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June 3, 2015

(John 8:31-32) Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed him: If you continue in my word, you shall be my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth: and the truth shall make you free. 

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English: Holy Mass at San Thome Church

English: Holy Mass at San Thome Church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

EXCERPTLukewarm Catholicism: Scourge Upon the Church and Ruin of Souls by Fr. William Casey

How long has it been since you heard a good sermon on sexual morality? Many bishops and priests no longer believe in sexual sin. People are sick and tired of lukewarm watered down Catholicism. They are sick of superficial, boring and non- committal Catholic preaching. They are sick of being fed false doctrine or no doctrine at all.

They are sick of a lack of sound catechesis for our young people. They have had enough of the rotten sex education programs which do nothing but incite young people’s natural curiosity and tempt them to solve it by personal experience. They are sick of the lack of teaching about sin, virtue, and vice, the Commandments, Confession, family life and sanctity.

They are tired of leaders who won’t make moral judgments publicly and stand up and defend the Faith as they are obligated by Christ to do, and who seem to fear everyone’s judgment but God’s!

Moral authority is like muscle tissue. Muscle tissue, if never used, will atrophy and die. This is our present condition. Our people are tired of shepherds who seem to protect the wolves rather than the sheep! They have had enough of the modernist mush! New Age nonsense has been shoved down their throats in place of the true Faith. People are fed up with the superficial spirituality of butterflies, banners and balloons. They have had enough liturgical abuses and irreverence at Holy Mass.

The Council of Trent states, “Where there is irreverence, there will be corruption.” Scandal follows corruption, like night follows the day. There is not now nor has there ever been a New America Church. It is a sham and a lie. If we don’t put an end to it, God will, sooner or later, one way or another! Call it anything you like. It comes in many different forms, by many different names and in many different disguises:

• Lukewarm Catholicism
• Cafeteria Catholicism
• Theological Modernism
• Liberal American Catholicism 
• Rationalism or Relativism

Whatever you choose to call it, it is a fatal disease. It is a killer! Ultimately, it leads to paralysis of faith and the ruin of souls.

Lukewarm Catholicism, in all its various forms, can be rooted in many things: weak faith, loss of faith, moral laxity, habitual sin, lack of prayer, pride, material prosperity, spiritual sloth, sheer laziness, worldliness, whatever; but its mindset seems to have permeated everywhere and almost everything in Catholic life today, in one degree or another. It has crept into Catholic Schools, Bible Studies, RCIA programs, Religious Ed programs, Chancery offices and liturgical preaching.

If you recognize the signs of Lukewarm Catholicism, if you see some of the symptoms in yourself or your home, in your family or in your parish, wherever you may see it, please, my brothers and sisters in Christ, the time has come to do something about it! Make changes in your life. Rebuild your interior castle with the seven habits of sanctity.

It is the work of a life-time and requires our determined effort and cooperation with God’s Sanctifying Grace through the Sacraments. If we are to have robust Spiritual health, we must develop these SEVEN DAILY HABITS. The Morning Offering, Spiritual Reading, the Rosary, Holy Communion, Mental Prayer, the Angelus and daily examination of Conscience. These seven habits must take priority in our lives for they are more important than meals, sleep, work or recreation.

The Church is mortally wounded in this country. Friends, don’t put it off. Don’t count on others to do it for you. Our time may very well be short. Archbishop Sheen used to say that, before the hand of God comes down upon the world, it always comes down upon the Church.

VIA Rev. J.L. Iannuzzi, STD, Ph.D.: In response to recent outpouring of requests that I share with you the Fatima Consecration article in book format for those who do not have email or internet access, kindly see download link below. You may download, print it and share it as you see fit.

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The Desert Fathers: sayings of the Early Christian Monks: Obedience

10. She also said, ‘We ought to behave always with discretion and remain in the community, not following our own will, nor seeking our own good. Like exiles we have benn separated from the things of the world and have given ourselves in faith to the one Father. We need nothing of what we have left behind. There we had reputation and plenty to eat; here we have little to eat an not much of anything else.’

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