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Thomas More Society
Court victory for New York pro-life advocates

Matt C. Abbott
Matt C. Abbott
July 21, 2018

Below is a July 21 news release (slightly edited) from Tom Ciesielka, spokesman for the Thomas More Society.

A federal judge in New York has delivered a victory for attorneys from the Thomas More Society and a group of peaceful pro-life advocates in an unsubstantiated harassment lawsuit brought against them by former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

The federal lawsuit, filed in June 2017, charged the peaceful pro-life sidewalk counselors – who offer abortion- bound women information on life-affirming alternatives – with “a weekly pattern of threatening, obstructive and violent activity.” The charges were brought despite lack of evidence of any of the purported threats, harassment, or groping that the prosecution had claimed occurred outside of the Choices Medical Clinic abortion facility in Jamaica, Queens.

Former Attorney General Schneiderman justified his claims under the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, or FACE Act. Schneiderman had sought both a preliminary and a permanent injunction, compensatory damages, and additional monetary penalties against the pro-life advocates.

Thomas More Society Special Counsel Martin Cannon, who represented ten sidewalk counselors who are members of the Church@TheRock in Brooklyn, New York, explained the problems with Schneiderman’s case:

    • ‘The FACE Act specifically exempts constitutionally protected advocacy from its prohibitions. U.S. District Judge Carol Bagley Amon obviously agreed. After a three-week trial on the preliminary injunction, she issued a 103-page opinion, systematically rejecting the credibility of the state’s witnesses, the merits of the state’s arguments, and the request for the injunction itself.’

Kenneth Griepp, senior pastor at Church@TheRock and one of the defendants in the lawsuit, declared:

    • ‘We thank the Lord that our life-affirming work to counsel women considering abortion was upheld in federal court. As Christians who seek to honor Jesus, like Him, we will continue to offer compassion to those who see abortion as the only way out of an unexpected pregnancy. We said from the beginning that the charges against us were baseless and an offense to the First Amendment. We are grateful for the court’s thoughtful and detailed opinion that vindicates our rights. I speak for all the Church@TheRock pro-life sidewalk counselors when I say that we are also grateful for the superb and committed representation we have received from the attorneys at the Thomas More Society.’

Notable witnesses brought by Schneiderman in the case included “Millionaire Abortionist” Merle Hoffman, who testified that pro-life advocates should be considered the “American Taliban,” and an abortion clinic escort whose testimony was proven to be borrowed from another escort’s description of different events at a different clinic, involving different pro-life counselors, from a time prior to onset of the Church@TheRock’s activities outside of the Choices abortion clinic.

Thomas More Society attorneys praise the decision. Cannon stated:

    • ‘We believe the court had clear recognition of what was happening in this case: The former attorney general, whose support of the abortion lobby is well-documented, was pushing a narrative not supported by the evidence. The case was an abuse of the rights of peaceful New York citizens, whose rights Mr. Schneiderman had a duty to protect, not attack.’

Despite lack of evidence from his yearlong surveillance and targeted action plan, Schneiderman charged these sidewalk counselors with threats, obstruction and violence, which Cannon labeled as “a grotesque level of falsity.” He added that he viewed the purpose of Schneiderman’s suit as being “to shut down their advocacy and get them off the sidewalk.”

Click here to read the Memorandum & Order.




July 21, 2018
From Denis:
Mary TV will stream LIVE Archbishop Hoser celebrating Mass in Medjugorje tomorrow, July 22nd, beginning his mission as the Apostolic Visitor for Medjugorje….

7:00pm Medjugore time at !
Let’s respond to a recent invitation by Fr. Marinko Sakota, OFM, Pastor of St. James Parish in Medjugorje:

On May 31, 2018, the Holy Father appointed Archbishop Henryk Hoser, former Special Envoy of the Holy See as the Apostolic Visitor with a special role for the parish of Medjugorje.

Archbishop Hoser will begin his mission in Medjugorje with the solemn Holy Mass on Sunday, July 22 at 7 pm.
We invite all parishioners and pilgrims to come and take part in this solemn Holy Mass celebration on Sunday evening.

Spread word to family and friends to pray and stand with the parish and Our Lady at this historic moment!

God bless,

Denis Nolan
Mary TV
PS. Here is a news release from Vatican News Service about Archbishop Hoser’s new role in Medjugorje:
Pope’s envoy to Medjugorje begins his ministry
Archbishop Henryk Hoser, appointed by Pope Francis as Apostolic Visitor to St James Parish in Medjugorje, begins his assignment on Sunday.
By Sr Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp
Archbishop Henryk Hoser, retired Archbishop of Warsaw-Prague in Poland, begins his mandate on Sunday as Apostolic Visitor to St James Parish in Medjugorje. He will inaugurate his ministry with solemn Mass in the evening [July 22, 2018] and has invited all of the faithful and pilgrims present to participate.
First mandate
Archbishop Hoser was first appointed by Pope Francis as a special envoy from the Holy See to St James Parish on 11 February 2017. At that time the Holy See’s Press Office stated that the mission entrusted to the then Archbishop of Warsaw-Prague “has the aim of acquiring a deeper knowledge of the pastoral situation there and above all, of the needs of the faithful who go there in pilgrimage, and on the basis of this, to suggest possible pastoral initiatives for the future. The mission will therefore have an exclusively pastoral character.” The statement said that his mandate was expected to conclude by the end of summer 2017.
The same day the Press Office released this statement, Director Greg Burke underlined that “the mission of the Special Envoy is a sign of the Holy Father’s attention toward the pilgrims. The scope is not inquisitorial, but strictly pastoral. The Envoy will not enter into questions regarding the Marian apparitions, which are the competence of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. He will be in contact with the diocesan bishop, the Franciscan Friars Minor – to whom the parish of Medjugorje is entrusted – and with the faithful of the area.” And he concluded, “It is a mission for the pilgrims, not against anyone”.
Second mandate
Pope Francis nominated Archbishop Hoser a second time “as special apostolic visitor for the parish of Medjugorje” on 31 May 2018. According to the statement released by the Holy See’s Press Office, the mandate will last for “an undefined period and ad nutum Sanctae” (at the Holy See’s disposition).
Once again, Archbishop Hoser will exercise “an exclusively pastoral office” in continuity with his first mandate which came to an end recently.  The Holy See’s Press Office explains, “the mission of the Apostolic Visitor has the aim of ensuring a stable and continuous accompaniment to the parish community of Medjugorje and to the faithful who go there as pilgrims, and whose needs require particular attention.”

PPS.  To make way for this special presentation, Mary TV will not stream the Parish Climb up Podbrdo tomorrow, and our “live” schedule will be:
(Medjugorje time)
3:00 pm – Hour of Mercy
4:00 pm – Daily Rosary with Denis and Cathy
6:00 pm – Evening Rosary at St. James Church
7:00 pm – Holy Mass with Archbishop Hoser

TheBecketFund for religious liberty
support TheBecketFund
         A Message from Becket’s Executive Director
                                                                                                                    July 20, 2018
Dear Friends,

I write to you on the heels of a remarkable victory. On July 15, after several all-nighters and under intense time pressure, our attorneys won permanent protection for the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops against the outrageous demands of an abortion group.

In June, the abortion group, Whole Woman’s Health, sued the State of Texas, seeking the right to dispose of aborted human remains in landfills or sewers, rather than by burial or cremation. Seeking to care for unborn children and needy mothers, the Texas Bishops offered to help the State by providing free burial in any Catholic cemetery.

The abortion group then tried to use its lawsuit to punish the Bishops by forcing them to hand over sensitive internal communications about religious doctrine. In a swift back-and-forth, the trial judge ordered the Bishops to hand over their conversations; Becket filed an emergency appeal in the Fifth Circuit. This week, the Court gave the Bishops permanent protection, saying that the order had violated the Bishops’ rights by imposing a “‘Hobson’s choice’ of retreating from the public square or defending its position.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court wound down its term by upholding free speech in three major cases. NIFLA protected pro-life organizations’ right to speak freely about abortion. Masterpiece affirmed a Colorado cake baker’s right to step aside from promoting same-sex marriage in violation of his religious beliefs. Janus protected public-sector workers from being forced to pay for speech by unions they oppose. These cases were different needles with the same thread. All stood up against government-imposed speech—and won.

Finally, there was Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement. We are following Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation process with great interest and are optimistic that the Court will move to take religious liberty and free speech cases even more seriously in the future.

What’s happening at Becket:

SCOTUS to Baltimore: You (still) can’t control private speech. Back in January, we won a major victory at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals for a pro-life pregnancy center. The City of Baltimore then appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking to force the pregnancy center to display government signs about abortion. In June, the Supreme Court denied the City’s appeal, reminding the City that, no, the government cannot dictate pro-life pregnancy centers’ speech.

Churches can choose their leaders. We continue to build on our unanimous 2012 victory in Hosanna-Tabor, affirming the right of churches to choose their leaders. On July 12, Becket represented Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church in federal appellate court, defending the church’s right to remove a pastor who had failed in his leadership and stewardship of the church. We expect a decision within the year.

#KidsRightsNotFights. In one of Becket’s cases defending faith-based foster care, the ACLU has sued the State of Michigan for partnering with Catholic foster and adoption agencies, putting hundreds of vulnerable children at risk of never finding permanent homes. On July 12, Becket represented St. Vincent Catholic Charities, Shamber Flore, and the Buck family in district court to defend faith-based agencies and the vital work they do in placing children in loving homes.

Can’t get enough of the Little Sisters? Neither can we. That’s why we’re telling the behind-the-scenes story, complete with Sister Constance’s take, on our podcast. Listen here.

Becket in the news:

Profile of a Lion of the Law. The Wall Street Journal writes that Leonard Leo, Becket’s 2017 Canterbury Medalist, is “indispensable” to President Trump when it comes to advice on judicial appointments.

The end doesn’t justify the means. Becket’s Diana Verm explains why a “good” ruling decided in the wrong way—in this case, for the “In God We Trust” motto—can have damaging repercussions on religious liberty.

They’re onto us. The New York Times has finally caught on that Becket defends religious liberty for all—and why it’s a winning strategy.

What Becket is reading:

Why liberals can get behind Kavanaugh. Yale Law Professor Akhil Reed Amar takes to the New York Times to explain why President Trump’s Supreme Court pick is “a superb nominee.”

How to keep up with 140 (and counting) state bills. Deseret News has compiled an outstanding, clear, and thorough list of 140 bills related to religious liberty across the country. See the list here, easily sortable by state or topic (adoption, campus, health care, and more).

The Hobby Lobby facts speak for themselves. An exchange on Twitter exposed a New Republic writer’s ignorance about our Supreme Court victory in Hobby Lobby and the Green family’s beliefs about contraceptives—and how the truth gives her “some thinking to do.” The Washington Examiner writes it up.

Not a half-baked decision. Commentary Magazine writes on Justice Kennedy’s Supreme Court career and how it led to the majority opinion in the Masterpiece case.



Montse Alvarado
Executive Director
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Friday, July 20, 2018

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Looking for an inspiring and motivating speaker for your pro-life event? Don’t have much to spend on a high-priced speaker costing several thousand dollars? Contact about having LifeNews Editor Steven Ertelt speak at your event.


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(c)Mary TV 2014


July 20, 2018
St. Apollinaris, Bishop and Martyr

Dear Family of Mary!

May 25, 2018 “Dear children! In this peaceless time, I am calling you to have more trust in God who is your Father in Heaven and who has sent me to lead you to Him. You, open your hearts to the gifts which He desires to give you and, in the silence of your heart, Adore my Son Jesus who has given His life so that you may live in eternity – where He desires to lead you. May your hope be the joy of a meeting with the Most High in everyday life. Therefore, I am calling you: do not neglect prayer because prayer works miracles. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

(This message can be a good outline for meditation. I have presented it in segments, so that we can take time and let our prayer reveal to us the words of life that Our Lady has given us.)

“Dear children!
(Do I understand how very much Our Lady is my mother? I am her child. How can I live more in the understanding of Mary as my mother?)
In this peaceless time,
(These days are peaceless. How do I experience the peacelessness of this time? Is it through the news? Is it in my family? Is it in my community or parish? Help me, Lord to understand this lack of peace.)
I am calling you to have more trust in God
(Help me to look at my life and discover where I am not trusting God. What things do I still hold on to as my own affairs? How can I give everything in my life to God?)
who is your Father in Heaven
(Even as I comprehend Mary as my mother, I must understand that God, the Father, is my father. He loves me as His child. I can ask Him anything. He wants me to talk to Him about everything in my life. Teach me to converse with you, Father in Heaven.)
and who has sent me to lead you to Him.
(Do I realize that Our Lady is here in Medjugorje, and that she has been sent by the Father. She has come to lead us all to Him. She has been sent on a rescue mission. We need to be rescued.)
You, open your hearts to the gifts which He desires to give you
(Opening myself to God’s action in my life is not easy. What holds me back from opening up to the Father? Fear? Laziness? Distractions? Lack of love? What keeps me from wanting His gifts?)
and, in the silence of your heart, adore my Son Jesus
(Oh Jesus, I adore You…………)
who has given His life so that you may live in eternity –
(Oh Jesus, I love you….)
where He desires to lead you.
(Oh Jesus, I long to be with you in eternity…. Lead me….)
May your hope be the joy of a meeting with the Most High in everyday life.
(Everyday life can be so dull, so sad, so hard. Without You, Lord, there is nothing really that matters. But when you break into my day, showing me that you are near, that you are with me, it is as if the lights go on! Please, meet me every day in the everyday of my life!)
Therefore, I am calling you: do not neglect prayer
(Neglect. It is a very sad word. We can neglect our garden, so that everything dies. We can neglect our friends so that they stop loving us. We can neglect our studies so that we fail. But if we neglect prayer, we are neglecting ourselves, because it is in prayer that we meet our God, who loves us and can save us. May we not be sad due to our neglect of you, Jesus.)
because prayer works miracles.
(Prayer works miracles. It really does… Have we seen miracles?)
Thank you for having responded to my call.”
(Thank you Mother for calling us….)

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
Cathy Nolan
©Mary TV 2018

PS.  On Sunday, July 22, 2018, Archbishop Henryk Hoser will celebrate Holy Mass at St. James Church, Medjugorje.  This will be the beginning of his tenure as Apostolic Visitor in Medjugorje.  Mary TV will stream the evening Mass in Medjugorje for July 22, 2018, LIVE!  Join us at 7:00 pm Medjugorje for this wonderful event!

“Medjugorje is the spiritual center of the world.”
Saint John Paul II
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The Comboni Sisters, Laura and Mary, have a dream for the people of Nzara.

I’m writing to you today to share the story of Joyce, a young woman in South Sudan whose experience as a mother demonstrates how important our mission to bring healthcare to the poor really is. Her story reminds us why we are called to put the needs of the poor first.

Joyce was suffering from a severe headache and dizziness when her husband brought her to St. Theresa Hospital in Nzara. Our staff quickly confirmed an advanced case of malaria and put Joyce on medication. Unfortunately, the disease had already impacted her pregnancy, and the baby was at risk. Without an operating room or equipment, an emergency C-section wasn’t an option. Both lives were at stake.

After three days of pain and fever, Joyce delivered her baby prematurely, in her seventh month. Fragile and tiny, Joyce’s baby struggled to breathe. Without access to an incurbator or oxygen, he developed an upper respiratory tract infection. Even with antibiotics, he could not fight the infection. At just seven days old, Joyce’s baby died. This is the second baby that Joyce has lost. We can’t let her lose another.

 “Joyce will recover, but we didn’t have the equipment needed for an emergency C-section or neonatal care for a premature baby.  This is why the construction of a new surgical wing with an operating room, recovery ward, maternity ward, and a blood bank is so desperately needed to save lives at St. Theresa Hospital.”
-Sister Laura, hospital administrator
Joyce sits at the grave of the second child she lost.
This construction project has been the dream of Sister Laura for a long time. Access to expanded services at St. Theresa’s will mean the difference between life and death for women like Joyce. Sister Laura’s dream will soon be a reality and you can be a part of making it happen.

Your gift of $100, $200, $500, or any amount, can support this lifesaving expansion at St. Theresa’s hospital, to help provide critical health infrastructure and equipment to mothers and children who desperately need them.

Sister Laura and women like Joyce are counting on faithful friends like you. Pope Francis reminds us that we must open our ears to the cries of the poor and commit ourselves to ending their suffering.

I ask you to please support this important opportunity to bring health, love, and dignity to women, children, and communities living in extreme poverty. The future of mission hospitals like St. Theresa’s – and the dream of Sister Laura – is in your hands.

With many thanks,

President and CEO
CMMB/Healthier Lives Worldwide

PS: Sister Laura’s dream will soon be a reality and you can be a part of making it happen. The construction of a new surgical wing at St. Theresa’s Hospital will mean the difference between life and death for women like Joyce. Don’t wait. Give now.


Our mailing address is:

Another Pregnancy Resource Center Partners with Innovative Pro-Life Non-Profit Organization to Provide a “Stork Bus” Mobile Medical Unit Offering an Unprecedented Presence on College Campuses and Communities Throughout Southern Ohio

Contact: 323-379-5180,

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., July 19, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ — Save the Storks, a pro-life organization partnering with pregnancy resource centers to empower women with choice during pregnancy, has captured the imagination of millions with its innovative fleet of luxury Mobile Medical Units, known as Stork buses. To date, Save the Storks has helped build 43 buses, with over 4,000 women choosing to keep their babies.

Today, Storks is proud to announce the delivery of its 43rd custom-built Stork Bus in partnership with Stork affiliate Elizabeth’s Hope Pregnancy Resources (EHPR), a Pregnancy Resource Center in Chillicothe, Ohio.

“Partnering with pregnancy resource centers to give abortion-vulnerable women a choice that will change their lives forever is the heart of what we do, and every time we have an opportunity to launch a new bus, it’s an unspeakable thrill for us. Each new bus means more women reached, more lives saved, and more measurable impact on the lives of mothers and their babies. We could not do any of this without resource centers all over the nation, and we’re grateful to Elizabeth’s Hope for partnering with us,” said Victoria Robinson, Director of External Relations at Save the Storks and a former PRC Director. “Going mobile affords PRCs new opportunities to offer even greater choice, reaching more women in areas that are convenient and easily-accessible.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about the arrival of our mobile unit from Save the Storks this week. The ability to be equipped to provide ultrasounds and other services to our community is a tremendous blessing,” said Lisa Cutler, Executive Director at Elizabeth’s Hope Pregnancy Resources. “We look forward to going throughout the Appalachian region of Ohio sharing a message on the value of life, healthy relationships and the importance of early prenatal care. The unit will further enhance our program and increase our ability to provide the women we serve with the compassionate care they deserve.”

The pregnancy resource center received this state-of-the-art Stork Bus this week after touring it across several states. EHPR raised funds to achieve this dream with support from generous donors, in addition to a grant provided by Save the Storks.

The Stork Bus is a Mercedes Sprinter, offering PRCs an efficient, built-to-last mobile medical unit that comes with a three year, 36,000 mile warranty, gets 20 miles to the gallon and is able to park in a single parking space. Every square inch of the interior has been designed with women in mind, ensuring that they feel special, comfortable and relaxed. All Stork Buses are equipped with an exam table, restroom, multiple seats for counseling, a work area for a sonogram machine and technician, multiple monitors and media inputs, internet connection and air conditioning. Each exterior is customized with a design that is relevant to the PRC’s identity and mission.

Storks by the Numbers

  • 79% of women say they weren’t counseled on other options outside abortion
  • 64% of women who chose abortion say they felt pressured by others to abort
  • 4 out of 5 women who board a Stork Bus choose life for their baby
SAVE THE STORKS is a pro-life organization partnering with pregnancy resource centers to empower women with choice during pregnancy. The organization has captured the imagination of millions with its innovative fleet of luxury mobile medical vehicles, known as the Stork Bus. To date, Save the Storks has helped fund 43 buses, with eight in the fundraising stage, three in production and one on tour.

ELIZABETH’S HOPE Pregnancy Resources (EHPR) of Ohio is a pregnancy resource center that serves women in Chillicothe, Rio Grande, Portsmouth and Hillsboro. For more information on EHPR visit their website at