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Pushing abortifacient IUDs and implants on adolescents is on Planned Parenthood’s agenda. Planned Parenthood has long sought to control population via invasive and dangerous IUDs and contraceptive implants, but the high cost of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) safeguarded most young girls and women. In addition, horror stories about bad experiences with IUDs and contraceptive implants are so common that most women are leery of them. (See the comments on Abby Johnson’s blog in response to her post "IUDs…the worst choice," for one scary story after another.) In fact, in 2009, only 8.5 percent of contracepting women and girls used LARC. Planned Parenthood is on a mission to change that.

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(The Difference is LIFE) "The Church has vast boundaries to defend, and each generation finds itself called to service upon a different front." – Evelyn Waugh
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**************************************** Newsletter #605
December 9, 2012


1. Canada: 491 Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortions, Left to Die
2. World’s Longest Surviving Coma Patient Dies, Mom Never Left Her
3. The Homosexually Oriented Person and the Church
4. My 2 Dads: Childhood not so "Happy and Gay"
5. Godless Secularism Assaults Life and Liberty
6. Are post-abortive Pro-Lifers hypocrites?
7. Protecting Life by Recognizing and Responding to Signs for Suicide
8. Shifting views? Women now more ok with porn than men?
9. A dad who wanted to abort his Down syndrome daughter
10. On the "Beauty" of Dying
11. Responding to common pro-choice arguments
12. Abortion Around the World: Is Access the New Legality?

(Human Life): "" – The sixth episode of PRI’s popular POP 101 series, this video takes a fresh, humorous approach to the demographic issues facing the world today. Be sure to also watch the first video, the second video, the third video, the fourth video, and the fifth video.


ITEM #1: Canada: 491 Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortions, Left to Die

Figures from Statistics Canada, a federal government agency, show 491 babies were born alive following botched abortions during the period from 2000-2009 and left to die afterwards. The numbers have pro-life advocates up in arms.
ITEM #2: World’s Longest Surviving Coma Patient Dies, Mom Never Left Her

The woman who is the world’s longest-surviving patient living in a coma has died at the age of 59 after spending four decades in a coma following an accident at the age of 16. Her family stayed by her side, caring for the ailing woman and keeping her company for the past 42 years before she passed away.
ITEM #3: The Homosexually Oriented Person and the Church

Holding that all persons are created in the image and likeness of God, the Church most certainly does not condemn homosexual persons … (but) condemns using human sexuality for purposes contrary to that for which it is divinely intended … including homosexual acts. … It is the act, not the person which is the issue.
ITEM #4: My 2 Dads: Childhood not so "Happy and Gay"

Conventional wisdom is that children of same-sex parents do as well as, or even better than children from intact, two-parent married households. Many studies make that assertion. It is massively wrong according to a new, very large, thorough study published this week by the journal Social Science Research. It was written by Mark Regnerus, a scholar at the University of Texas. The New Family Structures Study, or NFSS, is a breakthrough report. Regnerus compares how young adult children, aged 18-39, of a parent who has had a same-sex relationship fare on 40 different social, emotional and relational outcomes when compared with traditional and other families.

ITEM #5: Godless Secularism Assaults Life and Liberty

For some time now, both life and liberty have been under assault by an overarching, Godless secularism, replete with power and money, but sadly lacking in wisdom.


ITEM #6: Are post-abortive Pro-Lifers hypocrites?

One who knows reflects upon the attitudes of pro-choicers about women who’ve aborted babies and then become pro-life.

ITEM #7 Protecting Life by Recognizing and Responding to Signs for Suicide

More than 32,000 Americans die by suicide each year, a rate that surprisingly outnumbers homicide. Even more startling is the 816,000 attempted suicides in the United States annually, but we are not the only country facing such challenges.

ITEM #8: Shifting views? Women now more ok with porn than men?

The men then went on to explain what mainstream pornography is today. How it is no longer pictures of topless women smiling in front of the camera, but rather that the bulk of what’s on the Internet now is extremely hardcore, deviant, and particularly violent towards women.
ITEM #9: A dad who wanted to abort his Down syndrome daughter

Heath White, a military man, marathon runner, and all-around success story, was suddenly faced with a choice. During his wife’s second pregnancy, Heath discovered that his new daughter would be born less than perfect, to his way of thinking. Heath admits that he pressured his wife to have an abortion, yet she bravely refused.
ITEM #10: On the "Beauty" of Dying

It goes against everything the world believes, but there can be something extraordinary in a Christian death.


ITEM #11: Responding to common pro-choice arguments

Short reflections on pro-choice statements with simple effective responses (a non-exhaustive list).


ITEM #12: Abortion Around the World: Is Access the New Legality?

The legal status of abortion worldwide varies greatly across countries and regions, but it remains a heavily contested issue within nations which already make allowance for abortion. This is evidenced by battles within the United States over parental notification and exceptions for rape and incest, as well as in nations like Uruguay which have historically prohibited abortion despite repeated attempts to change the law.



1. BE INFORMED: "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6. Visit Website for insights into current Life Issues Access to all prior Newsletters is located in the Archives on main page.

2. PRAY DAILY: for the courage to be God’s presence in society and to strongly support those who are deemed "unworthy of life". "If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

3. BECOME INVOLVED: Several years ago Fr. Jerry created a project entitled, "Journey for Life into the Heart of Asia". The project appeals for donations to help finance plane travel for lectures and seminars to developing countries in Asia. Strong focus is centered on reaching Asian Catholic Major Seminaries, Universities, Parishes, Hospitals and Family/Pro Life related groups. The lectures place emphasis on "The Asian Family at Crossroads: Life Issues, Trends and Challenges".

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