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Anqi, saved by WRWF’s Save a Girl Campaign
On June 1st, all provinces in China celebrate “Children’s Day” with lavish children’s art exhibitions and performances.  Meanwhile, no mention will be made of the fact that China has “prevented” more than 400 million children from being born, often by forced abortion and sterilization, through its brutal One (now Two) Child Policy.  In addition, millions of Chinese baby girls are being aborted or abandoned, just because they girls.
In fact, this precious baby girl, “Anqi,” is celebrating Children’s Day because Women’s Rights Without Frontiers’ (WRWF) Save a Girl Campaign empowered her mother to save her life.  When Anqi’s mother had Anqi’s older sister, her mother-in-law was unhappy.  She told Anqi’s mother that the next baby would be a boy. 
When Anqi’s mother became pregnant with her second child, her mother-in-law wanted to find out the baby’s gender.  Anqi’s mother refused.  She knew that her mother-in-law would force her to have an abortion if the baby were a girl.  Chinese women not only face pressure from the government to abort their “illegal” babies, but also from family members who impose sex-selective abortion.  
Anqi’s mother did not want an abortion; she wanted her baby, whether a boy or a girl.  But her mother-in-law persisted.  She went to a fortuneteller, and followed her instructions on how to ensure that the baby would be a boy.  When Anqi was born a girl, her grandmother was very upset and tried to pressure Anqi’s mother to “give her daughter away.”  In the Chinese countryside, to “give away” a daughter sometimes means to give her to a childless couple.  Sometimes it means to leave her in a field to die.
Anqi’s mother did not want to give away her daughter, and with our help, has been able to keep her daughter.  Our WRWF fieldworker enabled Anqi’s mother to keep her baby. Our fieldworker offered Anqi’s mother a monthly stipend for a year to empower her to keep her daughter.    
With the help of this stipend, Anqi’s mother is defying the culturally imposed pressure from her mother-in-law and is raising Anqi.  She has explained to her mother-in-law that “strangers in the United States” are helping financially to support this second daughter, so the family members should love her more!
It is such an honor to help brave women like Anqi’s mother!  And you have a unique opportunity to help as well!
Will you help us save women and girls in China? Become a “GirlSaver”!
Won’t you help us save more girls like Anqi?   We have saved hundreds of girls, and yet there are millions more who are being aborted or abandoned just because they are girls.  Some baby girls are born to families so poor that their health is at risk.  Each one of these girls is infinitely precious.  Please help us save them by donating to our “Save a Girl” Campaign.
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