Lady Gaga disses Pope, proclaims gay ‘marriage’ as inevitable



Posted: 29 Sep 2012 08:37 AM PDT

Long-time gay icon Lady Gaga spoke out last week after the Pope told a group of bishops in France that the traditional definition of marriage, between a man and a woman, must be “promoted and defended.”
‘Hand-made’ humans may hold the key to ‘saving’ the world



Posted: 29 Sep 2012 06:57 AM PDT

In response to climate change, some people have proposed we adopt something akin to China’s one-child policy. For example, a group of doctors in Britain has advocated a two-child maximum.
Cana Movement report says IVF ‘is not a solution’



Posted: 29 Sep 2012 02:22 AM PDT

A new bill, without going as far as considering the embryo as a human being, then aims at prohibiting the abuse of embryos through regulating of how many embryos may be produced, their destiny and what may be done with them.
Pro-Life Billboard Featuring a Black Baby Vandalized With “Kill the Shrimp”



Posted: 28 Sep 2012 07:49 PM PDT

Pro-Life Across America has displayed pro-life billboards in 6,500 cities across the country. The following billboard, which does not even say the word “abortion”, was displayed in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood.