Deacon John,

From anarchists to socialists, pro-abortion folks are getting angry … and it starts with a place I visited this week — San Francisco.

Case in point: a rhetoric-filled rant on

The writers of this string of clichés and talking points (you’re an “anti-choice bigot” according to this piece) were giddy and gleeful that pro-abortion protesters tried to disrupt the 40 Days for Life kickoff rally in San Francisco.

This line pretty much sums it up: “Anti-choice protests like these have helped create a climate that puts women’s fundamental right to choose what she does with her body into question.”

The writers declared victory for the pro-abortion side, a victory attained by “outnumbering and demoralizing” the 40 Days for Life group: “The counter-protest successfully blocked the anti-choicers in sight and sound.”


Truth is not determined by numbers. But if it was, then attendance at nine years’ worth of 40 Days for Life campaigns in San Francisco versus the one day of counter-protests would be something to consider.

California is anything but demoralized — as proven by the record 41 locations hosting 40 Days for Life vigils right now!

Another Socialist Worker article referred to “an abortion rights emergency.” And that’s perhaps closer to the truth.

These protests aren’t happening because the pro-abortion side is winning; they’re happening because the pro-abortion side is losing … even in California, long considered a bastion of support for legal abortion.

Vigils at 41 abortion centers and Planned Parenthood facilities in California represent a whole lot of prayer.

No wonder abortion proponents are worried!


San Francisco, California

Planned Parenthood in downtown San Francisco closed a few years back after many 40 Days for Life campaigns. “It was a miracle,” said Ron, the leader.

And Ron didn’t stop. He moved to another Planned Parenthood abortion facility in one of America’s most pro-abortion cities. It’s not an easy location.

For 30 minutes, we were harassed by a lady who insulted us and filmed us as she accused us of being “gender supremacists.” This doesn’t shake Ron … [more]


Redding, California

The 40 Days for Life vigil participants in Redding have had to deal with the elements so far during this campaign – there was even a hailstorm on one of the abortion days!

Then the abortion staff put up a sheet as a barrier between their clients and the prayer volunteers … [more]


I beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called, with all lowliness, and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love.

— Ephesians 4:1b-2

Dear Heavenly Father, we are humbled that you have called us and appointed us to be ambassadors of Christ in a world that is not our home. We pray that your Holy Spirit will empower us to walk worthy of the calling. We pray that Your unconditional love will flow through us to those who desperately need Your saving grace.

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For life,


Shawn D. Carney

President, 40 Days for Life


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