The Black Hole of American Morality
We have peered more deeply than ever into a moral abyss, and there are reasons to believe that the abyss is slowly pulling us into itself.


Today there are six Catholics on the Supreme Court (why there are six is a puzzle in itself). But we are not apprised of the slightest movement toward referring Roe v. Wade, same-sex marriage, or any other of the critical moral issues of our time to the supreme deliberations of that august body. Catholicism in America, some fear, is moving precariously toward the position of the Catholic Church in Nazi Germany, putting up at best a feeble opposition that future historians (surely those who count themselves enemies of religion) are likely to cite with self-righteous contempt.




Nor is the matter helped by the clerical sex scandals of recent years, reminiscent of the Nazi indictments of German Catholic priests for sex crimes in the 1930s. The moral authority of the Catholic bishops today is truly suspect insofar as non-Catholics, and even some Catholics, are concerned. The infighting among Catholic theologians about what is and is not Catholic teaching, not to mention the false and disgraceful public statements about Catholic teaching by prominent yet ill-formed Catholic politicians, leaves serious doubt about how unified and effective the Church can ever be as an army that knows its enemy and knows how to fight without being divided and conquered.


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