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Monday, October 31, 2011

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Current Headlines

Top Stories
• Planned Parenthood Caught Misleading on Birth Control Pills

• Cain Hits Planned Parenthood as Racist, Abortion Biz Responds

• Congress to Hold Hearings on China s One-Child Policy

• 40 Days for Life Up to 417 Babies Saved From Abortion

More Pro-Life News
• Campaign Launched to Support Forced Abortion Opponent Chen
• Abortion Biz: Medicaid Would Pay $16K to Kill Down Syndrome Baby
• Perry Tells New Hampshire Voters He s Strongly Pro-Life
• Welcome, Baby Seven Billion: The World Needs More People
• Clinic Mocked Post-Abortion Women Who Are Now Pro-Life
• Dutch Doctors Expanding Euthanasia to Lonely People
• Canada: Poll Shows 72% Want Pro-Life Protections for Unborn
• Sex-Selection Abortions a Possible Opening to Overturn Roe
• Exploring Gardasil Vaccinations From a Pro-Life Perspective

—> Please inform others of President Barack Obama's pro-abortion record, link to it on your web site.

Planned Parenthood Caught Misleading on Birth Control Pills
The Planned Parenthood abortion business has been caught misleading Mississippi residents about the availability of the birth control pill should state residents approve Amendment 26 this November. The ballot proposal has the state of Mississippi defining the beginning of human life as at conception.

The pro-life group Live Action responded to public claims from Planned Parenthood attacking the personhood amendment, which will appear on the November 8 ballot asking state residents: Should the term person be defined to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the functional equivalent thereof?

A Salon story several days ago claims, By its own logic, the initiative would almost certainly ban common forms of birth control like the IUD and the morning-after pill, call into question the legality of the common birth-control pill, and even open the door to investigating women who have suffered miscarriages.

Kay Scott, CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast has said, It s so extreme it could even ban common methods of birth control like the pill.

But the activists at Live Action released audio and transcripts of calls to Planned Parenthood, legitimate health care providers and local pharmacies asking if the birth control pill would still be available after November s vote even if Mississippi residents approve Amendment 26.

So far as we know, birth control will still be available, a Planned Parenthood official in Hattiesburg told the caller.

Cain Hits Planned Parenthood as Racist, Abortion Biz Responds
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain went after the Planned Parenthood abortion business in a weekend interview on Face the Nation, saying the abortion giant was founded on racist roots and continues that racism today.

The host of the CBS program asked Cain about comments he made in January saying he opposes the racist agenda of Planned Parenthood, the nation s biggest abortion business.

I absolutely would defund Planned Parenthood not because I don t believe in planning parenthood, [but because] Planned Parenthood as an organization is an absolute farce on the American people, he said then. People who know the history of Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood, they know that the intention was not to help young women who get pregnant to plan their parenthood. No it was a sham to be able to kill black babies.

In the new interview, Cain says, I still stand by that. If people go back and look at the history and look at Margaret Sanger s own words, that s exactly where that came from What I m saying is, Planned Parenthood isn t sincere about wanting to try to counsel them not to have abortions.

Congress to Hold Hearings on China s One-Child Policy
Members of Congress will hold three days of hearings related to China s one-child policy next week and the human rights abuses such as forced abortions and sterilizations that accompany it.

Chai Ling, founder of humanitarian organization All Girls Allowed and a former Tiananmen Square activist, informed LifeNews of the hearings, which will spotlight the coercive family planning policy for three days straight. The hearings comes as new reports have surfaced that Chen Guangcheng, a blind attorney who exposed one campaign of more than 100,000 forced abortions and sterilizations in Linyi, China, has been killed by local family planning officials who had subjected him to home confinement.

Tuesday s hearing is an emergency hearing, devoted to exposing the beatings, four years of imprisonment on false charges and other abuses Chinese officials subjected Chen and his family to since he brought to light the brutal population control campaign. Chen and his wife were recently beaten almost to the point of death, in front of their elementary school-age daughter and activists are concerned he may have been killed.

Chai Ling will ask U.S. leaders to take action to speak out on his behalf as he spoke out for women and men victimized by the one-child policy.

40 Days for Life Up to 417 Babies Saved From Abortion
Are you ready for another serving of Monday morning good news? Here it is! So far during this 40 Days for Life campaign, we now know of 417 babies whose mothers decided to reject abortion!

Here are some of the stories we ve received from local 40 Days for Life teams:

A woman left smiling as she spoke to those praying in front of the abortion facility. She told them, I can t go through with this! The prayer volunteers all rejoiced in her decision to choose life. The very next day, said Ernie in Pensacola, three more women changed their minds about abortion. That s four witnessed turnarounds! Praise be to God! Ernie also reports that a former worker at the abortion facility has now found a new job as a medical assistant. Thank you for all your prayers for her, he said. We were with her last evening and she expressed how seeing our peaceful, prayerful presence made all the difference in her life. It is truly beautiful how God uses this simple act to draw hearts and minds to him.

Campaign Launched to Support Forced Abortion Opponent Chen
The pro-life group Operation Rescue has released a second undercover call it recorded exposing how abortion businesses are using money from Medicaid to pay for late-term abortions.

The first call showed how the Southwestern Women s Options abortion center in Albuquerque, New Mexico offered information on how Medicaid would cover the $9,000 cost of a late-term abortion. This second call has the same abortion business telling a caller Medicaid would cover the estimated cost of $10,000-$16,000 for an abortion at 30 weeks gestation on an unborn baby diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

The call was placed on October 12 to Southwestern Women s Options, a late-term abortion clinic in Albuquerque that has had issues with sending women to the hospital because of botched abortions.

I m pregnant with a Down Syndrome baby, the caller says. But I m 30 weeks now but I have Pregnancy Medicaid. I was just wondering if that would cover the termination at your office?

And you live in New Mexico? the abortion facility worker asks. And it s New Mexico Medicaid? That does cover the procedure for you.

Abortion Biz: Medicaid Would Pay $16K to Kill Down Syndrome Baby
Today s story is not one you d hear every day. Two years ago this month, former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson experienced a conversion after witnessing a live abortion on an ultrasound at her office in Texas.

She walked into my office at the Coalition for Life next door, told me her story, then resigned from the abortion industry.

I had known Abby for eight years before that day and I d had multiple conversations with her through the fence outside Planned Parenthood. But after her conversion, I realized how much I didn t know.

I didn t know that her parents were pro-life and had been praying for her to leave Planned Parenthood. I didn t know her husband was pro-life and her job created tension in their family. I didn t know that before Abby saw that ultrasound, even she was starting to see that Planned Parenthood cares more about abortion than anything else.

Perry Tells New Hampshire Voters He s Strongly Pro-Life
Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry appeared at a conservative event Friday night and touted his pro-life views, saying he supports de-funding the nation s biggest abortion business and urging Republicans to stand for pro-life values.

As conservatives we believe in the sanctity of life, Perry told 500 activists gathered for a conservative event, according to the Christian Post.

Perry touched on efforts by New Hampshire officials to end taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business and said some candidates haven t gone as far as she has, in signing a bill in Texas to cut off much of the funding.

For some candidates the issue of life is a slogan for the campaign. It s how to get some votes, he said. To me it s about an enduring principal that innocent human life should be protected in all forms and at all stages of life.

If you want to stop Washington s big violations of the (constitution), especially when it comes to the most basic principle of protecting life, then we must make President Obama a one-term president, Perry continued.

Welcome, Baby Seven Billion: The World Needs More People
A few seconds after midnight a baby emerged from the womb of her mother, drew her first breath, and announced her arrival into the world with a tiny cry. This is Baby Seven Billion. Today, 31 October 2011, is her birthday.

Clinic Mocked Post-Abortion Women Who Are Now Pro-Life
There was a framed single-panel comic that hung in the hallway just outside of the Executive Director s office at the abortion clinic where I used to work: it was a pen-and-ink drawing of an umbrella bucket next to the entrance of an office building with a picket sign in it that read, STOP ABORTION in large block caps with right after my turn scratched under it in script.

Dutch Doctors Expanding Euthanasia to Lonely People
The Dutch Medical Association is seeking to expand the practice of Euthanasia in the Netherlands to include more people under the unbearable suffering that allows physicians to kill patients and the elderly.

Canada: Poll Shows 72% Want Pro-Life Protections for Unborn
Canadians are perceived to be more supportive of legalized abortion than their American neighbors, but a new poll released by LifeCanada today shows 72 percent want to see more legal protections in place for unborn children.

Sex-Selection Abortions a Possible Opening to Overturn Roe
The Supreme Court s abortion jurisprudence appears to protect a right to abortion even for reasons of sex selection. Yet this gruesome reality might provide an opening for a frontal assault on the premises of Roe v. Wade.

Exploring Gardasil Vaccinations From a Pro-Life Perspective
This is a mess. It s also one of the thorniest questions in vaccination medicine to have surfaced in a long time. From the outset, it must be clear that I am neither endorsing, nor dismissing the question of vaccinating boys. Get a cup of coffee, and let s kick this one around for a bit.


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There are times and periods when the “veil” between the natural and the supernatural seems especially thin. They say it’s like a partition that scrolls and opens unto itself (at least as viewed from the “other side”). There’s an intersection.

There are times of day:

At three p.m. — the Mercy Hour — many prayers seem to be answered. It is a special time.

There is the antithesis of that: three a.m.:

Many wake up precisely at that moment with the urge to pray — either because they experience a heavenly presence or an evil one. Different spirits seem to move (including the deceased).

Some claim it’s because three a.m. is when occultists, having initiated rituals at midnight, conclude them and release dark spirits. Many things seem to occur at the hour: healings, attacks, deaths (holy and otherwise). Others say it gets back to the night-time version of Mercy. Whatever the case, the middle of the night seems when we can best pray.

There are also — obviously — times of the year when the veil seems thin — and Halloween, along with All Souls’ Day, is among them.

Occultists may thin the veil with their rituals, but let’s concentrate on the help we can offer the departed — who can see us (Mary once said) when we pray.

Read the whole article here:

.- During a Mass on Oct. 28 on the feast of the Lord of the Miracles—the most popular religious devotion in Peru—Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani of Lima encouraged Catholics to be strong in their defense of life and the family.


“Lord of the Miracles, thank you for giving us this great gift of faith to Peru, to the world, to Lima.  Today you look upon us, you bless us, you hear us and you forgive us. Today you walk our streets, and we all will seek after your gaze, which fills us with peace and joy,” the cardinal said during his homily. Following the Mass, a massive procession took place in downtown Lima.
“The Lord loves us so much that he has left us teachings from the law of God that tell us that marriage is a wonderful sacrament between one man and one woman that is lifelong, and we must fight to build up marriage,” the cardinal said. 
“The Lord also says that the family is the privileged place to teach the faith, to educate children, to help one another. Consequently, it is normal that those charged with enacting laws would protect the family, protect marriage and defend life. Year after year we repeat it: we will never be unfaithful to God’s law,” Cardinal Cipriani added.
“Lord of Miracles, enlighten those who have the duty to watch over those laws and customs so that our people will continue to look upon you with trust, because we protect life from the moment of conception. We forever say no to abortion! We are not afraid to repeat it a thousand times. Your Catholic people say yes to life!”
Cardinal Cipriani highlighted the importance of the processions in honor of the Lord of Miracles, which are a reflection of our own journey of faith in the Christian life. “The Lord does not love you because of what you are worth; he loves you because of who you are: you are a child of God …  And he tells you: be humble, accept yourself,” Cardinal Cipriani insisted.
Turing toward the image of the Lord of Miracles, the cardinal said, “Lord, Lima is yours, Peru is yours, each one of us is yours.”
“During this holy Eucharist may he embrace us all in his heart and make Peru a more united, brotherly, just and honest country, in which the Catholic people truly continue to practice their faith.  Long live the Lord of Miracles! Long live Peru!” the cardinal exclaimed.


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  Welcome baby 7 billion, says Population Research Institute president


John Smeaton, SPUC director

Monday, 31 October 2011

Welcome baby 7 billion, says Population Research Institute president

Steve Mosher, president of Population Research Institute, has made a statement today which deserves a very wide readership:

A few seconds after midnight a baby emerged from a mother's womb, drew a first breath, and announced his or her arrival into the world with a tiny cry. This is Baby Seven Billion. Today, 31 October 2011, is this baby's birthday.

As our numbers have grown, incomes have soared. In 1800, when there were only 1 billion of us, per capita income worldwide was a mere $100. By 1927 our numbers had doubled, but incomes had already increased five times to $500. By the time we reached 3 billion in 1960, income had tripled again to $1500. Today, as we pass the 7 billion mark, per capita income has soared to $9,000.

In 2100, when the population will be between 7 and 8 billion (and falling), it is projected to be $30,000 in current dollars.

Driving the so-called "population explosion" has been a real explosion in health and longevity. As late as the 19th century, four out of every 10 children died before reaching age five. Today under-five mortality is under 6 percent and falling. Two hundred years ago, human life expectancy was under 30 years. Today it is 69 years and climbing.

As people live longer, naturally there are more of us around at any given time.

By nearly every measure of well-being, from infant mortality and life expectancy to educational level and caloric intake, life in Africa, Asia, and Latin America has been getting dramatically better. According to the World Bank, the average income in the developing world has quadrupled since 1960.

Enough grain is produced for every person on earth to consume 3,500 calories daily. There is no need for anyone to starve in the midst of this plenty.

Population has more than doubled since 1960, but crop yields per hectare have kept pace. World food and resource production has never been higher.

Economies continue to expand, productivity is up, and pollution is declining. Life spans are lengthening, poverty is down, and political freedom is growing. The human race has never been so well off.

In fact, underpopulation, not overpopulation, is the real threat that much of the world faces today. Some 80 countries representing over half the world's population suffer from below replacement fertilitydefined as less than 2.1 children per woman.

The populations of the developed nations today are static or declining. The UN predicts that, by 2050, Russia's population will have declined by 25 million people, Japan's by 21 million, Italy's by 16 million, and Germany's and Spain's by 9 million each. Europe and Japan are projected to lose half their population by 2100.

Countries with below replacement rate fertility will eventually die out. It's just a question of time.

Even in the developing world family size has shrunk, from around 5 children per woman in 1960 to less than 3 today. And the decline continues.

According to the UN's "low variant projection"historically the most accuratethe population of the world will peak at 8 plus billion in 2040 or so, and then begin to decline.

High fertility rates are becoming rare. The UN numbers for 2010 show only 10 countries with population increase rates at or above 3.0 percent.

By 2050, persons aged 65 and above will be almost twice as numerous as children 15 years and younger. The economic consequences of population aging will be closing schools, declining stock markets, and moribund economies.

Ignoring these facts, the population controllers continue to spread their myth of overpopulation.

The UNFPA and other population control organizations are loath to report the truth about falling fertility rates worldwide, since they raise funds by frightening people with the specter of overpopulation. They tell us that too many babies are being born to poor people in developing countries. This is tantamount to saying that only the wealthy should be allowed to have children, and is a new form of global racism.

We should stop funding population control programs, and instead turn our attention to real problems, such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, and infectious diseases. As mortality rates fall, so will birth rates.

Let us also join together in celebrating the birth of Baby Seven Billion. He or she is a sign of our future, our hope and our prosperity.

People are our greatest resource. Extraordinarily gifted people have helped to enrich civilization and lengthen life spans. But the fact is, everyone, rich or poor, is a unique creation with something priceless to offer to the rest of us.
Baby Seven Billion, boy or girl, red or yellow, black or white, is not a liability, but an asset. Not a curse, but a blessing. For all of us.

© Society for the Protection of Unborn Children 2011