Reason #29 to Defeat Barack Obama:
The Abortion Agenda President

From taxpayer funding of abortion groups, to including abortion coverage in Obamacare, to an embrace of even sex-selection abortions, Barack Obama has proven to be ­the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history. Obama’s extreme Abortion Agenda is right in line with Planned Parenthood’s, which is why the Planned Parenthood Action Fund has announced
a $3.2 million ad campaign to re-elect Obama.
They’re targeting their ads to run in the key swing states of
Virginia and Ohio. The National Right to Life Victory Fund has a different agenda:
to save babies’ lives. We do that by electing pro-life officials to
Congress and the White House. Those officials are the voice for
the unborn in Washington. They enact pro-life policies, they
appoint and confirm judges who respect the law, and their
decisions can save thousands or even millions of lives. This year’s election is especially important. Obamacare must
be repealed or millions more could die. The appointment of even
a single pro-abortion Supreme Court justice could cause the loss
of hundreds of state and federal pro-life laws, the very laws that
have helped decrease the number of abortions each year by
400,000 since the peak in 1990. To counter Planned Parenthood’s campaign, the National
Right to Life Victory Fund has been running a series of
radio ads in Virginia. These election ads expose the truth
about Obama’s Abortion Agenda and ask voters to elect
the pro-life team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. One of
the ads can be heard here:

We are also running two other ad spots. I will link one of those
for you to listen to when we e-mail Reason #30. We can run more such ads, and in more places, but that
depends on your generous financial support – and the
support of your pro-life friends – to the National Right
to Life Victory Fund. Could you please click below to make
a gift for our ads, and then forward this message to all your
pro-life friends so they can help us buy ads, as well? We need many more gifts to expand our broadcasts and
reach millions more Americans with this vital election
message. If we can do that, we can make a major
impact in the key swing states, defeat Barack Obama
in November, and finally end the nightmare for the
unborn that is the Obama Abortion Agenda!

Carol Tobias,

National Right to Life

P.S. NEWS FLASH: Just this week, the

RealClearPolitics average of polls, which so many

pundits look to as the best gauge of how a race

is going, moved Romney/Ryan into a slight lead

in Virginia for the first time in several months!

We hope our ads have helped turn the tide –

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