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Monday, April 30, 2012

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The LifeSiteNews 15th Anniversary gala in Washington was a wonderful evening enjoyed by a high powered group of of 175 enthusiastic pro-life, pro-family leaders, activists and supporters. Everyone seemed to thoroughly the fellowship and listening to spunky keynote speaker Abby Johnson and several others who also briefly spoke during the evening. It truly was the LifeSiteNews family night we that we hoped it would be. We’ll tell you more about it later. 

The dramatic Pepsi turnaround is a good news story that sources have told us LifeSiteNews readers had a significant role in helping to bring about. We are also very pleased to report the Thomas More Society’s gloves off response to the Obama admin’s threat against Bishop Jenky. Thomas Brejcha and his legal team have been doing an amazing job over the years defending the freedom and conscience and religious rights of Americans.

Ok President Obama, what are you going to do now about brutally treated and ill Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng seeking asylum in the US embassy in Beijing? Will the abortion president hand Cheng over for more brutality and death because he opposes China’s ruthless one-child policy or will the president of the United States boldly act to defend freedom – as he should?

And then there is Canada’s pathetic, frightened “Conservative” government gradually sliding further and further into the pro-abortion camp as it seems utterly incapable of taking a principled stance on this human rights issue that dwarfs all others in the nation. Their rigid see no evil, hear no evil approach is one of the saddest in the entire free world. 

There are several very important stories today

* Diplomatic crisis: Chinese pro-life dissident flees to US Embassy – What will Obama do? – Jill Stanek
* Nine lawsuits filed against Obama’s mandate: A brief rundown of the arguments – Fr. Frank Pavone

VIDEO: ‘Anti-bullying’ leader slams Bible, harasses Christian high-school students who walk out

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Apr 30 12:41 EST Homosexuality

A video has surfaced of Dan Savage at a high school journalism convention deriding the Bible and Christians present at length.

IRS faces ‘legal war’ if it investigates bishop after Hitler comments: pro-life law firm

Patrick B. Craine Mon Apr 30 12:37 EST Contraception

The bishop had said that President Obama’s attacks on religious freedom indicates he “seems intent on following a similar path” as past totalitarian dictators.

Boycott Ends: PepsiCo will not use aborted fetal cell lines for flavor enhancers Mon Apr 30 06:59 EST Abortion

The decision means an immediate end to the boycott that began in May 2011.

Ohio bishop tells Catholic college to disinvite pro-abortion speaker

Ben Johnson Mon Apr 30 17:47 EST Abortion

The bishop of Youngstown said State Representative Bob Hagan "consistently voted for pro-abortion legislation, policies, and funding.”

Bp. George V. Murry of Youngstown.

Minnesota governor rejects measure to ensure safety of state abortion facilities

Christine Dhanagom Mon Apr 30 13:43 EST Abortion

Gov. Dayton called the bill "inappropriate and unworkable" when he vetoed it. An attempt to override the veto is a few votes short.

Tory minister: Abortion ‘cannot be eliminated’ and is ‘part of the human condition’

Patrick B. Craine Mon Apr 30 14:31 EST Abortion

Chief Government Whip Gordon O’Connor shocked pundits, with one labeling his address the “most stridently pro-choice speech of the debate.”

‘Click it or Ticket,’ but feel free to kill your baby

Susan Michelle Mon Apr 30 16:58 EST Opinion

Recently I bought a new (used) car. Mercy is a bit fancier than her predecessor, Gracie, and has a loud seatbelt beep.

Dilemma? What dilemma? The U.S. must protect Chen Guangcheng. Period.

Marianna Trzeciak, Esq. Mon Apr 30 16:27 EST Opinion

The Old Media are describing it as a “dilemma” for the U.S. that Chen has escaped imprisonment and fled to a U.S. embassy in China.

Rwandan official denies abortion legalization after country liberalizes abortion law

Christine Dhanagom Mon Apr 30 16:18 EST Abortion

Legalizing abortion "amounts to killing Rwandans and killing the future of Rwanda," the government minister said.

Obama refuses comment as Chen Guangcheng’s fate hangs in the balance

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Apr 30 15:13 EST Abortion

Meanwhile, Chen has released a video in which he details the abuses against himself and his wife during imprisonment.

23 years after the abortion that nearly cost me my life, I sought healing

Jewels Green Mon Apr 30 14:06 EST Opinion

Located atop a hill, surrounded by fields and trees, the retreat house was perfectly bucolic and remote.

UK pro-aborts enlist U.S. group to promote abortion training for physicians

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Apr 30 13:57 EST Abortion

A local pro-life activist says the decision “reflects the desperation of the abortion industry to recruit enough interest among medical students.”

Generation XXX: 13-year-old boy sexually abuses 5-year-old sister thanks to porn, says therapist

Kathleen Gilbert Mon Apr 30 12:18 EST Family

Therapists now say we're only beginning to scratch the surface of the havoc wreaked on this "Generation XXX" as it freely surfs the Internet.

Priests must break confessional seal: Irish government introduces anticipated bill

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Apr 30 11:23 EST Faith

A statement from the Vatican last August made it clear that under no circumstances whatever may a priest reveal what he learns in confession.

Is nature sexist?: radical feminists’ fierce war against fertility

Mary Rose Somarriba Mon Apr 30 09:50 EST Opinion

Is a new book, radical pro-abort Merle Hoffman admits that "abortion stops a beating heart," but argues that taking life is necessary for "reproductive freedom."

Australian father of seven to spend 8 months in jail for protecting unborn

Jason Rushton, Australia correspondent Mon Apr 30 06:58 EST Abortion

Daughter Suzannah, 8, said “I will miss him every day till he comes home in December, five days before Christmas. I will pray for him every night.”

U.S. Office, Inc.
4 Family Life Lane
Front Royal, VA 22630

Canada Office

104 Bond St, third floor

Toronto, Ontario M5B1X9



Any creature is better than what we have now! They seem to be more intelligent!

Celebrate Life March-April 2012

Transforming today’s nursing homes

By Mary Meehan

Is it possible to celebrate life when you are elderly, frail, and living in a nursing home? Staff at hundreds of nursing homes around the country now answer this question with a resounding “Yes!” They are transforming their institutions into truly homelike environments where residents experience the joys of life.

Change is not easy, though, nor quickly accomplished. Most current homes were built like hospitals, with long, depressing halls and large nursing stations. Transformation may include physical renovation: creating comfortable common areas; remaking a huge, institutional dining room into several small rooms that look and feel more like home; even removing a nursing station and replacing it with an indoor waterfall and pond.

Traditional homes usually have what eldercare reform leader Dr. William Thomas calls “a paramilitary command structure” that oppresses both nursing assistants and the seniors they help. Reformers change that by giving staff more respect and responsibility. They provide continuity and quality of care by assigning staff to cover specific residents. It takes much retraining and what advocates call “deep culture change” to replace old ways of doing things. But the change pays rich dividends: more contented residents, less drugging to control residents’ behavior, happier staff, and much less staff turnover.

What transformation looks like

Residents, like staff, receive more respect. Ideally, they have a major say in culture change. Staff often call them “elders”—in deference to their experience and wisdom. As changes are made, the elders regain the power to make decisions about their schedules, food, and other aspects of daily life. They are not treated as children or inmates.

Many transformed homes are linked to the Eden Alternative ( which advocates having children, plants, and pets in the homes. Some of the children are volunteers; others are in child-care centers in the homes or in locations nearby, so that seniors can interact with them often. As Dr. Thomas (founder of the Eden Alternative) has written, children’s “play, laughter, and song are potent medicines for the elderly” (Life Worth Living: How Someone You Love Can Still Enjoy Life in a Nursing Home, VanderWyk & Burnham, 1996).

The pets—cats, dogs, parakeets, cockatiels, rabbits, and more—also live in the homes and provide welcome companionship for residents. There are outdoor gardens, including ones that provide fresh vegetables for the seniors. (They are encouraged to help with gardening if they can.) The gardens really fit in, since the Eden Alternative is named for the garden of Eden.

Many other homes, though not affiliated with Eden, now challenge everything from rigid staff roles to loud buzzers and public-address systems. And instead of placing all elders on the same sleeping schedule, transformed homes let them stay up late at night and sleep late in the morning (or the opposite). Rolling Fields, an Eden home in rural western Pennsylvania, tried various approaches to accommodate everyone’s sleeping habits.

Cindy Godfrey, who runs the family-owned home with her sister, said they now have 24-hour meal service. “Our elders love it,” she reported. Another staff member at Rolling Fields said food wastage there is “much less” than before the change to 24-hour service. It was expensive and time-consuming to make the change, but the results are delightful for residents.

Godfrey continued, “We have removed all nursing stations. The home looks much less institutional, and the elders use the new ‘common areas’ to socialize and have coffee.” She said that the Eden philosophy is now “our way of life,” and “we try to do everything by thinking differently. It’s not a program anymore—it’s who we are.”

While the early stages of changing a nursing home involve extra costs, a successful transformation reduces drug costs and the great expense of rapid staff turnover. It also leads to higher occupancy rates and thus more income for the home. But renovation costs are such a challenge for some homes that a 2011 conference on culture change included a long session titled “When Renovation Isn’t Possible: Culture Change in the Traditional Home.” On the other hand, many homes can raise renovation money through the efforts of auxiliary groups, holding special fundraising events or drives, and obtaining foundation grants.

Transformed homes usually retain some typical nursing-home activities. “We would be shot if we didn’t have bingo!” an administrator once said. But many also make special efforts to get their folks out into the surrounding community. They load up their vans or busses, and take the elders on field trips to baseball games, state parks, harbor cruises, antique malls, county fairs, town festivals, parades, and picnics.

Bringing about transformation

The Eden and other transformed homes share a philosophy, but do not form one large chain. Some are for-profit, many are nonprofit, and a fair number are church-affiliated. Beth Baker, in an excellent book called
Old Age in a New Age: The Promise of Transformative Nursing Homes (Vanderbilt University Press, 2007), used a Catholic home in Seattle, Washington, as one of her top models. Providence Mount St. Vincent, faced with the common problem of an old and hospital-like building, made over one hallway into a “Main Street.” Strolling or wheeling down the “street,” elders and their guests can find an espresso bar, gift shop, thrift store, beauty parlor, child-care center, and more. Baker said there is even “a real park bench and street lamp.” The Mount kept its older chapel, though. When Baker “slipped in for a few moments of peace and serenity,” she noticed that a sister was wheeling many residents into the chapel for Mass.

Suppose a resident of a traditional nursing home or family members would like to see that home transformed. How should they go about it? Asked about this, Baker emphasized that “change will not happen unless the top administrator is on board.” She noted that “a group of family members and/or residents may exert more influence on an administrator than one individual” can. She added, “You might try organizing an event” and asking “the administrator to commit to participating.” The event could involve a guest speaker, video presentation, or book discussion on culture change.

When nursing-home administrators are ready to come on board, where should they go for more information? Baker’s suggestions included the Pioneer Network and Action Pact. She remarked that visits to transformational homes “are a great way to motivate and excite administrators.” Among the homes she recommended: Seattle’s Providence Mount St. Vincent; Meadowlark Hills in Manhattan, Kansas; and Fairport Baptist Homes in Fairport, New York. The websites she suggested offer reports on other successful transformations.

Much remains to be done, but exceptional nursing homes lead the way. Their staffs are positive, creative, and determined to keep changing for the better. The result? As one elder told Baker, these homes “are not where you come to die,” but “where you come to live.”   

Mary Meehan is a Maryland writer who has published widely on matters of life and death. Her website is



In the astonishment surrounding Chen Guangcheng’s extraordinary escape from house arrest, let us not forget why he was arrested: in

blind activist with family

2006 Chen exposed the Chinese government’s systematic, massive use of forced abortion and involuntary sterilization to enforce its “One Child Policy.” Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF) obtained a copy of Chen’s field notes and we released the first English translation of these notes at a Congressional Hearing on December 6, 2011. You can read The Chen Guangcheng Report here.

A member of Chen’s team, human rights attorney Teng Biao, drafted this 2005 investigative report into coercive family planning in Linyi City, Shandong Province. The report contains extensive witness statements from cases Chen and his team were investigating before Chen was jailed. In the report are detailed accounts regarding:

• a woman forcibly aborted and sterilized at seven months;
• villagers sleeping in fields to evade Family Planning Officials;
• Family Planning Officials who broke three brooms over the head of an elderly man;
• Family Planning Officials who forced a grandmother and her brother to beat each other; and
• The use of quota systems and the practice of “implication” – the detention, fining and torture of the extended family of One Child Policy “violators.”

The Chen Guangcheng report makes clear: the spirit of the Red Guards lives on in China’s Family Planning death machine. WRWF released the names of the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity, so that they can be held accountable before the world.

Apparently, things have not improved in Linyi since 2005. Just last month, a woman in Linyi was forcibly aborted at nine months. A photo of her full term baby floating in the bucket in which it was drowned circulated widely on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, eliciting widespread outrage. In April 2011, Family Planning Officials stabbed a man to death when attempting to seize his sister for a forced sterilization. In October 2011, a woman, six months pregnant, died during a forced abortion in Lijing County, also in Shandong Province.

Chen may be safe for the moment, but the women for whom he risked everything are not. Forced abortion is not a choice. It is official government rape. Until women in China are free to exercise perhaps their most fundamental right — the right to bear children — the nation of China will not be free. –Christian Newswire

Vatican Diary / The Holy Office puts the American sisters in the corner

The “liberal” leadership of the women religious of the United States has been effectively stripped of authority. By order of the pope. Here is the document from the congregation for the doctrine of the faith that explains how and why

by ***


Read it here:

New parents create 'bucket list' for baby with fatal illness

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 05:00 PM PDT

Instead of wallowing in sadness, Avery's parents decided to make the most of the time she has. "We can watch her die, or we can let her live," Michael said.

Pepsi stops using aborted fetal cell lines to test flavors

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 01:00 PM PDT

Hospital bullies mom to give up on unborn twins

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 10:45 AM PDT

The doctors at University Medical Center in El Paso, TX continually tell her she has made a bad decision, and refuse things she needs to prolong pregnancy.

Media ignores escaped Chinese activist's pro-life cause

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 09:15 AM PDT

Miracle mom survives massive blood loss, delivers healthy baby girl

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 08:53 AM PDT

Actress speaks out about lesbian rape, abortion

Posted: 30 Apr 2012 08:08 AM PDT

Vanessa Williams: [A child] doesn’t take away from the drive or the talent. You can make your life whatever you want with or without a child.

Growing concerns that UK will force churches to participate in gay 'marriage'

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 02:35 PM PDT


Have Your Mother’s Name And Yours
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Procession In Fatima

Add your mother’s and your name to our banner in time.

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As you know, Fatima, as the home of Our Lady’s Fatima message, is part and parcel to us here at America Needs Fatima. And so, naturally, we’re going to have several representatives there on such an important vigil and anniversary as the 95th Anniversary, May 12th – 13th, of Our Lady’s first apparition there.

And happy coincidence!…it’s also Mother’s Day this year.

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It will be an honor for us to do this for you, John, you who do so much to support Our Lady’s and America Needs Fatima’s cause in an America ever more needful of the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

This I pray for you, for your mother, and for the future of America.

God bless you!


Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima

April 30, 2012

Birmingham, AL – The Alabama Department of Public Health issued a press release today announcing the denial of an application to take over operations of the New Woman All Women abortion clinic that was ordered closed by the state after 76 pages of health code violations were discovered.


The consent agreement that ordered the closure provided for a transfer of ownership to a new applicant by May 4, 2012, with the proviso that the new applicant be unaffiliated with the current owner, Diane Derzis.


A letter sent last week to the ADPH by Life Legal Defense Foundation that was signed by CEC for Life, Operation Rescue, and other groups revealed connections between the new applicant, Ochata Management and its agent Marianne Kelley Rain-water and Derzis.


The ADPH stated in its release that an affiliation does in fact exist. It stated:

A business lease agreement that was submitted in support of the application includes a provision in regard to monthly rent whereby the landlord identified as the outgoing operator and tenant identified as the proposed new operator agreed to meet on a monthly basis to mutually determine the center's monthly income and monthly overhead. The provision further provides that the excess of monthly income over monthly overhead is to be considered as rent due and payable to the landlord.

"It's shocking that Derzis attempted to deceive the ADPH with such an obvious and shady ploy that would have allowed her to direct the clinic and collect all the clinic profits as 'rent' in full violation of the consent order," said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-life Nation.


"We are excited at this victory, but will remain vigilant in the event that these people try some other dirty deal to keep the mill open. We thank everyone who called and sent e-mails to Alabama authorities asking for them to reject this new license. Your voices were heard."


New Woman All Women came under scrutiny after pro-life activists documented two abortion patients being carried out of the clinic to awaiting ambulances on January 21, 2012, then filed complaints. The result was an inspection that found "multiple and serious violations of State Board of Health rules" according to the ADPH, prompting the order to close the clinic.


About Operation Rescue


Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America. Operation Rescue is now headquartered in a former abortion clinic that it bought and closed in 2006.  From there, Operation Rescue launches its innovative new strategies across the nation, exposing and closing abortion clinics through peaceful, legal means. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre-born in obedience to biblical mandates.Click here to support Operation Rescue.  

About Pro-Life Nation

Pro-Life Nation is an initiative of Operation Rescue that offers a goal-oriented strategy to end abortion.  For more visit and read our new booklet that details our strategy. 

Web site: 




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