Excellent post on some of the troubles we Catholics have to deal with. I’m waiting for the Warning (Illumination), the “Correction of the conscience of the world, when God will enlighten us to His Truth!

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Perhaps the phenomenon that has become known as Cafeteria Catholicism, where the Church becomes “my church” and “My God”, and Bishops “no longer speak for me” are actually symptoms of a heresy within the Catholic Church that similar to the Arian Heresy in the times of the early church. A version of the internalization of the Protestant Heresy developed during the Reformation, but not really seen within the Catholic Church until after Vatican II.

It would explain why Mass is seen as optional by so many, and why Confession has become almost nonexistent in many, if not most parishes. Indeed, some Churches have removed all the confessionals and have a single multifunctional room where an occasional reconciliation may occur.

It would explain why few people genuflect before the tabernacle before entering a pew in church, and that may be a symptom of the fact that between 74-90% of people…

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