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Members of Bound4LIFE in Washington, D.C. symbolically cover their mouths with red tape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Deacon John,

Men who drive their girlfriends or wives to an abortion facility often put on a persona of bravado and toughness. But they shrink from the time they park the car to the time they enter the abortion facility.

Abortion is often proclaimed — by men and women — to be a woman’s issue. This has been said to me often. Women proclaim it to feel empowered … but men proclaim it to be excused from responsibility.


The Supreme Court that legalized abortion was all men; most abortion doctors are men; many “escorts” at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are men … and many abortion industry executives are men. And, to point out the obvious, women don’t get pregnant by themselves

Men have a role … and to say otherwise lets men off the hook for what is our responsibility. Our culture needs a few good men — and we’re getting them!

I recently spoke to 1,200 men at a conference in Worcester, Massachusetts.


A great crowd came out to visit the Worcester vigil site as well — as sleet and snow began to fall. Watch the video of me and 40 Days for Life board chair Matt Britton interviewing a local volunteer about a saved baby.

The Worcester campaign leaders, Pauline and Lee, say many people come out to pray despite the weather — and the opposition. They even have billboards around town promoting the campaign!


As we near the end of the campaign, I’m thankful that it’s not snowing in April where I live! And even if it IS snowing where you are … be inspired by these courageous New Englanders to go out and pray over these last few days.

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Iztapalapa, Mexico

“We have some really great news!” said Tere, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Iztapalapa, in the Mexico City area.

“A volunteer from our leadership team, Ines, talked with a girl that was planning to have an abortion,” she said. “Ines has the gift of being able to talk so sweetly, so she was able to approach the couple.”

After talking for a time, Ines asked them for their phone number. And a few days later, she called them to find out what they had decided. “The girl told her that — yes — they were going to have their baby!”

Ines and Sonia, another of the volunteers, also had a chance to talk to the man who worked as the chief security guard at the Marie Stopes abortion center.

That was also a fruitful conversation. He told the two women that he would be requesting a new location … and if his company ordered him to return to Marie Stopes, he could not accept the assignment.

“He had slowly realized that this place is a place of death,” Tere said. “He knew what they were carrying in the black plastic bags when the biological waste truck arrived. God has heard our prayers during this campaign!”


Houston, Texas

It was, one of the Houston leaders said, “an absolutely beautiful day of prayer” outside of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mega-center.

One of the 40 Days for Life volunteers travels an hour and a half each week to pray at the vigil. While she was praying, a woman walked up and began to share her story.

“I was going to have an abortion a couple years ago,” the woman said, “but I spoke with someone on the sidewalk and I decided not to abort.”

In fact, the woman told the volunteer, “I think I spoke to YOU! I want to introduce you to my two-year-old son!”

“We do not always get a chance to see the lives we have prayed for saved from abortion,” said the Houston team member. “We are so thankful to God for such a blessing as this story from the street!”


You have heard it was said, ‘you shall love your neighbor, and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.

— Matthew 5: 43-44

Heavenly Father, may we reflect your character of grace and kindness to those who hate us and curse us. Guard our hearts and our tongues as we respond in love to words and actions meant to rile us or cause us harm. Let others see the Hope that is Christ in all we say and do.

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For life,


Shawn Carney

President, 40 Days for Life

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