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A New York police sergeant whose expertise is studying demonic infestation says that photographs taken of the World Trade Center after the attack — including pictures snapped by police — clearly show demonic faces in the smoke that poured from ground zero.

The cop, Sergeant Ralph Sarchie, who has assisted at exorcisms and written a book about demonology, told Spirit Daily he saw such images in pictures taken by men from his own precinct, the 46th in The Bronx. "There are quite a few photographs that the police officers from the 46th Precinct had taken, and how it started was during and after September 11 we were working 12-hour tours six, seven days a week, and a lot of guys were bringing in their pictures," he remarked. "I said, ‘Let me see some of the photographs,’ because being down there, you couldn’t believe what you’d just seen. I’d go into ground zero and have a security detail a block away and walk into the heart of ground zero and just stand there and look and leave and not believe what my eyes had just seen. I started looking at the photographs, and I saw hundreds and hundreds of spirit energies in the photographs. This just shows that hundreds of people who perished are still earthbound at that location, because they were picked up on film. And there was one particular photograph of smoke coming out of the building that has a clear demonic face on it."

Sarchie’s claim is hardly alone. As we have reported on other occasions, numerous photographs show detailed images, the most famous taken by a freelance photographer, Mark Phillips, from a rooftop in Brooklyn and transmitted via Associated Press. A second was seen on CNN, and there are many others. "If you take photographs of smoke enough, you’re going to get an image in there," notes Sgt. Sarchie. "But when you have different people taking different photographs at different locations and getting some kind of demonic face, you’ve got to really step back and take a look at that. Besides the one that was published in the newspaper and on TV, I had a cop here who took photographs, and it was pretty amazing. There was a demonic face in there. It was the devil somehow putting his paw print on it."

Sarchie– who works in a precinct so dangerous it’s nicknamed "The Alamo" — has investigated witches, confronted satanists, and assisted at twenty exorcisms, some exhibiting extraordinary phenomena. There are two kinds of evil, notes the Catholic demonologist: primary evil and secondary evil. Primary evil is evil that stems directly from the devil. "Of course, all evil stems from the devil," says Sarchie, whose book is Beware the Night. "But secondary evil is the evil we do as human beings, whether it’s evil that is inspired by the devil or evil we inspire ourselves. That attack on September 11 was what I consider secondary evil. It opened up a lot of eyes."

But most time, says Sarchie, the devil doesn’t want people to know he’s behind such acts, "because what that does is has an effect opposite of what he wants. He doesn’t want people to know he exists, because that would effectively get people into church, and he doesn’t want that. He operates mostly under the cover of darkness, because that’s what he is: darkness."

There had been rumors of an Indian burial ground under the Trade Center, but inquiries by Spirit Daily with Native American organizations in Manhattan turned up no such evidence. The nearest indication of historical manifestations was the drainage area for a creek that the Indians called "Devil’s Water" in what is now Washington Square Park, which is about two miles from ground zero.

Why was the WTC singled out?

Sarchie said he didn’t know, but he recalled a "prophecy" by a friend of his, writer Malachi Martin, who died several years back. "He once said things would start in five years. That was 1995. He said, ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’re all going to be looking up,’ and September 11, everyone was looking up."