… I had seen those photos 20 years ago.”

Columbus, OH – October 10, 2012 – Beginning on October 15, Created Equal’s team” target=”_blank”>Justice Riders will combine” target=”_blank”>VOTE PRO-LIFE mobile billboards with our powerful” target=”_blank”>handheld signs and reach out to college students on four university campuses.  The Freedom Riders of the 1960’s boarded buses to expose the racial discrimination of segregated interstate travel.  Our Justice Riders follow in their footsteps to expose the age-based discrimination of abortion.  Read what former Justice Rider Allison Martinez had to say about her experience:

The trips were challenging because I always feel a little nervous before I start talking to people, but as soon as I do, I feel God with me.  Within 5 minutes of setting up the first day, a woman said “I wish I had seen those photos 20 years ago.”  The second day I had one of the best conversations of my life with a 25 year old man riding past on a bike.  He was initially apathetic to the issue, but as he started to see the photos closer, I could sense that his attitude was changing, and I saw his eyes well up under his sunglasses.  He then became angry and said: “This is so wrong!  My opinion is changing!”  And then he asked how he could join us.  I talked with him for about an hour and he told me about his life and how he had recently went to prison and started reading the Bible again.  At the end of the conversation, I gave him my email and he said: “This is the most meaningful conversation I’ve had in a very long time.”” target=”_blank”>OUR TEAM IS GEARING UP FOR A BATTLE ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES THIS FALL.  YOUR GIFT OF $10, $20, OR $50 WILL HELP PAY FOR TRAVEL EXPENSES FOR OUR JUSTICE RIDERS.  PLEASE SPONSOR A JUSTICE RIDER.

 Here is the schedule:

  • Oct 15-16: University of Minnesota
  • Oct 17: Purdue University
  • Oct 18: University of Cincinnati
  • Oct 19: Western Kentucky University

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