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Judie Brown
Judie Brown
May 1, 2013

How does humanity get to the point where a person can actually feel comfortable telling another human being to flush her baby down the toilet? This sickening remark, and the mentality behind it, are permeating our society. As we see more and more houses of horror, we realize just how unconcerned most people are about human life, and we have to wonder how bad it will get.

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Georgia Right to Life Praises House, Calls on Senate to Pass Assisted Suicide Bill

NORCROSS, Ga., May 1, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) today called the decision to make the Plan B morning after pill available to girls as young as 15 unconscionable and a slap in the face to parents.

“School nurses can’t even give 15-year-olds an aspirin without parental consent,” said GRTL President Dan Becker. “This powerful drug is potentially dangerous, and in some cases may cause the death of a pre-born child.”

Becker said a single treatment of Plan B is 50 times stronger than one low-dose birth control pill.

“It’s mindboggling that adults need a prescription for standard birth control pills, but a 15-year-old girl can get a much stronger, and potentially dangerous, medication with no parental or medical advice at all,” Becker said.

He noted that even the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has said there is not enough data to determine the long-term side effects on young girls.

Possible side effects include: cervical cancer; breast cancer; heart attack and stroke; migraines; gallbladder disease; benign liver tumors; and infertility.

Equally important, the drug may cause the death of a pre-born child by destroying fertilized egg, which embryologists recognize as a human being.

Georgia Right to Life promotes respect and effective legal protection for all innocent human life from conception through natural death.

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada, April 30, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Twenty-five women are walking from Montreal to the Supreme Court in Ottawa in an abortion harassment awareness initiative that launched Sunday. The Back to Life Walk is an authentic women’s movement that aims not only to raise awareness about abortion harassment, but to pray for a shift in Canadian culture on this issue. The 25 culturally diverse women walking 200km represent the 25 years of no laws on abortion in this nation — China and North Korea are the only other countries with no abortion laws.

Abortion harassment is the coercion of women into abortion when they do not want one. Studies indicate that as many as 64% of women in Canada who have had abortions would say they were badgered into it. The women walking are particularly interested in the issue because many of them have a personal harassment story to share. Many of them were pressured into unwanted abortions by boyfriends, family members, and unbelievably, even by doctors. Video interviews of the walkers telling their stories are getting strong viewership online.

Organizer Faytene Grasseschi explains: “Many of the walkers have very painful abortion stories to share. What is troubling is that we are finding that their stories are representative of thousands of women — this really is the untold story of abortion in Canada.”

“I was pressured into abortion when my baby was 5 months old,” explains walker Ashley Williams. “I could already feel it moving. My boyfriend told me I was going to do it. I honestly felt trapped. It was like my voice on the issue didn’t matter to him.” Ironically, while she was on the abortion table he had a change of heart and tried to stop the procedure. Her boyfriend was resisted by medical staff who told him he had no right to interfere with her “choice.” Ashley woke up on the other side of the abortion, devastated.

Grasseschi emphasized the loving tone of the walk: “With every step we take we are walking for our own restoration, our mothers, our sisters, our friends and our future nation. We count it an honor to share our stories in the hopes it will help other women and open many eyes in Canada.”

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Message to Planned Parenthood, “Abortion is nothing to Celebrate”in Chicago


“Hard-working” PP President and “Contraception Cheerleader” Targets of Navy Pier Protest


WHAT:  A Pro-Life protest of Planned Parenthood’s Generations Gala


WHEN: Thursday, May 2, 2013, at 4:30 p.m. (Central)


WHERE: Chicago’s Navy Pier, beginning at Illinois Street, one block east of Lake Shore Drive, Chicago



WHO: Pro-Life Action League and concerned citizens


WHAT: Prayer and protest to bring attention to the profit-driven abortion industry’s disregard for the well-being and safety of women and children. Of particular concern are flippant comments made my current Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, who has famously boasted that she works hard for her huge salary, and Sandra Fluke, who is best known for complaining to Congress that her Catholic law school refuses to pay for students’ contraception.


WHY: Americans who value the sanctity of human life wish to confront Planned Parenthood’s well-heeled donors with the grisly reality of exactly what they’re supporting.  The protest message will be simple: Abortion is nothing to celebrate.



•           Poster-sized images of aborted babies

•           Pro-life supporters praying and protesting

•           Possible reaction from Planned Parenthood event attendees and staff.

•           Negative and positive reactions from passerby





On-site contact:

Eric Scheidler, Executive Director, Pro-Life Action League

773-251-8792 (cell),


To arrange a media interview:

Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Relations




Thomas Ciesielka


TC Public Relations

One N. LaSalle Street

Suite 600

Chicago, IL 60602


(o) 312-422-1333

(c) 312-403-1333




PHILADELPHIA, April 28, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — The prayer vigil will begin on Monday, April 29, at 12:00 noon, in front of the Courthouse, when closing arguments begin.

The courthouse is located at 1301 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Pro-life leaders will also call Americans from across the nation to join with them in prayer and fasting while the verdict is being considered.

There will be a brief news conference before the prayer vigil begins.

The prayer and public witness will be led by the Rev. Pat Mahoney of Christian Defense Coalition based in Washington, D.C., Fr. Terry Gensemer of CEC For Life headquartered in Long Island, New York, and Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition states, “We will be gathering in prayer and public witness to ask God that these violent and barbaric acts of violence against women and children would be brought to justice. We will also be praying that we would live in a nation with human rights and equality would be guaranteed and embraced for all and we would never have to witness atrocities like this again.

“Sadly, the tragedy and horror surrounding the actions of Kermit Gosnell show that government officials and the pro-choice movement are more interested in protecting abortion rights then they are protecting the rights and health of women and their children.”

Fr. Terry Gensemer, Director of CEC For Life, comments, “The decision this jury hands down is going to be a pivotal and defining moment in the history of human rights. When we stand outside of that court room on Monday, we will be praying that justice will prevail and that the innate human dignity of the women and children horrifically brutalized inside Gosnell’s ‘shop of horrors’ will be recognized and upheld.”

Troy Newman of Operation Rescue also comments, “We remain acutely aware that abortion clinics across America are operating in Gosnell-like conditions committing violations that Gosnell also committed. We will continue to pray for justice in the Gosnell case and that all abortionists of his ilk will soon be brought to justice. May the Gosnell case speed the day when abortion is abolished in this country for good.”

For more information or interviews call: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney 540.538.4741, Fr. Terry Gensemer 205.253.0159, Cheryl Sullenger 316.516.3034.

*CEC for Life is a ministry of the Charismatic Episcopal Church.


Second Fly-In Abortionist Identified Working at Wichita Abortion Clinic

April 28, 2013

Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue has received verification of the identity of a second abortionist who plans to work at a new Wichita abortion clinic located in the same building where George Tiller once operated the largest late-term abortion mill outside Communist China.

Valencia Stephens is an abortionist from Arizona who will fly into Kansas to do first and early second trimester abortions through 14 weeks at South Wind Women’s Center, located at 5107 E. Kellogg in Wichita, a new abortion business that opened earlier this month. Prior to its opening, Wichita had been abortion-free for nearly four years.


Stephens is currently operating in Kansas under a temporary license with no local hospital privileges.


In Arizona, Stephens works for Saguaro Physicians in Sierra Vista, a small boarder community south of Tuscon. (View her profile page at Saguaro Physicians.)


She will rotate with another abortionist Cheryl Chastine, of Oak Park, Illinois, near Chicago. Activists from the Pro-Life Action League protested Chastine’s participation in abortions at her Oak Park medical office last week after Operation Rescue discovered her involvement with the Kansas abortion business.


“We encourage those in the pro-life community to pray for Stephens and Chastine to have a change of heart about committing abortions,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “Next week promises to be a busy abortion week, so it is important for anyone that can in the Wichita area to take a shift outside the South Wind abortion clinic to pray and offer practical help to women seeking abortions.”


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Troy Newman
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Cheryl Sullenger
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Sunday, April 27, 2012

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Abortion Clinic Suggests “Flushing” Baby Down Toilet if Born Alive
In a new undercover, investigative video, a staffer at an abortion clinic in Bronx, New York is shown on film telling a customer to flush the body of a baby born alive following a failed abortion down the toilet.

The video shows how the kinds of gruesome late-term and live-birth abortions done at abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell‘s “House of Horrors” abortion clinic are not limited to his abortion facility alone.

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