Pro-lifers labelled the Democratic National Convention “Abortion-Palooza” after Barack Obama and numerous speakers highlighted “abortion,” “choice,” and “reproductive rights” in their speeches. After four years in power, Obama presides over an economy that remains in shambles and a world as unstable as dangerous as he inherited (if not more), so Democrats had to find something – anything – to talk about other than the president’s obvious failure to address the United States’ most immediate problems. Talking endlessly about abortion changes the channel from high unemployment, rising fuel and food prices, and overall economic uncertainty.
The move, which pleases the left-wing base of the party – a May 2012 Gallup poll shows that a third of Democrats are pro-life — risks alienating independent voters. Gallup’s annual poll of attitudes about abortion show most people think abortion should be banned all or most of the time and a (slight) majority of Americans describe themselves as pro-life. Political observers say the strident pro-abortion strategy is a calculated risk to shore up support among the Democratic base, especially single women, those with graduate degrees, and people who do not attend church. Those groups tend to be more liberal than most Americans, especially on moral issues.
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