Claire Lomas is the first person to actually use the ReWalk suit at home. Lomas had used the suit to travel the route of the London Marathon over 17 days earlier this year, raising $317,900 for research into spinal damage. But it wasn’t the marathon, or lighting the Paralympic cauldron (which she did recently in London), that really impressed her.

“One of the best experiences was standing at a bar,” “To be stood up in this means everything to me.”

ReWalk is the only FDA-listed motorized exoskeleton available to aid paraplegics to regain their upright mobility. Under the supervision of healthcare professionals, people with paralysis below the waist can be trained to use ReWalk to stand, sit, walk and climb stairs.

In the past, the wheelchair has been the standard method of mobility for paraplegics. With ReWalk, the possibility of regaining upright mobility is no longer a dream. Today, ReWalk offers real solutions for people with paralysis below the waist.