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Unplanned is already making an impact.

Mark in El Paso reported that theater employees screen every movie to ensure the video and audio all work as designed. That quality control screening led to a deep conversation among the local theater staff.

“One staff member disclosed abortion trauma,” Mark said. “They were very grateful to receive information and contacts for our local post-abortion support group and retreats, which they now plan to attend.”

Simply starting the conversation on abortion is half the battle. And one way to start that discussion is by sporting your favorite 40 Days for Life shirt, hat or jacket.

Wherever I go, people see the logo and ask, “What’s 40 Days for Life?” Every one of these discussions is an opportunity.

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If you haven’t seen Unplanned yet, SEE IT TODAY. If you have…see it again!


London, England

“Hail, rain and cold weather! Did not stop our heroic volunteers, though!” wrote Sarah in London.

Families and people of all ages are joining the vigil–some traveling hours to come pray.

One volunteer came much farther than that. Renee, who helps lead the Champaign, Illinois 40 Days for life campaign, visited England and prayed at the London vigil site.


Boston, Massachusetts

Three generations of prayer warriors came out to pray at the Planned Parenthood location in Boston.

Cait, her mother Christin, and her grandmother Mary joined the vigil. “Christin, in the middle, has 12 children!” said Rita, who leads the Boston campaign.


These all wait for you, that you may give them their food in due season, what you give them they gather in; you open your hand they are filled with good. You hide your face, they are troubled; you take away their breath, they die and return to their dust. You send forth your Spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the earth.

— Psalm 104:27-30

Beloved Father, remind us today that there is no truth but you. Do not let us fall prey to the evil one’s lie that we may choose death. Remind us right now that you, who created all life, are in control of all life, and let us know right now that you who created all life, are in control of all life, and let us choose life always. Keep lighting the pathway home, for us and for all who participate in this 40 Days for Life campaign.

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For life,


Shawn Carney
President/CEO, 40 Days for Life

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