NOW Says a Man Can Be a Woman

NOW Says a Man Can Be a Woman
by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President On May 12, 2021 the National Organization for Women (NOW) tweeted this:

“Trans women are women. They deserve equal opportunity, health care, a safe community & workplace, and they deserve to play sports. They have a right to have their identity respected without conforming to perceived sex and gender identity standards. We stand with you.”

It would be an understatement to say that this started a firestorm—and it only took 280 characters or less. Twitter lit up. I tweeted a few salty words aimed at NOW, but tempered my rage by tweeting, “Mark this day in history. When women turned against women in favor of ‘women’ with penises.” One transactivist commented on my tweet, saying I was being melodramatic. Melodramatic? One of the oldest and largest feminist organizations in the United States just made the bold claim that biological men, who identify as women, are now women.

Continue reading here… Announcing Our New Film! We at the CBC are excited to announce that our newest film Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender? is just about finished and is slated to be released in early June. Early reviews are coming in, and we are excited to hear what some of these relevant voices have to say about the film:

“One of the most concerning and harmful things happening in the world today is the wholesale and uncritical encouragement of transition in minors. Trans-Mission sheds much-needed light on this issue and is an invitation to start having crucial conversations about it that will lead to protecting some of our most vulnerable kids. Watch this film, share it, and start talking.” –James Lindsay, best-selling author and founder of New Discourses

Trans-Mission is a fantastic contribution to the conversation that our nation needs to have about so-called ‘transition.’ Offering feminist critiques of gender ideology, parents’ rights perspectives, and science, this film is sure to increase public awareness of the problems associated with gender and the entire ‘gender identity’ industry. Please watch this film and share it widely with friends and family.” –Kara Dansky, feminist, attorney, and author

Stay tuned in the days ahead for more information about this important new film! You Spoke; We Listened We LOVE hearing from our readers and listeners! Last week, we received several emails about our Venus Rising podcast and about the risks of “donating” eggs as well as the ethical concerns with retrieving eggs from healthy women for research and third-party reproduction. The risks of egg “donation” (we prefer to say egg selling) has been a topic that we have covered, and will continue to cover, for many years. There are harms to women who “donate” their eggs for either use in research or in third-party reproduction. We encourage you to read about these harms and watch our film Eggsploitation

Venus Rising has new episodes the first and third week of the month. Season two is wrapping up with the last episodes to air in June. We will be taking a summer break before launching season three; giving each of our listeners time to catch up! Many have asked about transcripts for our podcast. This is a wonderful suggestion, but at this time, it is a service we are unable to offer. Further comments and suggestions are always welcome! Maybe you even know someone that would be perfect to be a guest on our podcast? Or perhaps there a topic you’d like to hear more about?  If so, write us! 

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