Pope Francis has been persistently reminding us as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ to preach the Good News wherever we may be. The initial conversation about salvation, he tells us, begins with an encounter with Jesus who reveals the love and mercy of the Father. For most people, even many Christians, a personal, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ simply doesn’t exist.

Because I spend so much time in airports and planes, and because I wear the collar of a priest, I have many opportunities to speak about Jesus and His Church. This has happened while waiting to board a plane, walking between gates, sitting in an airport restaurant or waiting to collect my luggage. While studying to be a priest, I never imagined my “pulpit” would be so unconventional.

As you would expect I meet a wide variety of people in these situations, and many aren’t Christians. People may not even know that they are searching or what they are searching for, but their questions and comments speak volumes about their situations, beliefs and pain.

Once on a return flight from Rome, I spent nearly ten hours speaking to a very curious non-baptized woman about the Church’s teaching on baptism, chastity, marriage, divorce, contraception, abortion, homosexuality and the pope. On another occasion, when traveling to Eastern Europe, two flight attendants (male and female) approached me and asked if I could speak with them later during the flight. At three in the morning they sat at my feet in the aisle asking questions about the Sacrament of Marriage and the steps necessary to get married.

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Father Shenan J. Boquet
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