* February 29 – Pope Saint Hilarius (Rome, d. 468) —-- A Moment with Mary --
Une Minute avec Marie
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February 29 – Pope Saint Hilarius (Rome, d. 468)

A servant of Mary will not lose his soul

Saint Anselm says, that just as he who is not devoted to Mary and protected by her cannot be saved, so it is impossible that he who recommends himself to the Virgin, and is regarded by her with affection, should be condemned…

Saint Bonaventure, too wrote: He who neglects the service of Mary shall die in sin… And in the same sense the holy Church applies to Mary these words of Proverbs: All that hate me love death…

On the other hand, Mary says: He that hearkeneth to me shall not be confounded. He who has recourse to me, and listens to what I say to him, shall not be lost. From which Saint Bonaventure said: Oh, Lady, those who are mindful to honor thee, shall be far from perdition. Even when, as Saint Hilary says, they have hitherto deeply offended God.

Hence the devil strives so hard with sinners, in order that, having lost divine grace, they may also lose devotion to Mary.

Saint Alphonsus of Liguori,
In The Glories of Mary, chap VIII