Dear Deacon John,

Record numbers of people, in cities from coast to coast, are ramping up for this fall’s UNITED 40 Days for Life campaign … which is on track to be the largest nationwide pro-life mobilization in American history!

David Bereit, Steve Karlen, and I just shot a 3-minute video about UNITED — explaining the ambitious goals for this history-making initiative, how we’re launching a massive tour to visit all 50 states during the 40 days, and how to ensure your city takes part:


Watch it now at:

If there’s an abortion business where you live, the time is right to join the UNITED 40 Days for Life campaign. The deadline to apply to lead a local campaign is this coming Tuesday, June 28, at midnight.

UNITED is the opportunity we’ve all been waiting for … to join hands from sea to shining sea … to pray, fast, and stand together for life … and ensure a bright future for our beloved America.

Watch the 3-minute video now:

For life,


Shawn Carney
President, 40 Days for Life

Please spread the word and share this video with any other pro-lifers you know … all across America!