Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.  It’s a day for reflection, and a reminder to show mercy and kindness to those in need.

In Haiti, Makendia’s (above) little face isn’t just sad, it’s full of suffering. Pain has taken over this 4-year-old’s life.  She can’t sleep. She can’t play. She can’t smile.

Makendia’s mother told us, “My child cries from pain, but I cannot help her.”

Makendia has been living with a severe ear infection for months, and it’s getting worse.  Like many in her poor, remote community, Makendia’s parents can’t afford transportation to the nearest clinic, or the medicine she so desperately needs.

The three most important things we can do during Lent are:
  1. Pray for one another.
  2. Open our eyes to God’s love.
  3. Open our hearts to the vulnerable, weak and poor.
On Ash Wednesday, I’m counting on generous people like you to make sure that poor, sick children like Makendia find mercy, dignity, and love.  I’m praying that this little girl gets the help she needs.  Please help with a donation now.
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