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“The times are never so bad,” said Saint Thomas More, “that a good man can’t live in them.” These are encouraging words that can be applied to our present times. In addition to encouraging words, however, we, especially Catholics, need heroes, people who beat the odds and offered hope for the many who feel they have little chance of succeeding.

For decades, aborted children have been disposed in many inhumane ways such as becoming biohazard waste or just merely thrown away in the garbage. However, recently a proper solution has been advocated among some of the state legislatures to propose legislation that would either require the interment or burial of the remains of the aborted unborn.


If Ms. Warren knew anything about Susan B. Anthony, she might have been less anxious to disturb Susan B. Anthony’s eternal rest with the news that Hillary Clinton was the first woman to be nominated as a major party candidate for president. Susan B. Anthony would be horrified to see that the push for women’s equality has devolved into unfettered support for abortion and the rejection of femininity.

Humility, we are told, is the foundation of our spiritual life. In the Scriptures, we read that God rewards the humble, but he rejects and smites the proud..But knowing what true humility is can be difficult, especially when living our daily lives in the midst of the world around us. It is always worthwhile to take another look at humility as described by the great spiritual writers and contemplate how to apply their words to our own lives.
August 22, 2016

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