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Total received at the time of this writing is now $42,000. There is $83,000 to go. In addition to donations and if you are not able to donate, we also greatly appreciate prayers for the success of this campaign.

There is an unusual volume of weekend reading for you in today’s list of LSN stories. However, I think you will agree that most of the stories are incredibly important. There is a tidal wave of developments happening on the life and family issues.

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Steve Jalsevac

Puppies aborted, pro-choicer laments – Rebekah O’Brien

Planned Parenthood sponsors ‘40 Days of Prayer to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal’ – Shawn Carney – 40 Days for Life

Breaking: North Dakota passes first-ever personhood amendment

LifeSiteNews staff Fri Mar 22 13:38 EST Abortion

For the first time in United States history, a legislative body has approved a personhood amendment in both the House and the Senate. Now the amendment will be referred to the people of North Dakota for a vote.

Conservatives revolt as gay marriage lobbyist appointed head of Ohio Republican Party

Ben Johnson Fri Mar 22 11:09 EST Homosexuality

Eighty conservatives from across the state have rejected the state party’s new executive director, Matt Borges, a registered lobbyist for Equality Ohio.

A tale of two donors

Jon Fidero Fri Mar 22 12:18 EST Commentary

I received a note this morning with a donation in the amount of $13. The note read: “$14 in my bank account, just enough to contribute a whopping .0001% of your goal!” Later, another donor offered to match recurring gift donations received in the remaining few days of this campaign up to $5,000.00.

California Dept. of Education adds dozens of gay, transgender titles to recommended reading list

Kirsten Andersen Fri Mar 22 17:59 EST Homosexuality

California parents are asking if their students need a homosexual retelling of Cinderella.

North Dakota passes slew of pro-life bills, including heartbeat bill, ban on abortions for Down’s

John Jalsevac Fri Mar 22 17:52 EST Abortion

Paul Maloney, the executive director of North Dakota Right to Life, told that his organization has “always had faith” in Governor Dalrymple, and expects that he will sign the bills.

Gov. Jack Dalrymple makes the next move.

Senators may force Obama to get insurance through ObamaCare

Kirsten Andersen Fri Mar 22 17:51 EST Politics

Senators Susan Collins and Kelly Ayotte tell the president to practice what he preaches.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH.

American Academy of Pediatricians formally supports gay ‘marriage’

John Jalsevac Fri Mar 22 14:43 EST Homosexuality

At the same time, another U.S.-based organization of pediatricians has responded with its own statement saying that a marriage between a man and a woman is the best place for children.

Asst. DA suggests Gosnell kept babies’ feet as some form of ‘trophy’

John Jalsevac Fri Mar 22 12:34 EST Abortion

Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore asked why the “house of horrors” abortionist kept feet and dead bodies in his abortion facility.

Adrienne Moton

Ideology, not science, behind redefining marriage, SCOTUS brief says

Kayla Griesemer and Ryan T. Anderson Fri Mar 22 11:38 EST Homosexuality

“Large amounts of data collected over decades would be required before any responsible researcher could make meaningful scientific estimates of the effects,” two political scientists argue in a new amicus brief with the Supreme Court.

Rapper’s new song reveals that his mother planned to abort him, changed mind at last second

Ben Johnson Fri Mar 22 09:51 EST Abortion

A new song featuring three prominent rappers says, “They said I was s’posed to die as a fetus/My mama said, ‘I bind that Devil in the name of Jesus.’”

Rapper Mack Maine was nearly aborted.

‘Shocking and unprecedented’: Canada’s Life and Family leaders slam government axing of M-408

Peter Baklinski Fri Mar 22 16:19 EST Abortion

Peter Murphy, assistant director of the Catholic Organization For Life and Family (COLF), asked how that good could be served by “remaining mute about the barbaric practice of sex selective abortion?”

Mark Warawa introduced the measure.

Save the family, save the nation

Fr. Shenan Boquet Fri Mar 22 18:26 EST Family

The same-sex “marriage” debate proves America has learned little from the Left’s previous efforts to destroy the family and society.

Uruguayan pro-lifers force popular vote on abortion law following petition drive

Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent Fri Mar 22 17:03 EST Abortion

The move takes the country one step closer to nullifying the new pro-abortion law.

A tale of two mothers: my mother and Margaret Sanger

Ryan Bomberger Fri Mar 22 16:35 EST Opinion

My mother’s life may not be immortalized in history books, but she has made history. She personifies strength, grace, wisdom, and most importantly, love.

Pope Francis will never approve homosexual civil unions

John-Henry Westen Fri Mar 22 16:31 EST Family

A 2003 document, published by Pope John Paul II and approved by then-Cardinal Ratzinger, will not allow it, an expert tells

Romania’s March for Life looks to stem demographic bomb, protect life

Gerda Chişărău Fri Mar 22 16:02 EST Abortion

Romania has one of the highest abortion rates in Europe—double the official EU average.

A sign for Romania's 2013 March for Life.

Turkish Prime Minister criticizes Netherlands for placing Muslim boy in care of lesbians

Thaddeus Baklinski Fri Mar 22 15:38 EST Faith

The Dutch prime minister rebuffed him, saying, “The placing of Dutch foster children is the responsibility of the Netherlands alone. Nobody else.”

USAID-funded sign encouraging extramarital affairs pulled after outcry

Lisa Correnti Fri Mar 22 15:11 EST Contraception

The ad is called “Weka Condom Mpangoni,” which translates to “use a condom when having an affair.”

UK budget to deny tax breaks for stay-at-home-moms intended to drive kids into state care: critics

Hilary White Fri Mar 22 13:21 EST Family

The campaign group Mothers at Home Matter said the policy is a “slap in the face for two million stay-at-home mothers.”

Teacher booted from Portland School District after protracted battle with Planned Parenthood

STOPP Fri Mar 22 11:46 EST Freedom

Bill Diss was notified on Tuesday after the last student left his class that he was being placed immediately on administrative leave “pending a recommendation to the superintendent that you be dismissed.”

Bill Diss, Portland teacher.

Cornwall B&B to restrict guests to Christians only: non-profit Christian status could save business

Hilary White Fri Mar 22 10:44 EST Freedom

The Bulls became the object of a legal test case by homosexual organizations last year when they refused to rent a room in their home to a homosexual couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Bull.

Gripping new fiction book depicts Down syndrome children as a ‘gift’

Peter Baklinski Fri Mar 22 09:29 EST Culture of Life

Sherry Boas has added a fourth volume to her trilogy about Lily, inspired by her adoption of a girl with Down syndrome.