* February 28 – Our Lady of Tears (Italy, 1522) – 11th apparition of Lourdes (France, 1858) —-- A Moment with Mary --
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February 28 – Our Lady of Tears (Italy, 1522) – 11th apparition of Lourdes (France, 1858)

Our Lady of Tears confirms the message of Fatima

Syracuse is a city in southeastern Sicily. Its Catholic shrine of Our Lady of Tears is the most recent shrine in Sicily and one of the busiest with visitors from all over the world.

It contains a bas-relief of painted plaster representing the Virgin Mary and her Immaculate heart crowned with thorns and inflamed (as in Fatima), which was originally in a modest home at the head of the bed of a couple named Lannuso. But from August 29th to September 1, 1953, the image of the Virgin wept human tears, which were scientifically analyzed. The episcopate of Sicily has recognized the supernatural origin of the occurrence and promoted the devotion. Our Lady of Tears took the world by surprise and obtained numerous miracles for the faithful.

Shortly before the miracle, in May 1952, Our Lady appeared to Sister Lucia in Fatima, Portugal, confiding to her that she was still awaiting the consecration of Russia. During the summer of 1952, Sister Lucia wrote: “I am sorry that it has not been done as Our Lady requested.” In this context, the tears of the Virgin of Syracuse in the summer of 1953 were interpreted as a confirmation of the request of Fatima.

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Adapted from Domenico MARCUZZI,
Original article published in Santuari mariani d’Italia, edizioni Paoline, Roma 1982