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August 1, 2017

Dear Family of Mary TV,
Words can’t express our gratitude! You came through and responded to our appeal! “Prayer works miracles” Our Lady tells us in her messages, and yours sure did! Today you’ll start witnessing the results of your intercessory prayer in Mary TV’s broadcasting channel window at the top of our website (  as we begin Live Streaming the Youth Festival.
The 28th MEDJUGORJE YOUTH FESTIVAL begins today at 6:00pm Medjugorje time (12:00 Noon EST in the US), Tuesday, August 1 – and concludes with a 5:00am Mass on the summit of Cross Mountain on Sunday, August 6, 2017.
Here is the link for the schedule (all times are Medjugorje time).
Our Daily Rosary will be at 15:00 Medjugorje time (3:00 pm) every day of the festival (9:00 am EST in the US).
Let’s be active participants in this beautiful festival of faith by praying for everyone involved. For instance, pray that the Lord sends cloud cover to block the sun. Temperatures everyday will be well over 100. Saturday’s forecast is 108 degrees Fahrenheit (42.2 Celsius)!
Please spread news of the festival to family and friends!
God bless you!

PS.  Thank you to all our donors for making it possible for Mary TV to update our technology in Medjugorje and to stream the Youth Festival 2017.  To find out how you can help, here is a link: