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Themes of Suicide in Scripture

Can one find help specifically for mental illness in the Bible, as it was not known or understood as such when the Bible was written? As God’s Word, His inspired truth, the Bible is completely applicable to life today, when many people are suffering with mental health issues of their own or of loved ones. Great comfort can be found in concrete examples of mental health episodes that are given to us in Scripture, and when one is in a dark place emotionally, one can understand that the mentally ill are not forgotten in the Bible.

Recently, Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoed what was termed the “Heartbeat Bill” which many pro-life advocates had fought to pass within the Ohio legislature. It dumbfounded many as to why a staunchly pro-life governor would veto such legislation. Was this not his duty to enact legislation that would help usher in a Culture of Life? Was not Kasich’s veto an act that was contrary to this purpose? Is this not contrary to Scripture?


The liturgy of the Church is where we, as the baptized faithful, approach the throne of Heaven with humility to give praise and thanksgiving to God, for the work of the blessed Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As the source and summit of the whole Christian life (Lumen gentium, art. 11), it is worth pondering why we celebrate the liturgy at all. Is not the liturgy just an addition to the Church’s life, a kind of afterthought to the message of the Gospel?

Often when Lent comes around during the liturgical year, many Catholics try to use it as a time to lose weight by fasting from a lot of their favorite foods, rather than looking upon this time to grow in prayer and works of mercy. Cutting down on our favorite foods to lose of few pounds often means, quoting St. Thomas Aquinas, “restraining food that weakens strength for prayer and preaching while trying to stifle the incentives to vices is like attacking an enemy we hate but slay the citizen we love (On Evil, q.14, a.2 ad 6).
March 13, 2017

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