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Friday, November 9, 2012
Post-Election Grunge and Glory
By Judie Brown

This past Tuesday was an opportunity for Catholics to publicly show their faith and determination to ensure that this country head forward in a manner consistent with the dignity of life for all people. While many did, it was not enough. But the fight is not over and we should never take defeat in stride. Today’s commentary examines what we need to do and how we can proceed, even when faced with this difficult journey.

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HHS Mandate lawsuit count reaches milestone Monday

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The number of lawsuits against the Obama administration over a rule forcing employers to provide insurance covering contraceptives and possible abortifacient drugs reached 40 this week, when a medical supply company in Minnesota filed a complaint on Nov. 5. Stuart Lind, who owns Annex Medical, Inc., is a Catholic dedicated to “conducting business in a way that is pleasing to God and is faithful to Biblical principles and values,” according to court documents. He says the mandate is forcing him to violate his religious beliefs.


Planned Parenthood wins extended ban on Texas

funding cuts

Planned Parenthood won an extension of an order blocking Texas from making cuts in funding to its clinics because the organization provides abortion services. Texas officials were stopped by an Oct. 26 temporary restraining order issued by Judge Amy Clark Meachum in Austin from eliminating public funds for the 49 Planned Parenthood clinics in the state that don’t provide abortions. After a hearing yesterday in Austin, U.S. District Judge Stephen Yelenosky said he is extending Meachum’s order. Yelenosky said that by labeling all Planned Parenthood clinics as being affiliated with abortion providers, state officials are using a definition of “affiliate” that goes against the law on funding for the Women’s Health Program written by the Legislature.


Analysis: Guttmacher Institute equates abortion limits with forced abortion

C-Fam Friday Fax

In June of this past year, photos of a Chinese woman and her dead child flooded the Internet, accompanied by the account of how Feng Jianmei was abducted from her home and forced to undergo a late-term abortion by local family-planning officials. Mrs. Feng’s story spread across international news headlines and provoked outrage by national governments. The European Parliament issued a terse statement calling the incident “unacceptable.” A recent article makes the case that any law which restricts abortion—-such as waiting periods or parental consent—-is the equivalent
of China’s brutal forced abortion policy that victimized Mrs. Feng. The article
from the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of the abortion group Planned Parenthood, says this because both represent “coercion in reproductive decision making.” According to their analysis, “forcing a woman to terminate a pregnancy she wants or to continue a pregnancy that she does not want both violate the same human rights.”