an article in the Copenhagen Post. In 1997 and in 2003 the panel dismissed the idea. However, at its May meeting this year, there was a heated debate.

Parents who would have aborted daughter with cystic fibrosis sue

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 06:01 AM PDT

A girl born with cystic fibrosis is at the center of a lawsuit filed by her Montana parents, who claim they would have aborted their girl had they known of her chances of having the disability.

Court ruling allows religious freedom lawsuits to proceed with hope

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the 2010 health care law, a leading religious freedom law firm has new confidence in the future of its lawsuits against the federal contraception mandate.

US bishops urge Congress to 'fix' problems in health care law

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has renewed its call for Congress to correct problems within the 2010 health care law, now that the legislation has been upheld by the nation’s highest court.

‘It gives me the chills’: Planned Parenthood aborts plans to open a mega-clinic

Posted: 29 Jun 2012 04:00 AM PDT

In what pro-life leaders are calling a “huge victory for life,” Planned Parenthood has settled a lawsuit and quietly put the 17,050-square-foot building it purchased in Auburn Hills, Michigan back on the market for sale.

Pro-Life Today Header


Friday, June 29, 2012

When the Womb Is a Battlefield
By Judie Brown

A baby is a blessing. Sadly, that mentality seems to be a thing of the past. Instead, today a baby is often thought of as an intrusion, an annoyance, or a thing that can be discarded at any time and for any reason-especially if he does not meet society’s standards of normalcy. Today’s commentary addresses this mentality and explains why this attitude must change if our society is to ever find peace. We must help people realize that, truly, a baby is a blessing. 

[ Click here to




Another Planned Parenthood attack on Live Action ‘gendercide’ YouTube videos fended off

Thomas More Society
Shortly after Live Action posted the first of its series of “gendercide” videos on You Tube, on June 6, 2012, You Tube emailed that it had received another complaint that the postings of these videos had been in violation of its privacy guidelines. At Live Action’s request, Thomas More Society promptly responded to You Tube by letter dated June 8, 2012, arguing that the posting of these videos—-which showed Live Action’s investigator inquiring about and arranging for a sex selection abortion at Planned Parenthood’s New York, New York facility—-was fully consistent with You Tube’s privacy guidelines, and that there would be no justification for their suppression.  

California bill proposes extending pilot program for non-doctor abortions

Live Action News 
Back at the end of April, Senate Bill 1338 swept across the headlines in California. This bill would have made it legal for non-doctors to perform abortions and would have brought industry standards to an all-time low. Pro-lifers hailed the halting of this bill in early May as a victory for life, but the victory is short-lived. SB 1338 was born out of the pilot training program titled the “Health Workforce Pilot Project No. 171” – a project where non-doctors were legally allowed to perform over 5,000 abortions in California. Through the program, the hope of many favoring abortion was to demonstrate and collect data supporting the safety of non-doctors performing abortions and, ultimately, to make the practice legal. While the bill was slapped down previously, California State Senator Christine Kehoe isn’t quite ready to admit defeat.   

Cancer mom refuses abortion, nominated WalMart’s ‘Mom of the Year’

The story of a Canadian mother who declined to abort her baby girl while battling cancer is receiving attention after she was nominated by her young daughter for WalMart’s 2012 ‘Mom of the Year’ award. “My mom is absolutely amazing, always putting us first while encouraging others with her story, positive attitude and being an example of God’s love,” wrote daughter Jocelyn Pitman on WalMart’s tribute page to her mother Maria.

June 29, 2012



By Cheryl Sullenger


Jackson, MS – The Jackson Women's Health Organization (JWHO), the last abortion clinic in the state of Mississippi, filed a suit in Federal Court in an effort to block the July 1 implementation of a new law that would require all abortionists to have privileges at a local hospital. Operation Rescue has learned that the clinic's court pleadings omit key information about their primary abortionist's botched abortion history in a deceptive gambit to conceal the truth about his atrocious safety record.


Operation Rescue has obtained court documents files on behalf of JWHO by the radical pro-abortion legal group, the Center for Reproductive Rights, that show dubious arguments and suspicious claims as the basis for the abortion clinic's court challenge, including an attempt to hide the identity of their primary abortionist to keep the court from discovering his involvement in the hospitalization of three abortion patients and other abuses that led to the state ordered closure of the Birmingham abortion clinic where he worked.  


[All court documents filed in this case as of this writing are available]


JWHO, owned by the infamous "abortion queen" Diane Derzis, is seeking a temporary restraining order to keep the clinic open, but in court documents filed June 28, the Mississippi State Department of Health states that it plans to conduct a compliance inspection on Monday, July 2. JWHO has said that it will be impossible for them to come into compliance by that date. If it cannot comply, the abortion clinic will eventually be forced to close.


Covering Up for "Dr. John Doe"


JWHO states in court records that it employs three abortion providers. One abortionist apparently does have local hospital privileges, but only supplies abortions at JWHO on an infrequent basis.


Documents refer to "Dr. John Doe" as being "the sole physician providing abortion care on a regular basis" at JWHO until abortionist Willie Parker was hired on June 18, 2012. Parker's declaration states that he flies to Jackson "once a month" to conduct abortions. Parker's name is featured as a plaintiff on the law suit. "Dr. Doe" is not a named plaintiff – an intentional omission meant to conceal "Doe's" troubled past.


"Dr. Doe" is none other than Bruce Elliot Norman, who was employed until recently at New Woman All Women (NWAW), a Birmingham, Alabama, abortion clinic formerly owned by Derzis. 


Norman was the abortionist on duty on January 21, 2012, when three abortion patients were hospitalized – one in intensive care – for life threatening abortion complications. After pro-life activists filed complaints, the Alabama Department of Health (ADOH) discovered 76 pages of deficiencies and ordered the clinic closed.




About Operation Rescue®

Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America. Operation Rescue is now headquartered in a former abortion clinic that it bought and closed in 2006.  From there, Operation Rescue launches its innovative new strategies across the nation, exposing and closing abortion clinics through peaceful, legal means. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre-born in obedience to biblical mandates. Click here to support Operation Rescue.   Click here to make a secure donation online.

About Pro-Life Nation

Pro-Life Nation is an initiative of Operation Rescue that offers a goal-oriented strategy to end abortion.  For more visit and read our new booklet that details our strategy.  

Web site: 



40 Days for Life and Thomas More Society Protest South Carolina Prosecutor’s Double Standard in Reducing Felony Charges against Abortionist Who Aimed Pistol at Pro-Lifer

(CHARLESTON, SC) – June 29, 2012 – 40 Days for Life, an international pro-life ministry outreach, and Thomas More Society, a Chicago-based Public Interest Law Firm, have registered a strong protest upon hearing news that Scarlett Wilson, South Carolina’s Solicitor for its Ninth Judicial Circuit, is further reducing the criminal charge she had filed against abortionist Dr. Gary Boyle, arrested for having pointed a loaded semi-automatic firearm at 40 Days for Life volunteers who were peacefully praying and counseling outside his abortion facility, the Charleston Women’s Medical Center in 2010.

Dr. Boyle originally had been charged with a felony punishable by up to five (5) years in jail, but Solicitor Wilson announced that the charges would be reduced to a mere misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $100 or a 30-day jail sentence – a step likely to culminate in a sentence amounting to a mere inconvenience for cash-rich abortionist Dr. Boyle, despite his having deliberately put pro-lifers in fear for their lives, threatening them with the imminent infliction of deadly force.

“We are outraged at this latest evidence of a double standard applied by too many prosecutors – federal, state, and local – when it comes to charging abortion proponents with serious crimes against pro-life advocates,” said Shawn Carney, campaign director of 40 Days for Life. Carney continued, “How different would Judge Wilson’s charge be if the roles had been reversed? Threat of violence is threat of violence – and should always be treated as a serious crime. Dr. Boyle should be fully punished for his reckless and despicable actions.”

Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, said: “The U.S. Justice Department has launched federal prosecutions against pro-life advocates across the country for merely offering literature to cars entering Planned Parenthood, calling this pristine exercise of basic First Amendment rights a criminal ‘obstruction’ of ‘access’ to abortion facilities when cars suffer only slight delays in turning into driveways.  These cases have been defeated, albeit at great expense.  Yet such threats of deadly force against pro-lifers as occurred here in Charleston are now brushed off with a mere slap on the wrist.” Brejcha said that, “Public safety is paramount, and it is high time that pro-lifers’ rights are fully and equally protected.”

Dr. Boyle was originally arrested for “aggravated assault with a fire arm,” but this was later reduced to “presenting a fire arm” and now further reduced to “disorderly conduct,” a charge typically aimed at public drunkenness. While one police report claims that three pro-lifers surrounded Dr. Boyle’s car, evidence proves that the abortionist was never even approached by the pro-life advocates.

“It was shocking to see that he [Boyle] was pointing a gun at us,” said John Karafa, a 40 Days for Life participant and one of three victims at whom the gun was aimed. “Our lives should not be threatened because we are exercising our right to peacefully pray….A mere slap on the wrist is insufficient and will not keep him from threatening us with his gun in the future.”

Brejcha also pointed out that Boyle was only charged with a misdemeanor, therefore his gun license will not be revoked and he may continue to carry a firearm. The court hearing occurred today, Friday, June 29, 2012 at 9:00 am before Hon. James B. Gosnell at the Charleston County Judicial Center in Courtroom 4D. Karafa read a “victim statement,” before sentencing. A link to the statement is here.







Yesterday the Supreme Court found the “individual mandate” of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) to be constitutional, essentially renaming the provision that forces almost everyone in the nation to purchase health insurance as a “tax” — something that the Obama administration repeatedly claimed it was not while it was being sold to the American people.

As we said yesterday, this decision upholds a law that is thoroughly unjust and anti-life, and which must be repealed in its entirety. So although the Justices were addressing questions unrelated to the main problems we have with the law, it is a clarion call to action.

To reaffirm what is at stake in the months ahead, let’s consider two quotes. The first is from a statement by Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

This decision will have a profound and concrete impact on millions of people’s lives. Affordable, quality health care will now be available to millions of women who had no coverage or inadequate coverage before. Today, we are closer than ever to realizing the promise of health care for all. This is a victory for the American people, and we thank President Obama and the members of Congress who passed the Affordable Care Act for their leadership on this issue.

Watch Fr. West’s speech at the Supreme Court yesterday.

The second is from our own Father Peter West, who was able to give a short statement on the steps of the Supreme Court following the decision:

Though many think that contraception actually leads to less abortions, in practice, a contraceptive mentality that fails to see a child as a gift actually leads to more abortions. Besides being a violation on the right to life, Obamacare is a direct assault on personal and religious liberty, and the rights of conscience which should be protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guarantees free exercise of religion.

As an international organization, we have seen how other governments throughout the world violate these rights, but I never thought it would happen right here in the United States of America.

It was not just the individual mandate that was a problem, it’s the entire bill that’s a problem, and it needs to be repealed. It forces religious employers, such as Human Life International, to pay for abortion inducing drugs, sterilization, contraception–regardless of our moral and religious objections. It allowed a group of bureaucrats to make and life and death decisions for patients based in large part on a cost-benefit analysis.

Planned Parenthood is thrilled that the law was upheld, which tells us something very important, and which deserves notice by any Christians who still defend the law. Human Life International and all those who defend the dignity and authentic rights of every human person are disappointed, but in no way discouraged in our efforts to see the Affordable Care Act replaced by a system that affirms the value of every human being from conception to natural death, and that takes a measured approach to a system that does indeed need reform.

I encourage you to view Father West’s entire statement on HLI World Watch, and to join us for the remainder of our One Million Rosaries for Freedom challenge during the Fortnight for Freedom, which culminates on the 4th of July, next week.

The stakes could not be higher, so let’s pray as if everything depended on God, and act as if everything depended on us.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International


Life Legal Defense Foundation’s Cartoon Illustrates Obamacare Decision

NAPA, Calif., June 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Like many other Americans, the Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) is disappointed at the Supreme Court’s decision in NFIB v. Sebelius, rejecting the opportunity to strike down the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and the LLDF has created a cartoon in response to the decision.

“The United States has become a nanny state,” said Dana Cody, Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation. “That’s what we wanted to show with this cartoon; we’ve become a nation of children and our nanny knows what is best.”

Cody adds that Americans can still be positive: “The good news is that none of the religious liberty issues related to the anti-life provisions of the Act were decided, so the hope remains that the draconian anti-life provisions of Obamacare will be ruled unconstitutional.”

About the Life Legal Defense Foundation
Life Legal Defense Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of attorneys and other concerned citizens, committed to giving helpless and innocent human beings of any age, and their advocates, a trained and committed voice in the courtrooms of our nation. For more information, go to