Monday, September 10, 2012

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Not even one peer-reviewed study shows Medicaid funding reduces incidence of abortion – Michael New

Feminist throws shoe at pro-life leader – Jill Stanek

When many of the spiritual guides are so mad it is more diabolical than a joke – Steve Jalsevac

Even the pro-abort media says Dem Convention was ‘over the top,’ ‘pro-abortion’

Ben Johnson separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 09:04 EST separator-published.gif Abortion

Staunch “pro-choice” advocates say the Democratic National Convention was “pro-abortion.”

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‘Pro-life Catholic’: Obama ‘is pro-life’

Ben Johnson separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 08:38 EST separator-published.gif Abortion

A former Congresswoman said the president “signed the most pro-life piece of legislation that this country has ever seen."

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Fmr. Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper.

Obama’s their man: Planned Parenthood makes largest ad buy in history

Ben Johnson separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 05:38 EST separator-published.gif Abortion

$3.2 million in ads will target the swing states of Ohio and Virginia.

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Video: Gary Bauer, I’m not sure God wants to be associated with the Democratic platform

Ben Johnson separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 10:18 EST separator-published.gif Abortion

Why would He want to be part of “the most radical left-wing document ever adopted by a major political party”?

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Obamacare nun: abortion question is ‘above my pay grade’

Kathleen Gilbert separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 08:49 EST separator-published.gif Abortion

"On the legal question, do you think there should be penalties against abortion doctors? I mean, should it be illegal to perform abortions?"

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Ontario dad sues school board over no opt out classes on sex

Patrick B. Craine separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 05:42 EST separator-published.gif Family

A Hamilton-area Christian father is suing his children’s public school board after they refused to allow him to withdraw his children from controversial lessons on sexuality.

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Abortion “absolutely never medically necessary”: maternal care expert symposium

Hilary White separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 09:28 EST separator-published.gif Abortion

An international group of obstetricians and other physicians meeting in Dublin this weekend has issued a statement denying that abortion is ever “medically necessary” for women.

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Knowing the truth doesn’t make us ‘intolerant’: Pope Benedict XVI

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 08:41 EST separator-published.gif Abortion

"Today the idea of truth and that of intolerance are almost completely fused, and so we no longer dare to believe in the truth or to speak of the truth,” Benedict said.

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Reflections of a new father

James Shaw separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 03:32 EST separator-published.gif Abortion

My new son has changed everything for me. William has helped me understand what abortion must do to those who have them, to the doctors who do them, and to the families affected by them.

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Eugenics silently returns to Germany

Kurt Kondrich separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 03:21 EST separator-published.gif Opinion

The father of a Down syndrome child speaks out on the new test used to identify and eliminate babies like his daughter.

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Abortion drugs linked to maternal deaths in developing world

Wendy Wright separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 02:27 EST separator-published.gif Abortion

Several new studies have found abortion drugs – touted as a solution to illegal, unsafe abortions – are linked to increased maternal deaths and suffering.

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‘Inspiring’ journey of 500 gram, pop-can premie sets stage for Motion 312 vote

Peter Baklinski separator-published.gif Mon Sep 10 08:07 EST separator-published.gif Culture of Life

Jennifer told her husband Michel that in case she died, he was to fill the baby’s life with love.

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