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How Abortion Divides the Feminist Movement

On a Monday afternoon, a panel of seven women, some dressed in blazers, others in colorful skirts and sporting hair colors from blue to purple to gray to black, sat on stage to discuss-civilly-a topic that tends to ignite irresolvable arguing: abortion, and its place within feminism.

pill, birth control News headlines are full of the latest in a series of sexual abuse scandals, this time of the abuse of gymnasts by USA Gymnastics coaches and at least one doctor. Sexual abuse and assault are continuing to happen, and continuing to be covered up on an institutional scale. Despite more awareness and education programs aimed at protecting against abuse, it seems as though no complete reform in society has occurred from the many sexual abuse cases exposed in recent years.


George Gilder, together with his wife and four children, have adopted the charming town of Tyringham- a virtual art colony nestled in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts-as their home. His fame and influence have not interfered with his domestic stability. Nor have the PC police, though not without making a concerted effort, succeeded in stifling his creativity.

The celebration of the Feast of Mercy is of course intimately connected with the meaning of Easter. St. John Paul points out, “It is this Paschal mystery which bears within itself the most complete revelation of mercy, that is of that love which is more powerful than death, more powerful than sin and every evil, the love which lifts man up when he falls into the abyss and frees him from the greatest threats” (Dives in misericordia, n. 15).
May 1, 2017

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