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Une Minute avec Marie
An initiative of the Association Mary of Nazareth

August 2 – Feast of Our Lady of the Portiuncula (Our Lady of the Angels, Italy)

Saint Francis wanted everyone to have a great veneration for this special place

The miracle of the Porziuncola; painting by Antonio de Oliveira Bernardes (1698); Cathedral of Évora, Portugal. (Public Domain)

Today’s feast day is very important to the Order of Friars Minor of Saint Francis of Assisi. The saint cherished and loved this little chapel of Our Lady of Angels near Assisi… It was where the Lord had intended for him to start his Order—which is why he wanted to call that church Our Lady of the Portiuncula, since it was destined to be the mother and head of a small flock of Friars Minor.

Saint Francis wanted everyone to have a great veneration for this special place. In January 1223, accompanied by Brother Francis Massé, he went to visit Pope Honorius III, who was then in Perugia, and obtained from him a plenary indulgence on this day each year for those who would come to the Church of Our Lady of the Angels from the sunset of the first day of August and stay until the sunset of the feast day, on the second day of that month, on which day the church had been solemnly dedicated by seven bishops by order of the Pope.

Saint Bonaventure said that at the time of his death, Saint Francis had asked to be carried to the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, so as to finish his temporal life in the special place where he had received the spiritual life and the life of grace.

English: Saint Francis of Assisi with Angels

English: Saint Francis of Assisi with Angels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Antoine-Martial Lefevre
Historical Calendar, chronological and moral of the Very Holy and Very Glorious Virgin Mary Mother of God… Paris, Ed. Claude Hérissant Fils, 1749.

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Understanding Complete Abandonment to the Will of God

Our Lord wants abandonment of the past and of the future, of joy, pain, desire, thought, word and action. We are to abandon everything to His mercy and good will. Complete abandonment brings freedom from sensitivity and all anxiety.  I left everything in the care of Jesus.  Jesus in return undertook to do everything: to think, to speak, to act, etc. not only with me, but in my place. He substituted Himself for me and I let Him have His way. Oh! What a choice gift it is to understand how to let the Savior live within one’s self!  I wish I could obtain this Grace for every soul: the earth would be a valley no longer of bitter tears, but tears of joy!  Self Abandonment is the greatest happiness on earth…I want nothing….Yes, I am happy, because my happiness lies not in the events that take place, but in God alone.

Blessed Dina Belanger

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Our Lady’s Message given to Mirjana
on August 2, 2015
“Dear children, I, as a mother who loves her children, see how difficult the time in which you live is. I see your suffering, but you need to know that you are not alone.
My Son is with you. He is everywhere. He is invisible, but you can see Him if you live Him. He is the light which illuminates your soul and gives you peace. He is the Church which you need to love and to always pray and fight for – but not only with words, instead with acts of love.
My children, bring it about for everyone to come to know my Son, bring it about that He may be loved, because the truth is in my Son born of God – the Son of God. Do not waste time deliberating too much; you will distance yourselves from the truth. With a simple heart accept His word and live it. If you live His word, you will pray. If you live His word, you will love with a merciful love; you will love each other. The more that you will love, the farther away you will be from death. For those who will live the word of my Son and who will love, death will be life. Thank you. Pray to be able to see my Son in your shepherds. Pray to be able to embrace Him in them.”
Our Lady’s Message Translated Into English August 2, 2015!

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The Week of July 26, 2015

U.S. Senate to vote within days on de-funding Planned Parenthood!

US-CapitolOver the past several weeks, videos released by The Center for Medical Progress have shown top doctors of Planned Parenthood Federation of America casually discussing the harvesting and trafficking of body parts from unborn children killed by abortion.If you are

Nets Covered Cecil the Lion More in 1 Day Than Abortion Videos in 2 Weeks

cecilBy  Katie Yoder America’s anchors have spoken: the shooting of one lion vastly outweighs the trafficking of baby parts by a taxpayer-funded abortion giant. In other words, the broadcast news shows spent more time in one day on Cecil the Lion

NRLC President records video message to encourage women facing unexpected pregnancy

150731-Tobias-Vid-ScreenBy Carol Tobias, president National Right to Life Dear Friends, If you watched the fourth video from the Center for Medical Progress, I know you were as heart-broken as I was to see the organs and body parts from a

Fourth undercover video raises additional questions about PPFA fetal organ extraction practices

4thvideoshotBy Dave Andrusko    Yesterday National Right to Life called what was shown on the fourth undercover video released by The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) “sickening and deplorable.” While NRLC President Carol Tobias was specifically referencing Dr. Savita Ginde

Bill in Congress to Prevent Use of Federal Taxes For “Advance Care Planning Sessions” in Medicare

bias-against-life-preserving-2015By Jennifer Popik, J.D., Senior Legislative Counsel National Right to Life Committee’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics Congressman Steve King has introduced a bill, H.R. 3251, to prevent implementation of the Obama Administration’s controversial proposed rule to pay doctors

Miracle baby with rare medical condition gets superhero cape for bravery

10006914_608920335900791_5687676902886149325_n-672x372Jude Peters is an adorable one-year-old boy living with a disease called rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata (RCDP), a rare and fatal form of dwarfism. Parents Hannah and Sully Peters refused to abort Jude even when doctors pressured them to “terminate and try again.” In an interview

Federal judge dismisses abortion lawsuit

HuntsvilleALCounrthouseBy Dave Andrusko   On Wednesday, a pregnant prisoner who had gone to court to get a restraining order to force authorities to allow her to leave jail to have an abortion changed her mind. In a sworn statement on

What do Hillary Clinton’s PPFA remarks to a New Hampshire newspaper tell us?

150731-Hillary-ClintonBy Dave Andrusko    As the week draws to an end, here are some thoughts on a “one-on-one” interview pro-abortion Hillary Clinton gave to the New Hampshire Union Leader. As the leading presidential candidate on the Democrats’ side, Mrs. Clinton’s

Judge rejects lawsuit against California law banning assisted suicide

judgepollackBy Dave Andrusko   San Diego Superior Court Judge Gregory Pollack officially did Monday what he strongly indicated he would do last Friday: he dismissed a lawsuit challenging California’s law against assisted suicide (Penal Code 401).

White House admits to getting its “facts” from Planned Parenthood

josh-earnestBy SUSAN MICHELLE Nothing says ‘reliable’ like a Planned Parenthood, or so says the White House. President Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest said today that the campaign to defund Planned Parenthood was a “tried and true tactic of extremists on the right

S.C. Legislature Investigating Abortion-Related Funding

20weekunbornbabyBy Holly Gatling, Executive Director South Carolina Citizens for Life In the wake of published undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s grotesque involvement in harvesting aborted baby organs– including livers, hearts, brains, and skin — for sale to biotech companies, South Carolina

Last Stand

Dr. Wes Ely assesses George Scharber, a patient in MICU, using the RASS by Dana JohnsonBy E. Wesley Ely Editor’s note. This appeared at and is reprinted with permission. The first time I saw Jessa, she lay crumpled in the ICU bed, paralyzed, expressionless and unable to speak. A military veteran, she had fought

Read all the stories at!

National Right to Life, 512 10th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004, USA

This newest video just had to be shared this weekend.

If you have been following the Planned Parenthood scandal, you know that Planned Parenthood has complained that the compelling videos – the ones demonstrating that PP is killing babies with methods that allow it to harvest and sell the babies’ body parts – are “heavily edited.” PP hasn’t apologized, however, for its methods, the babies’ deaths, or its coldhearted attitude toward women and children. 

This video drives the point home in “heavily edited” fashion: PP’s excuses only add to its shame.

Click on the photo to watch:




Explanation of the New Dogma: Message of Our Lady of All Nations, July 2, 1951

A Great Action for God

I see the Lady again, standing in a bright light. She smiles and says, while looking around her, “I am content. See to the outspreading. I have said: from here a great action for God is to begin, and all are to cooperate in it.”

Explanation of the New Dogma

“Now look carefully and listen. The following is an explanation of the new dogma. As Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate I stand on the globe before the Cross of the Redeemer. By the will of the Father, the Redeemer came to the world. For this, the Father used the Lady. Thus, from the Lady the Redeemer received only—now I am stressing the word ‘only’—the flesh and blood, that is to say, the body. From my Lord and Master the Redeemer received His Divinity. In this way the Lady became the Coredemptrix. I have said: this…

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Our Lady of the Snows

On the night of August 4-5 in the year 358, a miracle took place in answer to a prayer. A Roman patrician by the name of John and his wife had been praying to the Blessed Virgin, asking her what to do with their wealth. Childless, they desired to give their entire fortune to Our Lady but needed to know what the Blessed Mother would have them do with it.

That night in a dream, the Blessed Virgin appeared to them and told that she wanted a church to be built on the Esquiline hill in Rome, and that she would show them where the church was to be built by covering the area with snow. Our Lady also appeared that night in a dream to Pope Liberius, telling him of her desire that a church be built and instructing him to go to the same hill.

The next day…

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The Fifth Marian Dogma

Could it be that Pope Francis is the pope designated by Our Lady to proclaim the Fifth Marian Dogma and usher in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

The signs of the times certainly point to the absolute necessity of this dogma’s being solemnized now. Until the public, solemn proclamation of the Fifth Dogma ushers in that new Pentecost and outpouring of Grace that Our Lady’s Triumph will bring, we can expect the continual downward spiral of immorality, which is even being enshrined into public law codes almost everywhere. This is resulting in both the loss of souls and that devastation of good order and peace prophesied by Our Lady in all of Her 20th century apparitions. Add to this daily escalation of “degeneration and war” the latest environmental “disaster” to hit our globe, namely, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, tragically happening also, exactly as Our Lady warned at Amsterdam.

With so many eyes and…

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Did Mary’s Assumption Really Occur? – and Does It Really Matter If It Did?

Part One

What happened to the mother of Jesus Christ at the end of her life? The answer you get depends upon whom you ask. “Nothing at all unusual,” say Protestants. “A miracle! She was taken directly to heaven!”, say Catholics—at least those who know that Pope Pius XII solemnly proclaimed the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a dogma which we must believe:

The Immaculate Mother of God, the ever-Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory (1).

As a general matter, Protestants have been averse to honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary ever since the Reformation persuaded them that such veneration is a vestige of “Popery” (2). Moreover, their view of an individual’s conscience as being the supreme moral arbiter has led them to reject papal infallibility and the binding nature of the Magisterium in general. But, for…

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Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Rubens)
Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Rubens) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Infallible Definition of the Assumption

The fourth Marian dogma is the Assumption of Our Lady. The dogma of Mary’s Assumption, like her Immaculate Conception, has the added certainty of an infallible papal statement. Pope Pius XII in 1950 defined the Assumption of Mary in the following ex cathedra statement: “The Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory.” (1)

What evidence is present in the sources of divine revelation for the dogma of Mary’s glorious Assumption into heaven? Pope Pius XII, in his papal document, declares the Assumption a dogma “revealed by God” and refers to several sources.

The Magisterium of the Church

The dogma of Mary’s Assumption received the unanimous consensus from the Magisterium of the Church. In 1946, Pope Pius XII petitioned the bishops of the world asking them whether the Assumption of Mary could be…

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The Mystics and Mary’s Assumption and Coronation

When Mary’s soul left her body, the soft chanting of the angels seemed to withdraw slowly from the Cenacle. Peter and John must have perceived the glory of her soul in this moment of its liberation, for they both looked up, while the other apostles remained absorbed in prayer, with their heads bowed to the ground.

The Blessed Virgin’s body lay radiant with light, surrounded by her thousand invisible guardian angels. Her eyes were closed, and her hands were folded on her breast.

When at last all the apostles, disciples, and holy women present realized that their beloved spiritual Mother had indeed left them, their sorrow was so intense that only a special dispensation of divine power prevented some of them from dying of grief.
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July 25, 2015 Message of Queen of Peace at Medjugorje

“Dear children! With joy I am with you also today and I call all of you, little children, pray, pray, pray so as to comprehend the love which I have for you. My love is stronger than evil, little children, therefore draw closer to God so as to feel my joy in God. Without God, little children, you do not have a future, you do not have hope or salvation; therefore leave evil and choose good. I am with you and, with you, I intercede before God for all of your needs. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Contemporary Message from St. Philomena: “You Must Be Joyful At This Time”

St. Philomena

Souls must understand that heaven and earth are joined. There is no separation except in the ability of earthly souls to experience heaven. Brothers and sisters, fellow soldiers for Christ, we are with you. Jesus is with you. There are countless angels with you. Truly, heaven is with you. Ask for more faith and more faith shall be yours. In order to have confidence, and you need confidence, you must understand what we are saying to you. View every day, every event, and every experience as something that you are seeing side by side with us. We are by your side in everything. Why is this so important? We want your view to be similar to our view. Souls discard holiness often because they think they will have to give up too much to be great saints. Do not try to be a great saint. Try to be…

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-- A Moment with Mary --
Une Minute avec Marie
An initiative of the Association Mary of Nazareth

August 1 – Shrine of Hodegas (Constantinople) – Saint Alphonsus of Liguori (d. 1787)

At that time Istanbul celebrated the Assumption for a whole month!

Pix from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the shrine of Hodegas, ‘Our Lady of Hodegui’ (of the guides) in Istanbul, Turkey, the people used to venerate an icon of the Madonna and Child that is believed to be the original work of Saint Luke.

According to tradition, the Virgin Mary led two blind men there for them to be healed by her prayer.

In thanksgiving for her special protection during a revolution, Andronicus II Palaeologus (d. 1328) published a decree ordering a fast from August 1st-14th. At that time, the feast of the Assumption (August 15th) lasted 8 days and finally concluded between the 28th and the 31st of August!

These practices lasted until the day that the shrine was sacked by Muslims in 1453.

Attilio GALLI
In Madre della Chiesa dei Cinque continenti, Ed. Segno, Udine, 1997

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