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Friday, September 7, 2012
Prescription for Death
By Judie Brown


What does an upcoming vote in Massachusetts have to do with society’s increasing disregard for God and His laws? Today’s commentary addresses this timely subject and cautions us to reflect upon how the actions we take in November will impact our society and our lives. Read more for Judie Brown’s insights.

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DNC 2012: The new political God: Tolerance

The Washington Times

The Democratic party platform committee found that even the expression “God-given potential” in its platform was too intolerant, too divisive, too I don’t know what. So, it was removed. I do know that when its members got caught, they staged some Kabuki theatre to pretend that delegates voted God back in. But it seemed obvious to me, news commentators, and even convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa—-who called the vote three times—-that the “ayes” did not have it by the required two-thirds majority. God was voted back into the Democratic platform accompanied by loud boos.



Kansas doctor wants license back in abortion case

San Francisco Chronicle

A Kansas doctor is likely to face a lengthy court battle in trying to regain her medical license after state regulators sanctioned her over referrals of young patients to Dr. George Tiller for late-term abortions, her attorney said Thursday. Kelly Kauffman, a Topeka attorney who represents Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus, said Kansas courts probably will take two years or longer to settle Neuhaus’ challenge of a State Board of Healing Arts order revoking her license. Neuhaus rejects the board’s finding that she didn’t perform adequate mental health exams on 11 patients, aged 10 to 18, before referring them in 2003 to Tiller’s clinic in Wichita.


New revelations in Reaves’ death as abortionist pays up in Medicaid fraud case


New revelations have surfaced in the death of Tonya Reaves buried in a news story about a billing fraud case involving the Planned Parenthood abortionist believed to have been responsible for Reaves’ death. Abortionist Caroline Hoke was accused of over-billing Medicaid an estimated $430,380 for mostly undocumented services. Hoke was the state’s fourth highest billing Medicaid physician, asking the taxpayers to pay her $3.9 million from 2009-2011, as she served as the Medical Director for Planned Parenthood of Illinois. One week after Reaves’ family filed suit against Planned Parenthood, the abortion organization agreed to pay the state $367,000 to settle the Medicaid billing case.