One million are on the brink of starvation
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Deacon John

In South Sudan, mothers are used to hearing babies cry because they are hungry. It is a daily reality.  But imagine the heartbreak of a mother whose baby is too weak to cry. Imagine a mother’s pain because her baby is slowly and silently starving to death.

Famine in South Sudan has been declared, the first in any part of the world in six years.

Famine means more than hunger. And the facts are shocking. According to the UN:

  • Nearly five-million people (about 42% of population) are in urgent need of food
  • one-million more on the brink of starvation
Emergency support for a family struggling to survive means the difference between living and dying, hope and despair.

We need your help to provide emergency relief. We’re working with partners on the ground right now, to support extensive food programs for the most desperate.

We cannot stand by while vulnerable women and children in this poor, war-torn country suffer from a man-made tragedy. We cannot stand by and watch women and children die from starvation. Can you?

Thank you for protecting the helpless, hearing to their cries and taking action on their behalf. Your gift means life.

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