Medjugorje, May 18, 2019
Dear children of Medjugorje, praise be to Jesus and Mary!

1. On May 2nd, 2019, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, surrounded by a large crowd of pilgrims. After the apparition, she conveyed this message:
“Dear children, with a motherly love I am calling you  to respond to the great love of my Son, with pure and open hearts, with  complete trust. I know the greatness of His love. I carried Him within  me, the Host in the heart, the light and the love of the world. My  children, also my addressing you is a sign of the love and tenderness of  the Heavenly Father-a big smile filled with the love of my Son, a call  to eternal life. Out of love, the Blood of my Son was shed for you. That  Precious Blood is for your salvation, for eternal life. The Heavenly  Father created man for eternal happiness. It is not possible-for you who  know the love of my Son and who follow Him-to die. Life triumphed; my  Son is alive.   Therefore, my children, apostles of my love, may prayer show  you the way and the means of spreading the love of my Son-prayer in the  most exalted form. My children, also when you strive to live the words  of my Son, you are praying. When you love the people whom you meet, you  are spreading the love of my Son. It is love that opens the doors of  Paradise.   My children, from the beginning, I prayed for the Church.  Therefore, I am also calling you, apostles of my love, to pray for the  Church and her servants-for those whom my Son called. Thank you.”     Now, as is the case for all websites associated with  Medjugorje, we will no longer be able to publish the link to Mirjana’s  apparition, because this has been requested by the authorities. We will  however provide a simple photo of Mirjana. Obedience is always blessed!

2. A Nuclear power plant? In this time of grace  and mercy coupled with very difficult struggles, the Blessed Mother has  given us a very important message, which may go unnoticed. It concerns  the formation of prayer groups, which will more and more constitute the  backbone of the Church of tomorrow.

“Dear children,  renew prayer in your families and form prayer groups. In this way, you  will experience joy in prayer and communion. All those who pray and are  members of prayer groups are open to God’s will in their hearts and  joyfully witness God’s love.” (Sept 25, 2000)
“Prayer groups are powerful, and through them I can see that the Holy Spirit is at work in the world.” (June 25, 2004)
More  than ever, these small prayer groups that are cropping up here and  there as fruits of Medjugorje (and from other good works of the Church)  are important, provided of course that they unite hearts. Our lady  strongly emphasizes unity among the members of a group, for then, she  says, such a group “is more powerful than a nuclear power plant.” (Message  to the prayer group) If these groups are humble and fervent, they form a  vital organ for the body of the Church. Invisible to the enemy, because  of their humility, they draw down great blessings on the world. From  the earliest years of the apparitions,
Our  Lady has been willing to create her own prayer group in Medjugorje,  whom she led for 7 years. An exceptional event in the History of the  Church!    She also asked that a chapel of perpetual adoration be opened in each parish.     According  to some shocking statistics, the Catholic Church is the most persecuted  religious organization in the world today, This is why we have to seize  the right weapons, those given by Our Lady for the past 38 years, and  start defeating the enemy!  Speaking of France, my homeland, every  single day, churches are robbed, hosts are stolen, crosses are broken,  statues are knocked over and insulting graffiti is sprayed on the  walls…
See:     In a single year, 26 churches were burned.   See:     Just a few examples:   On Aug. 6, 2018, the church of Villeneuve d’Amont, was totally destroyed by a fire.
On Jan. 17, 2019, a church in Grenoble burned down completely.

How has it come to this where our churches  -sometimes several centuries old – have ended up in flames one after the  other?  The time has come for us to strive to build our cathedrals in  our own hearts, to make our hearts “tabernacles of the Living God” where  no enemy can penetrate and where only the fire of the Spirit can take  hold, and burn out of love! May these “little homes of fervor”, as  Venerable Martha Robin called them, grow in number and in quality all  over the world to ward off the assaults of the enemy, and together with  Mary, prepare the second coming of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!
3. Jean Vanier, friend of the blessed ones, left us on May 7. When I was young (a long time ago!), I visited l’Arche (the Ark) a  few times, in the small village of Trosly where Jean Vanier lived. I  was so amazed and joyful to see all these mentally handicapped men and  women living a peaceful and simple family life so well designed for  them, with the help of some volunteers! Jean’s heart was as big as he  was tall in size! The way he welcomed the poor reminded us of the  Beatitudes, he became a friend of those whom Jesus named in the Gospel:  “Blessed are the poor because the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.” Jean  felt honored to be able to welcome and serve these blessed ones, and the  way he saw them is reminiscent of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. He was  known all over the world.

Here are some tips he liked to give: “Accept  the reality of your body”. “Don’t be afraid of failing”. “In a  relationship, take the time to ask, “How are you?”” “Stop looking at  your phone, be present!” “Ask people “What’s your story?” “Be aware of  your own story.” “Stop the prejudices: meet the people”. “Listen to your  deep desire and follow it.” “Remember that you are going to die one  day…”
Farewell,  dear Jean! Pray for us from up there and intercede for the children and  young people who have been wounded by the breakups in their families.  Continue to be an advocate for the weak and vulnerable!     4. Pope Francis has authorized pilgrimages to Medjugorje! The news has already spread around the world! Until now, only private pilgrimages were authorized by the Church, irrespective of the number of participants. Now that official pilgrimages are allowed, parishes and dioceses can arrange them in the same way as we do for other shrines such as Lourdes or Fatima.   This  does not however imply that the apparitions have been officially  recognized, as Alessandro Gisotti, Director of the Holy See Press  Office, said on May 12, 2019. These apparitions still need to be  reviewed by the Church.Because these apparitions are still  ongoing, this examination could take a long time. But the Holy Father’s  green light for official pilgrimages is a priceless step forward for  Medjugorje and for welcoming its specific grace!   We  warmly thank the Mother of God and Queen of Peace, because many of her  children who dared not come, will now be able to do so without fear and  receive the grace of peace for which their souls thirst!      Given  the impressive flow of pilgrims who visit Medjugorje each year (about  2.5 million), Archbishop Henryk Hoser, Apostolic visitor, announced that  some of the Sanctuary’s development work could start soon in order to  expand the space for liturgical celebrations and enable the construction  of a more suitable Chapel. This is an excellent initiative and so truly  necessary!     5.  On YouTube, several talks given during my missions are available, in English, French, Italian, German and Polish. (See PS 4)
6.  My next Live Broadcast on the message of the 2nd will be on June 3rd at 9 pm. The May 3rd broadcast can be seen at
Dearest Gospa,  in light of Rome’s authorization for official pilgrimages to  Medjugorje, you will be even more instrumental in the lives of your  children. You are also showing us that your plan is enfolding. Yes, your  plan will be realized in its fullness one day, and more than ever we  want to actively take part in it!     Sister Emmanuel, Community of the Beatitudes   (Translated from French)

PS1. On May 17, Our Lady appeared to Ivan at the Blue Cross, and gave the following message:     “Dear children,  also today I call you in a special way to pray for my intentions, for my  plans that I desire to realize here by my coming. Pray in a special way  for my shepherds, for firm faith in my priests. Thank you, dear  children, for having responded to my call also today.”      PS2.  The Youth Festival in Medjugorje will be held from 1 to 6 August. Don’t delay, book your tickets today!     PS3.  Do you want to live the school of Our lady at Home? Get all our material from our website, CDs, DVDs, Books, talks….etc.
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