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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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• Democrats Attack Pro-Lifers Ahead of Blunt Amendment Vote
• Washington Bill Forcing Abortion Coverage Moves Ahead

• Romney Wins GOP Election Victories in Michigan, Arizona

• House Cmte Votes to Repeal IPAB, Obama s Death Panels

More Pro-Life News
• Obama Killing Women s Health Program to Fund Planned Parenthood
• Mitt Romney Supports Blunt Amdt to Overturn Obama Mandate
• Obama Mandate Panel Never Considered Conscience Clause
• Exit Polling: Republicans Pro-Life, Want Abortion Illegal
• As More Planned Parenthood Centers Close, Abortions Decline
• 911 Calls Show Botched Abortions Severely Injured Women
• Pro-Abortion Snowe Retires, Will Pro-Lifers Win the Senate?
• Setting the Record Straight on Ultrasounds and Abortion
• Attacking Religion: Obama s Birth Control Bait and Switch
• Nigerian Man Arraigned, Did Forced Abortion on Girlfriend

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Democrats Attack Pro-Lifers Ahead of Blunt Amendment Vote
Leading Democrats are aggressively attacking pro-life advocates and lawmakers who want a vote on the Blunt Amendment tomorrow to mitigate the problems associated with the new mandate pro-abortion President Barack Obama put in place.

Leading pro-life organizations are continuing to push the Blunt amendment in the Senate to respond to the mandate the Obama administration issued that forces religious groups to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions for employees.

But, yesterday, pro-abortion Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, while agreeing to a vote on the amendment, attacks Republicans for wanting to protect religious liberty essentially calling them Neanderthals for wanting it.

It s hard to understand why my Republican colleagues think this topic deserves to be debated in the first place, Reid told reporters. Once we put this extreme, distracting proposal behind us, I m hoping my Republican colleagues will stop living in the past and join us this year, 2012, and help us create jobs.

Washington Bill Forcing Abortion Coverage Moves Ahead
The bill the Washington state House approved that would require that any insurance policy sold to state residents for maternity coverage also require policyholders to pay for coverage of abortions has been approved by a state Senate committee.

The measure forces all individuals to purchase and all businesses sell abortion insurance coverage on a maternity plan. The Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2330 passed from the House floor 52-46 and then passed through several Senate hurdles to end up in the Ways and Means committee.

Monday evening, the Senate Ways and Means Committee passed ESHB 2330 to the Senate Rules Committee without recommendation. It passed along party lines with the 13 Democrats supporting it and 8 Republicans voting no.

Romney Wins GOP Election Victories in Michigan, Arizona
Mitt Romney pulled out two election victories Tuesday night in the Republican primary election for the right to take on pro-abortion President Barack Obama this November winning in both Michigan and Arizona.

The southwestern state that normally trends for Republicans in the general election was the first to be called on this election night and the former Massachusetts governor won the state with the support of 50 percent of GOP voters there. With 43 percent of the vote counted, Rick Santorum placed second with 23 percent, Newt Gingrich pulled a third place finish with 17 percent and Ron Paul finished fourth with 8 percent.

Exit polling in Arizona showed 38 percent of voters said electability was the candidate quality that matters most. Twenty percent said strong character was the most important, while 22 percent said the having the right experience, and 16 percent said being a true conservative.

House Cmte Votes to Repeal IPAB, Obama s Death Panels
Lawmakers on a House health subcommittee began the process of reversing one of the more contentious parts of Obamacare today as they approved bipartisan legislation to repeal the cost control board that has been derisively called death panels by detractors.

The Energy and Commerce Health subcommittee voted 17-5, according to a report in The Hill, with pro-abortion lawmakers Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey and Rep. Edolphus Towns joining with Republicans to vote to end the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Votes in full committee and on the House floor to repeal the board from Obamacare are expected by the end of March.

Rep. Joe Pitts, a pro-life Pennsylvania Republican, opened the subcommittee hearing meeting, the Hill report indicated, by arguing that the IPAB would make it more difficult to administer Medicare policy, saying, Supporters of IPAB tell us there is nothing wrong with having 15 unelected bureaucrats making binding decisions about Medicare policy.

Obama Killing Women s Health Program to Fund Planned Parenthood
The Obama Administration is showing its loyalties. And it is not to women. It is to Planned Parenthood.

The Texas Legislature and Governor Rick Perry have authorized the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to continue the Medicaid Women s Health Program (WHP). The program, which the HHSC points out provides preventative health services to more than 100,000 low-income women annually, is set to expire in March 2012. Those services include contraceptives, STD testing, and screening for hypertension, diabetes, and breast and cervical cancers,

The HHSC has applied to the Obama Administration for an extension of the program through 2013, with the condition that no funding go to organizations that perform or promote elective abortions or are affiliated with such organizations. Of the more than 1,000 certified WHP providers across the state, this rule excludes fewer than 100 Planned Parenthood providers. The State has an interest in not promoting abortion when it promotes birth control. the fact that Planned Parenthood performs many thousands of elective abortions every year in its 14 abortion facilities in Texas was not lost on the Legislature.

Mitt Romney Supports Blunt Amdt to Overturn Obama Mandate
A reporter tried to trip up Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney today with a question that falsely described the Blunt Amendment that pro-life groups are pushing for in the Senate tomorrow to stop Obama s HHS mandate.

Jim Heath, a reporter for ONN-TV in Ohio, sent a message on Twitter causing a ruckus claiming Romney did not support the mandate, saying, ALERT: Mitt Romney tells ONN he would not vote for senate bill which would allow employers to deny coverage for birth control.

Romney told Heath, I m not for the bill. But, look, the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions about contraception within a relationship between a man and a woman, husband and wife, I m not going there.

However, according to the Washington Post, which ran an erroneous headline claiming, Romney comes out against Blunt amendment posted the question Health asked.

Obama Mandate Panel Never Considered Conscience Clause
During a Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday night, Representative Sandy Adams questioned Dr. Linda Rosenstock, chair of the Preventive Services for Women Committee of the Institute of Medicine (IOM), about the Obama administration s Health and Human Services (HHS) controversial mandate.

At the request of the HHS Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, the IOM assembled a committee to provide information and to recommend preventative services for women to be included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 a committee on which Dr. Rosenstock served.

Rosenstock admitted that the IOM panel that put together the mandate that targets religious liberties admitted that it never considered adding a conscience clause.

During the hearing, Dr. Rosenstock admitted to Adams that meetings which were instrumental in shaping the Obama administration s unconstitutional HHS mandate were held behind closed doors and that transcripts from the meeting have not been made public, Adam said. Additionally, Dr. Rosenstock confessed that the committee did not consider any conscience clause or religious exemptions during its meetings.

Exit Polling: Republicans Pro-Life, Want Abortion Illegal
Exit polling data from both Michigan and Arizona show Republicans are strongly pro-life and want to see most or all abortions made illegal. The results are consistent with polls taken in previous elections.

As More Planned Parenthood Centers Close, Abortions Decline
Karen Hildebrand, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of West Texas, claimed that we are gonna see an increase in abortion rates upon the closing of a Planned Parenthood facility in Odessa, Texas.

911 Calls Show Botched Abortions Severely Injured Women
New evidence obtained through an open records request indicates an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama downplayed the seriousness of the conditions of two women who suffered from botched abortions and required emergency vehicles to transport them to the hospital.

Pro-Abortion Snowe Retires, Will Pro-Lifers Win the Senate?
Late Monday afternoon, Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) sent shockwaves through Washington when she announced she would not seek reelection to the US Senate in November.

Setting the Record Straight on Ultrasounds and Abortion
The media has grossly misrepresented the Women s Right to Know Act (House Bill 1077) in Pennsylvania. When a woman faces a decision as grave and irrevocable as abortion, she deserves to have the full range of information relating to her pregnancy and her unborn child ahead of time.

Attacking Religion: Obama s Birth Control Bait and Switch
With the exception of Catholics and others in the religious community that closely follow such issues, few people took note of the Obama administration s rhetorical shift from freedom of religion to freedom of worship in 2010. This seemingly innocuous modification carried with it significant implications, however, as Ashley Samelson of the Becket Fund explained in an article for First Things.

Nigerian Man Arraigned, Did Forced Abortion on Girlfriend
A 25-year-old Nigerian man was brought before the Chief Magistrates Court in Abuja, Nigeria on Monday to face charges for conspiracy and for performing a forced abortion on his girlfriend.

Looking for a Pro-Life Speaker?
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TULSA, Okla., Feb. 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Tuesday, Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre of Tulsa, disregarding the decorum due to her office, held up a sign at an anti-Personhood Amendment rally that read “If I wanted the government in my womb I’d f— a senator.” The senator posed smiling widely for photographs with the anti-personhood protesters whose sign she had borrowed.

“The Personhood issue often provokes strong language from all sides,” commented Dan Skerbitz, president of Personhood Oklahoma. “But this display of vulgarity from a sitting senator is truly shocking. It is more evidence of the hardness of heart behind a movement that would deny the right of a helpless pre-born baby to be recognized and protected by the law as a human person.”

“This makes it obvious that their moral compass is broken,” continued Skerbirtz. “It is not surprising that a world view that finds such comments acceptable is not above lying about the Personhood Amendment or its possible effects on the lives of Oklahomans. Those who oppose the concept of personhood in Oklahoma are showing their true colors.”


New York, Feb. 28, 2012 – New York’s Agnus Dei and Regina Coeli councils of the Knights of Columbus announced today that they will sponsor a Pontifical Mass for Life on the Feast of the Annunciation at Manhattan’s Church of the Holy Innocents. His Excellency, James C. Timlin, bishop emeritus of Scranton, will celebrate the Pontifical Mass and administer Confirmations in a separate ceremony beforehand.

This Pontifical Mass is one event in the Knights of Columbus’ international observance of “The Day of the Unborn Child” on the Feast of the Annunciation. Throughout the world, Knights of Columbus councils mark the day by attending Mass, praying the Rosary, and speaking out against the evil of abortion and in favor of all unborn children and their mothers.

According to council spokesman Richard Janniello, this is the fourth year the New York Knights have sponsored a special Mass that celebrates not only the archangel Gabriel’s Annunciation to Mary but also the Incarnation of Jesus Christ Our Lord.

“Even more than Christmas,” explained the Rev. Thomas Kallumady, pastor of the Church of the Holy Innocents, “the Feast of the Annunciation and Incarnation is the preeminent pro-life feast in the Catholic calendar.” “It reminds us every year,” he added “that just as Our Lord’s human life was sacred — nine months before His birth — at the very moment of His conception in Mary’s womb, so too is all human life.”

In 2012, the Feast of the Annunciation is observed on Monday, March 26, because the traditional date of the feast falls on a Sunday. Before Mass, there will be a Rosary for Life at 5:45 PM. Confirmations will be at 6:00 PM. The Pontifical Mass begins immediately after Confirmations. The Church of the Holy Innocents, home to New York City’s Shrine of the Unborn, is located at 128 W. 37th Street.

Bishop Timlin will celebrate the Pontifical Mass at the faldstool according to the Roman Missal of 1962, the form of the Catholic Church’s Mass in Latin before the Second Vatican Council. Organist and choirmaster, Pedro d’Aquino, will lead the schola and choir singing Missa O soberana luz by Portugese composer Filipe de Magalhães (c1571-1652). Singers from both councils will join the schola and men from the Regina Coeli council will serve the Mass.

WHAT: Pontifical Mass for Life
WHERE: The Church of the Holy Innocents, 128 W. 37th Street, Manhattan
WHEN: Monday, March 26th at 6:00 PM (Rosary for Life at 5:45 PM)
Reception to follow in the Church Hall

For more information, call (212) 279-5861 or visit or

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Contraceptive costs causing law students to go broke?


Posted: 29 Feb 2012 09:21 AM PST

Georgetown student's controversial congressional testimony claims "without federally-funded contraception, we'd all be broke,"

Pro-Abortion Snowe Retires, Will Pro-Lifers Win the Senate?


Posted: 29 Feb 2012 07:19 AM PST

Some of the retiring Senator's worst offenses include voting against the ban on partial-birth abortion, against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and against the Mexico City policy, which purported to ban use of US dollars to fund foreign abortions.

Fighting sex-trafficking in hotels, one room at a time


Posted: 29 Feb 2012 06:50 AM PST

Kimberly Ritter has become a force in the international anti-trafficking movement, where she uses her expertise to identify the mainstream middle-end and high-end hotels used by traffickers. She negotiates with hotels to fight trafficking at their properties, while also trying to convince hotel general managers that it's good business to fight trafficking.

Russia defunds late-term ‘social abortions’


Posted: 29 Feb 2012 06:47 AM PST

he Russian government has cut off funding for most late-term abortions that are done for “social” reasons, in a move that may signal more restrictions to come.

Cali. bill seeks to allow nurses, midwives to perform vacuum abortions


Posted: 29 Feb 2012 06:44 AM PST

Nurses and midwives would be able to carry out early abortions in California, under a bill proposed by a Democratic state senator. State Sen. Christine Kehoe (D-San Diego) wants non-doctors to be allowed to perform aspiration abortions during the first trimester, The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

Huffpo slammed for disgusting, bigoted anti-Catholic column


Posted: 29 Feb 2012 06:30 AM PST

"If such an article was written concerning the Islamic or Jewish faith, the public outcry would be overwhelming, and rightly so. But anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable form of bigotry, and The Huffington Post is taking advantage of that bigotry for all it's worth."

Women oppose contraception mandate on legal, medical grounds


Posted: 29 Feb 2012 06:26 AM PST

Women in fields ranging from law to medicine denounced the Obama administration's contraception mandate, arguing that it violates religious freedom and promotes a culture that degrades women.

Christian model takes on racy Cosmo


Posted: 29 Feb 2012 06:21 AM PST

As a rising star in the modeling world, Nicole Weider found out the hard way it was not all fun and glamour. Now, she's on a mission to expose fashion's dark side, even taking on the ever popular Cosmopolitan magazine.



Posted: 28 Feb 2012 02:10 PM PST

Choice does not have value in itself. The freedom to choose is a hallmark of liberty, but liberty is for something. Choice is like the action of sharpening an axe: after a while, you need to stop sharpening and start chopping wood.

Virginia Senate Passes Ultrasound Abortion Bill


Posted: 28 Feb 2012 01:50 PM PST

A bill requiring women seeking abortions in Virginia to undergo an ultrasound first has the approval of the state Senate.

Pro-Life Today Header
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Different Name but Same Mission    

Life Choices Women's Care was originally founded as the Lutz-Land O'Lakes Pregnancy Center in May 2009 by three people from two Catholic churches who envisioned a pregnancy resource center in their community. Just north of Hillsborough County (which includes Tampa) is Pasco County, Florida. Pasco County does not have an abortion mill, but neither did it have a pregnancy resource center, and women were traveling to Hillsborough for abortions. Within months, four Catholic parish respect life committees and several other Christian churches were supporting the original founders in both their vision and mission to help women in an unplanned pregnancy choose life for their babies. It opened its doors to its first clients in August 2009 and the need was immediately apparent. This past year has been one of remarkable growth and change. 

[Click here to read more.]







Jill Stanek

WARNING: Post rated R. 
YouTube removed American Life League's video investigative report on Planned Parenthood's perverted, taxpayer-funded, K-12 "sex education" propaganda after receiving a complaint about a copyrighted photo. Here's the back story on that particular photo.

Park Record

Utah's school children may have to go somewhere besides school to learn about alternative methods of family planning after a bill banning talk of contraceptives in health class was approved by the State House of Representatives with a vote of 45-to-28. . . . Representative Mel Brown said, "I think someone should have an input in what our students are taught in sex ed besides Planned Parenthood. This is the Legislature's way of making sure we have some input in students' education."

NY Daily News

A batch of birth control pills manufactured in India for US distribution has been recalled due to a packaging error that could make the pills ineffective, US health authorities said on Monday. Seven lots of generic norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol tablets were recalled by Glenmark Generics Inc. USA, the Food and Drug Administration said.




Friends, I made a short video update to share with you about what we’re working on right now. Please share the efforts and help get others involved. (Like the video if you can – we always get a lot of ‘thumbs downs’.)

TALKING POINTS: Links Between Porn & Sex Trafficking
Pornography is used as a “tool” to train young children and women so that they will “know” what to do in performing sex acts.
Often, the forced sexual acts between the prostituted woman/child and the John will be filmed and photographed and then shared elsewhere.
Studies show that pornography users often seek to act out what they have viewed in porn. Often their partners will not engage in such acts, so they seek it elsewhere – increasing the demand for trafficked women and children to be prostituted.
Pimps are operating more and more online as it becomes easier to connect with potential buyers and to remain anonymous. Popular websites like and have become “virtual brothels” where one can quickly find prostituted women and children to engage in sex acts.
As addictions to pornography increase, users seek harder and harder material. There is a recent boom in the availability of “live” porn as trafficked children and women are forced to perform “on-demand” sex acts in front of web cameras as “Johns” or porn users watch.
Porn users do not and cannot distinguish between trafficked women, prostitutes, and porn stars.
Pornography fuels the global sex trade by driving demand into the mainstream of society.


NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Priests for Life is organizing the New York City Rally for Religious Freedom, to be held on Friday, March 23 at the Federal Hall National Memorial at noon. This rally is meant to call public attention to the fact that the Obama Administration, through the Department of Health and Human Services, has launched an unprecedented assault on religious freedom by requiring groups like Priests for Life, and virtually all employers, to provide insurance coverage for actions that many of them believe people should not do.

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, stated, “We are proud not only to organize the New York City Rally, but to have been involved from day one in the organization of the nationwide movement to have these rallies. I want to commend my long-time colleagues and friends Eric Scheidler (Pro-life Action League) and Monica Miller (Citizens for a Pro-life Society) for having the initial vision to call for these rallies and for providing the guidance nationwide to cities that will be joining.”

Priests for Life, through its national networks of clergy and laity, is promoting participation in these rallies nationwide, as one of the member groups of the Coalition to Stop the HHS Mandate. Priests for Life is also among the first of several Catholic organizations that have filed federal lawsuits to block enforcement of the HHS mandate and have it declared unconstitutional.

Federal Hall National Memorial is at 26 Wall Street in Manhattan.

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit



Mary Vitamin for February 29th

Topic: Second Station – Jesus Accepts the Cross



Mary of Agreda

The image of [Mary's] divine Son, thus wounded, defiled and bound, remained so firmly fixed and imprinted in the soul of our Queen, that during her life it was never effaced, and remained in her mind as distinctly, as if She were continually beholding Him with her own eyes.
Mystical City of God, Volume III


(Tan Books: 2006), 573.

Pontius Pilate,
Behold the Man!

Father Faber
[V]erily there was need that some one should testify that He was man, who, if He had been only Man could never have survived the crushing of the winepress which the threefold pressure of His Father, of demons, and of men had inflicted upon Him. Then rose over the crowded piazza that wild yell of blasphemous rejection by His own people, which still rings in our ears, still echoes in history, still dwells even in the savage frightfulness of its reality.
The Foot of the Cross, (Tan Books: 1978), 206.

One time today, when presented with a difficulty or with my Lenten resolution, I will try to be like Our Lady who silently and courageously accepted the Cross of Her Son and united Her heart to it.

Marian Vow:
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
No other grace can be compared with that of carrying the cross out of love for our Lord.
The Thoughts and Saying of Saint Margaret Mary, (Tan Books: 1986), 79.

I give this resolution to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Thanks be to God for graces received.

Lent Revisited

“What are you giving up?” Any Catholic who grew up in the “pre-Vatican II” era would immediately know what this question is referring to—especially if you attended a parochial school taught by nuns. It means, “What are you giving up for Lent?” The answer of most school kids back then was somewhat the same—candy, soda, or television. Although the good sisters suggested that giving up fighting with our siblings would be even better, I personally thought that was just a bit too much to give up.

Isn’t it true how easily we can get attached to things. Now that the cell phone has become mainstream and no longer a status symbol, I know there are some of you who might get more than annoyed if you had to give it up! Soon kids will be asking, “What was life like before cell phones. I mean, how did people contact you when you weren’t home?” How true it is—we quickly become best buddies with comfort and convenience; yet as you know, there is always a price we must pay.

Lent is a time to look at our attachments—and not only material things or objects—but attitudes. As our doctors can now scan our bodies looking for problems, this is the time to ask for some help to “scan our souls” and to look deep within for things which can be suspicious and maybe malignant. No doubt, some of our readers are quite comfortable with such examinations and are quick to get at the problem area. Some, for example, have a spat with their spouse; yet they never allow the sun to set on their anger. Instead, the whole affair ends with an apology and a goodnight kiss. Others, however, refuse to admit any guilt and spend years in a cold war. These couples have become quite comfortable with their illness.

Have you ever had something—an article of clothing, for example—that spends most of its life hanging on for dear life in a dark closet or buried in some overstuffed drawer? Maybe it was a gift from grandma or a hand-me-down which once belonged to dear ol’ dad. While our prized possession serves no other purpose but to take up space, the chilling thought of getting rid of our family heirloom borders on sacrilege or treason. Of course, occasionally we take out our treasure and try it on; it is stretched here and it sags there, and it may be just a bit threadbare at the elbows, but besides the broken zipper and a few missing buttons, it looks almost new! Maybe, just maybe, you will wear it in when the weather warms up a bit.

Friends, today we enter the liturgical season of Lent. Lent is an old English word, “lengthen,” which means “springtime.” Lent commemorates the time Our Lord fasted and prayed and was tempted in the desert; therefore, it is a time characterized by prayer, reflection, fasting and abstinence. Our interior attitude or spiritual posture is expressed in the somber violet which is worn by the priest and which decorates the sanctuary. Lent is, in essence, a time to look inside ourselves and open that interior dark closet and overstuffed drawer. It is a time to ask ourselves if we have become accustomed and attached to what is obviously ugly and outdated.

If you are serious about spring cleaning your soul, you must be honest and objective. This is why an extra set of eyes and expert advise is always helpful when making decisions about what stays put and what is put into the garbage. This is but one reason we have the sacrament of confession—we don’t have to do the dirty work alone. This means, instead of going to confession with our wrinkled and weary list of sins, we go in “with a pen and pad,” which means an attitude of openness and a desire to get the job done right. This task begins and is made easy by asking a simple question: “Father, can you help me make a good confession?”

Maybe if we ask for help, we may not only find more junk than we expected, we just might find more room within us for peace and joy. So there they hang—uglier than grandma’s kelly green sweater or dad’s plaid jacket—guilt, shame, anger, lust, resentment. So, what are you giving up this Lent?

God bless you,

Fr.Glenn Sudano, CFR
Most Blessed Sacrament Friary
Newark, NJ