Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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The Last Call response has so far brought the LSN Fall Campaign to within $16,750 of its goal. Thanks to all who responded today! Last Call is extended, as mentioned earlier, to tomorrow. We will update the donation thermometer until late Friday to allow mail-in donations to be reported.

The report on Ontario’s Education Minister telling the province’s Catholic schools that they can’t teach abortion is wrong is of international significance. This woman and the Ontario Premier (both “Catholics”) have made it clear that, as far as they are concerned, the modern Western state determines what religions may believe and teach in their schools.

A strange moment while on the road for 40 Days for Life – Shawn Carney – 40 Days for Life
BREAKING: New ad, ‘The Nurse, The Extremist, The Survivor,’ exposes Obama’s infanticide votes – Jill Stanek
Woman gives birth to quintuplets after rejecting ‘selective reduction’ abortion – John Jalsevac
America’s Build-A-Baby workshop, for anyone who can afford it – Susan Michelle Tyrrell
Canada is better than Heather Mallick’s dystopia – Jonathon van Maren

Ontario Education Minister: Catholic schools can’t teach abortion is wrong – that’s ‘misogyny’

Patrick B. Craine Wed Oct 10 15:21 EST Abortion

Laurel Broten said that Bill 13, the government’s controversial “anti-bullying” law, prohibits “misogyny.”

Man’s Search for Meaning and abortion: finding hope in suffering

Catherine Shenton Wed Oct 10 09:42 EST Opinion

Does suffering ever justify abortion?

Parental notification does not violate the constitution, Alaskan judge rules

Ben Johnson Wed Oct 10 18:53 EST Abortion

After 15 years, an Alaska judge sides with parents, unborn children.

Judge John Suddock upheld the law

International Day of the Girl Child ignores killing of girls by sex-selective abortion

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Oct 10 18:10 EST Abortion

MP Mark Warawa commended Minister Ambrose for establishing the International Day of the Girl Child, but added, “Selectively terminating female fetuses perpetuates discrimination against women and girls.”

An inside view: abortion is foreign to Africa

Emil Hagamu Wed Oct 10 15:56 EST Opinion

I have yet to find an African language that even has a word for “abortion.”

New study claims big benefits of no-cost contraception: media swoons

Michael New Wed Oct 10 14:44 EST Opinion

In reality there is little evidence that supports the effectiveness of contraceptive programs.

Tighten controls on UK’s end-of-life protocol over abuse concerns, says group of 20 medical bodies

Hilary White Wed Oct 10 14:30 EST Bioethics

Pro-life campaigners have said that the Liverpool Care Pathway is often used as a method of passive euthanasia.

What happens when we redefine marriage?

Peter Smith Wed Oct 10 12:30 EST Opinion

If same-sex marriage becomes law in Britain, the law will demand that it be respected in word and in deed, to the serious detriment of freedom.

So much for ‘choice’: California bans reparative therapy

John Stonestreet Wed Oct 10 11:35 EST Opinion

Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.” Today it’s “I feel, therefore I am.” And both are wrong.

Gay teens will die, but who is to blame?

Jack Fonseca Wed Oct 10 08:33 EST Homosexuality

We’ve been inundated with media allegations about an “epidemic” of gay bullying in schools, but the hard data simply don’t support the claim.

Washington Post faith reporter asks, ‘Why is polygamy so problematic?’

Ben Johnson Wed Oct 10 18:07 EST Family

Why oppose a practice engaged in by Muslims and fundamentalist Mormons if “it occurs among consenting adults?”


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