Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Framing the battle over ‘gay rights’ in Africa – Stephen Phelan

GREAT new teaching video on the harms of contraception – John-Henry Westen

Joyce Arthur is an embarrassment to feminism – Stephanie Gray

Megachuch pastor Joel Osteen dodges CNN questions on homosexuality

Susanna Rose Thu Sep 27 16:14 EST Faith

Osteen squirmed under a barrage of question about his beliefs on homosexuality during a discussion on CNN’s “Talking points with Soledad O’Brien.”

San Francisco vandals deface pro-life billboard featuring a newborn black baby: ‘Kill the Shrimp’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Thu Sep 27 15:33 EST Abortion

The words “KILL THE SHRIMP” were then written on the bottom right, with “KILL” in red letters.


Pro-life princess visits Mother Theresa’s home in India

Johanna Dasteel Thu Sep 27 15:20 EST Faith

She and her husband, Archduke Imre of Austria, will go to this sweltering hot and deeply impoverished corner of the world to serve the poorest of the poor.

New Jersey Archbishop Myers: Catholics who back gay ‘marriage’ should not receive Holy Communion

John-Henry Westen Thu Sep 27 18:49 EST Contraception

The 16-page letter is a robust teaching on marriage and family which notes that divorce and contraception have paved the way for confusion in the Church and the world around homosexual ‘marriage’.

Archbishop John J. Myers

Aetna pays $1.5 million for forcing businesses to pay for abortion, contraception

Johanna Dasteel Thu Sep 27 14:48 EST Abortion

While the insurance giant was illegally providing coverage for abortion, it did not cover treatment for autism or autistic children, as required by a 2010 state law, regulators say.

Sneak attempt to pass UN treaty thwarted in Senate

Wendy Wright Thu Sep 27 14:39 EST Abortion

This treaty “promote[s] the idea that government, not parents, have the ultimate voice in decisions concerning their children,” a critic said.

Why I plan to get arrested Saturday for your freedom

Bryan Kemper Thu Sep 27 11:22 EST Opinion

Beginning at 5:00 p.m. on September 29, 2012, we will engage in 72 hours of prayer and arrests in front of the White House.

First 10 lives saved as 40 Days for Life completes Day 1 (Video)

Johanna Dasteel Thu Sep 27 11:04 EST Abortion

The 40-day campaign, the largest so far, runs until November 4th, the day before election day.

Breaking: Tory MP files motion to condemn sex-selective abortions

Patrick B. Craine Thu Sep 27 10:23 EST Abortion

Mark Warawa’s new motion is sure to build on the momentum created in recent months in the lead-up to Wednesday’s defeat of Woodworth’s M-312.

German woman killed 5 of her own children shortly after birth, police say

Ben Johnson Thu Sep 27 17:02 EST Abortion

The case of multiple infanticide “shows how sick the culture of death is,” Arland Nichols of Human Life International told LifeSiteNews.

Ulrike Stahlmann-Liebelt, the prosecutor, said her suspect c

France to ban ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in all legal terminology

Hilary White Thu Sep 27 16:22 EST Family

The alteration of language in all laws related in any way to marriage has become standard for all jurisdictions that have adopted “gay marriage” or civil unions.

New UK bishop asks for prayers to make him ‘orthodox’ and ‘courageous’

Hilary White Thu Sep 27 16:04 EST Faith

Bishop Philip Egan described post-Protestant, heavily secular British culture as a “culture of death.”

World Contraception Day sponsors silent about deadly side effects

Arland Nichols Thu Sep 27 13:48 EST Contraception

Yaz and Yasmin alone earned Bayer $498 million in the first half of 2012.

USAID launches new long-term contraceptive implant for poor women

Lisa Correnti Thu Sep 27 10:56 EST Contraception

The WHO-approved contraceptive implant, known as Jadelle, lasts up to five years.


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