This article caught my attention because we were just talking about this subject at our MMP Prayer Cenacle Sunday night. Here’s my thoughts on it: 
Holy Innocents


“Baptism of Desire”! “Baptism of Blood”! The child is certainly in heaven. About 30 years ago, on retreat, Bishop Lawrence Graziano OFM, D.D.  (RIP+) inspired us to pray daily for the baptism of the aborted babies. Each day, at Mass, and  Liturgy of Hours, I pray, “For the souls of the unborn, who have been aborted; by the blood they have shed, may they be baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit and be granted eternal salvation through the Precious Blood of Jesus.”  

Our Lady told Fr. Gobbi on Holy Saturday, April 10, 1993: “I am close to the sepulcher, where millions of innocent little babies repose, babies who have never been born into life, as they were killed in the wombs of their mothers. In the new sepulcher, where the Body of  my Son is laid, I see gathered together all these countless sepulchers, and copious tears flow down the cheeks of a Mother who is mourning for all her little babes who have been killed in such a cruel and inhuman way.
From the moment when my Son Jesus came forth from His sepulcher, alive once again and victorious over death and hell, I have been waiting with confidence for the moment when all my children too will come forth from their sepulchers, to share forever in the immortal life which Jesus has obtained for you by His Death and Resurrection.”
Heaven is eternal and so, all those aborted babies are there, with God, in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary; I hope to be there soon too!!! 
Deacon John
“Let the children come to Me.” (Mark 10:16)


Did you know?

The Vatican’s International Theological Commission states that the question of the “eternal destiny of infants who die unbaptized is ‘one of the most difficult to solve in the structure of theology.'”



They praised in unison your conquering hand, O Lord, for wisdom opened mouths that were mute and gave eloquence to the tongues of infants. — Wisdom 10:20-21

Many faithful Catholics do not know the Church’s teaching on the fate of the souls of unbaptized infants. Converts have perhaps not thought seriously about the matter, and cradle Catholics fall back easily on teachings they vaguely remember about “Limbo.” Though Limbo is not mentioned in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it remains a “possible theological hypothesis,” according to the Vatican’s International Theological Commission. In 2007 the commission presented its document “The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptized” to William Cardinal Levada, then-prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who, upon receiving the endorsement of Pope Benedict XVI, approved it for publication and distribution.


Because of the great number of children who die these days through abortion, miscarriage, contraception, and fertility experimentation, the commission recognizes a certain urgency in its consideration, and its document is a thoughtful and thorough examination of the question from biblical times to the present. The commission notes that “the Church knows the help that can be given by the faith of believers,” and cites Mark 2:5, the account of friends lowering the paralytic through the roof to get him to Jesus: “And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, ‘My son, your sins are forgiven.’” Nothing is said of the faith of the paralyzed man whose friends’ labor on his behalf demonstrated their faith in Jesus’ power. The faithful today should have similar confidence in God’s mercy and should pray for the salvation of unbaptized infants with fervent hope. The commission adds that Christians should explain to the parents of children who have died without baptism “why their own hope for salvation can also extend to those infants or children.”