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Friday, September 14, 2012
Demagoguery Leads to Loss of Freedom

By Judie Brown

Addressing the fact that many Catholic politicians openly support abortion, writer and FOX news analyst, Bill O’Reilly, challenged Church authorities to stop remaining silent on the matter. Today’s commentary addresses some of the recent comments made by Catholic women in politics and cautions us about continuing down this path—-for it is a path that could possibly lead to our downfall.

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A government-funded threat

One News Now

When you send your children to school this September, they will be facing a real threat in the classroom. I’m not talking about guns or knives or any other physical object. The threat that they will face will be more subtle and much more dangerous. This type of threat has been in some schools for years. This year, however, those who advocate this war on your children have a great boost to their activities. You see, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka, "ObamaCare") is going to start funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to fund this. Now that the United States Supreme Court has declared this law to be constitutional, the gloves are off and its proponents are moving full speed ahead. Like the crew and passengers of the Titanic, they are headed for sure disaster—-and your children will be their casualties.

Nashville Diocese sues over health law’s insurance

mandate on contraceptives, morning-after pills

The Tennessean
The Diocese of Nashville and seven other local Catholic institutions filed suit against the federal government Wednesday, challenging a mandate that requires them to offer contraceptive coverage and morning-after pills as part of their employees’ health insurance. The suit claims the contraceptive mandate required by the nation’s health-care overhaul is "in violation of the centuries’ old teachings of the Catholic Church. … Plaintiff’s genuinely held religious beliefs dictate that it is unacceptable to support, pay for, provide, and/or facilitate abortion, sterilization, or the use of contraceptives as these services are contrary to Catholic Doctrine," the suit said.

Chinese gov’t calls for end to forced

abortions after int’l outcry

Christian Post
Following international outcry, China’s Population and Family Planning Commission issued an order to ban the use of forced abortion when enforcing its one-child policy. The directive is being hailed as a significant step forward in human rights. All Girls Allowed confirmed with the family planning office in Chongqing that the order to end forced abortions, particularly late-term abortions, and sterilization was issued on Aug. 30. The order came from the Population and Family Planning Commission in Beijing.